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Yemi – Where have Arsenal’s World-Class players gone?

Posted on December 11, 2012 by admin

Arsenal and her many World Class Players by WAC

A world class player is a player who regardless of the occasion shows his true qualities. Be it long range shots, dribbles, great saves, endurance or simply the ability to dazzle, he has something unique and he shows it to all everytime he has the opportunity. It doesnt matter if he is playing against Man United or if he is playing against Wycombe or even Barcelona. He is always ready to weave his magic!

Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard, Puyol, Buffon, Drogba, Rooney, Xavi, Alves, Ibrahimovic, even Arsenal’s very own fallen idol Robin V. Persie. These guys always turn up. Out of nothing, they can produce breath-taking moments. They always have that extra quality that sets them apart. If a team is lucky to have one of such players, you always stand a chance but if a team is privileged to build or buy a couple of such players, then you stand more than a chance. With good management you will be unstoppable. Just check out Barca (Built), BVB (Built), Madrid (Bought), and Man city (bought)

If you doubt my assumptions, just check out PSG’s squad. You cannot have Lavessi and Ibra in your team and not be feared. You cannot have Rooney and RVP up front and not score goals. How can you have Balotelli, Dzeko, Aguero, Tevez, and not win a cup every year.

Highbury was graced with some of the finest talent the game ever had. Dennis Bergkamp, Vieira, Pires, Kanu, Campbell, Lehmann, and of course Thierry Henry. When we moved to the Emirates, we had the likes of Fabregas (Arsenal vs Tottenham), Nasri (Arsenal vs Fulham), Clichy (so consistent), Flamini (AC milan vs Arsenal), Hleb (Arsenal vs Reading). They were quality.

The reason why arsenal look like crap this season is because the quality is missing. For those of you who have played football at a point or the other, you will agree with me that having the best player of the district on your team was always a boost. It raised your game up to the standard of that player. When he flicks the ball, you also want to flick it because you have the belief that you can. His presence in the team makes you a better player. When Henry returned last season He lifted the team up. But we can’t always call on Henry, We need players who have the quality to lift others around them.

The problem with Arsenal is that there are so many average players that the quality players seem to have forgotten how good they are. When RVP was around, he was the standard. Now there is no one like that. Arteta is quality but he is being utilized wrongly – thus his qualities as a midfield fulcrum have all vanished. Cazorla is burnt up, the pressure has gotten to him. He is in desperate need of someone to give him the freedom he needs to play with the flair we saw at the beginnning of the season.

Walcott is our best forward player. He has the quality and is not under any pressure. He now seems so mature and Arsenal will be foolish to lose him. Gervinho is top top talent. I followed his progress in France and he is top class. But the pressure has gotten to him and he tries too hard. Wenger has to get players that will restore the belief of our present players. I trust his judgement and believe in him. But he must buy!!!! Just buy quality and get rid of the deadwood.

A world class player must be ready to show his qualities regardless of what is expected of him. Our players seem too scared to try the audacious. But they shoud not. We are Arsenal! and anyone wearing our shirt better accept the pressure because it will always be there. Guys just express yourselves and remember that you have one of the best managers out there in Wenger. Rather than let the pressure wear you down, Let it motivate you. God bless the Queen!!!!! God bless us gooners!!!!!!! God bless Arsenal FC.

You can pray for the Gazidis led board if you like…..But not be happy with them.

Yemi – Where have Arsenal’s World-Class players gone?
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4 to “Yemi – Where have Arsenal’s World-Class players gone?”

  1. Truthmustbetold says:

    Did I hear Gervinho is a top class player,’top top talent’-well that’s a whole lot of crap. Because like u said a top class player will always show himself irrespective of situation. TH14 came bck to arsenal last season and still showed glimpses of class and quality. Can’t remember anything classy or quality dat has come from Gervinho’s legs,even when he has scored this season they were not convincing,his dribbles are forced and not sublime(compare with d dribbles of likes of mata,silva,nasri,etc),he lacks final ball and has no intelligence on the field.
    A quality player is spontaneous,u never knw wat he would do next,now can you say that abt Gervinho(very predictable to the point of foolishness).
    The only players close to Quality in this Arsenal team are;
    1)Cazorla,he isn’t top class quality and right now I would just rate him abt 65%. He disappears all too often and doesn’t create a lot of chance 4 d team. He is spose to be the chief creator of chances yet walcott has more assists. I think he can be better if he had some more quality arnd him(top quality players mke things happen,not everytime but most of the time!)
    2)Walcott,he was massive to rVp’s tally last season(even vp recognized dat).he was also 2nd highest goalscorer 4 arsenal. This season he currently our top scorer with just 5 starts in pl,each time he is thru on goal he finishes off wit class and he has put in a fair amount of assists. I feel he would do more if he had a fabregas behind him. He is simply waiting 2 explode!
    3)Rosicky,injuries have just disturbed what should have bin a wonderful career,he still has it tho! His movement,passing and final ball,class! And he always wants d ball,he never goes missing….cazorla cn work on dat aspect.

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  2. Nick says:

    Now when players come to Arsenal, they start to forget how to hit the net, like Podolski this weekend and Gervinho. They start to lose confidence and the fans say they are shit. the fans called Song inconsistent, yeah inconsistent enough for Barca. it will be the same with Walcott. fans complain that he’s inconsistent, wait til you see where he winds up, it will be a top 5 club or PSG where he will play under a coach and players who exude confidence, and he will play his part by fitting into a tight system where he doesn’t have to make everything up as he goes along, and he will do well and contend for trophies. Arsenal will replace him with a project like Oxlade-Chamberlain who similarly won’t realize his potential until he too leaves for a bigger club at 24 or 25. sorry.

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  3. John Collard says:

    For me Podolski and Santi are World class. Define world class. Messi Pele then no. We just need a few more buys with a huge impact for the already.

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  4. o_0 says:

    Q: Where have all our world class players gone?
    A: Barcelona, Manchester City and now Manchester United.

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