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  1. michael gomez says:

    i think it is time that wengerand the arsenal board let fabregas go and let us all get on with life. sell himand use the money 2 get other better players. time is unning out and evryone is getting frustrated and impatient. just get 2 real good centrebacks and a real good midfielder…thats all what arsenal needs. stop wasting time and settle this crazy issue once and for all. if it is true fabregas is willing to come out with some of his one money to help in the transfer…just transfer him even even with the amount barcelona offered. use the money to get better players in the positions needed. i thought the board said there were funds available for the purchase of new players. who is kidding us now!wenger or the board when it looks like they have to sell before they buy! other teams are buying players. why isn’t arsenal? or is it players from other clubs are no more interested in joining arsenal???? celebrating its 125th anniversary with hardly any buys in the positions needed! wake up wenger and the arsenal board! stop playing games with the fans the world over.

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  2. Fiker alemnew says:

    Why arsenal not buy a big player such as Benzma,martasker,mata etc we alweys in need of trophy!

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  3. Brantone. says:

    It’s seems both Fabregas and Nasri don’t want to stay.And actually there is NO need to hold onto them for am sure they won’t deliver/perform as required or with all thea hearts!So,Wenger should sell the duo and use the money to buy suitable replacements plus an experienced CB.Buy Mata and Ribery to replace Cesc & Nasri and then add a full experienced and with stamina CB to partner with TV.With our kind of football,do that AW and you will see Arsenal Winning almost all the trophies including the CL which we haven’t bn able to lift b4 if not all the titles.And that’s wot we want at Arsenal as frm nxt season onwards.And even if they don’t leave this summer,stil go ahead into the market and bring the super quality,big named,experienced players to the Emirates for really we need SERIOUS REINFORCEMENTS to our squad possibly b4 the start of the season!We know thea is plenty of cash at the Club,give out then and get the players!!!And NOT KIDS,Wenger!We Want players with STAMINA & EXPERIENCE that ‘ll help us challenge for and win the Big Trophies in Europe!And it would av bn better if you did that Now/Soon rather than later!I hope he is gonna ACT soon and immediately!

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  4. Fakunle Adesoji says:

    No matter the potency of your attack,you need good defence line two seasons ago if am correct it is the same goals Arsenal scored that ManU scored but ManU won the EPL because Arsenal conceded more goals.Apparently because our defence line was weak.Let me digress a bit,last season all the matches lost by Barca were lost because Puyol was injured and yet they have the best midfielders and attackers.Who says then that defence line are not important.Let Wenger wake up and address the problem head long and if there is no money he should let us know so as to prepar ou mind.

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  5. Madalitso Muva says:

    Let Cesc and Nasri go. This is the world of football, we will see them where ever they will be. Ask legends like Thierry Henry. Arsenal will always be there.

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  6. uzi says:

    Fab is a spainiard , he will be in the first team at barca as barca is spain 11 , exception messi , but what abt nasri ? I mean come’on man city has heap of good players and they don’t even know who to play and not tooo ! I can’t waite the next season to start .

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  7. Cesc &Nasri should leave we can not depend on them we might even fail to compete with the lazy man.u after veteran edwin .we now need determined players,like jack &van.p.

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  8. AW must go becouse he promise us that he will be busy at the transfer maket this summer and still we didnt see at agood quality player that will improve the club..so stop beating around the bush and spend the cash with experienced player,nd nt kids.,coz we r dealing wit big clubs..wake up man,and ofcouse change the system…othawise u will see the club
    in a very bad situation,.gosh wat is the mater wit u.

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  9. suliman sesay says:

    Thank’s 4 ur effort Mr wenger am proud of u.The team need good player.and What about (mata)
    he is a very good player and a very good replacement 4 (cese)please u need 2 do some thing 4 Arsenal fan’s please…..

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  10. Sean says:

    From what I saw the defence was exellent Vermalean is really something else Miquel ok!. Arsenal are lacking spirit and that is because of everything that has happened to them over the pass couple of months. I believe the fans should stay behind the club and stop criticizing. We haven’t won any trophies but I believe this is about 2 change just wait!

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  11. ceesay says:

    i agreed with Libu that American guy is only interested in his pocket,what did he know about football someone should remind him that this is a soccer club as they know it in that side of the planet.if an American money man tell you he is interested in soccer tell him to give you a break.We all know the Russian man love for Arsenal is like that of a man for a woman.Russians are passionate about football not Americans.Let him take over the club sack all boards and bring back David Dein.

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  12. AKACONNEY says:

    benzema is not the right man for arsenal.Arsenal manager Arsene wenger need to improve his squad by buying quality player like Eden harzard,m’vila,zarate,boeteng to make his team strong for qaulifying in champions league group stage.fabregas and samir has been link with a move to their favourit club and no replacement for wenger.brazilian talented striker kaka have been rejected a loan bid from his club real madrid to Arsenal.the french international Arsene wenger spoke to bbc sport this morning that he will make a new signing before the transfer window closes.seven days left for wenger to perform hi miracle.

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  13. Alase85 says:

    Well,i tink diz iz d tym 4 wenger 2 do somtin abt iz outgoin playerz,coz we really need a replacement of those guyz goin out,zo we need a very gud nd big attacker up front,a midfielder 2 replace nasri nd fabregaz nd a defender as well…

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  14. obed says:

    This is so insane for how long. Will suffer this way, every team in England even the most weaken teams have the ambition of winning something ,the same should for us. But it seems like the Arsenal management or perhaps wenger have an issue about signing new blood with experience, I am giving the wenger team an ultimatum should not they sign new players bfore closing window I will destroy my arsenal Fans club and finish with them

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  15. People always says arsen is a good manager all of agreed but the recent developments in the club shows that the club is in troubles. But now no one knows what is acctually wrong. May be from the board members or from the manager. Look fabergas has won two trofies in ten days by next two years he will be counting about ten of them. Something he could not achieve with arsenal. Most worry part of this up today he has not signed anybody or near to sign. Total shame to those concerned for this.

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  16. Stan must go. Arsenal could not sign Mata he signed with chelsea. For just £17m.

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  17. joel says:

    for how long will wenger decieve us that is nurturing talent he has turned Arsenal into an Academy of European clubs with money Arsenal will continue losing top players with wengers conservativeness predict Arsenal this season won’t qualify for Champions League.

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  18. AlwaysGunner says:

    Arsene wenger & the players have let us the down…really down

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  19. Jamas excel obinna says:

    Dis is festival of goals 4 man u and a very big slap and let down to all d arsenal fans.wenger told us dat he cannot assure us 4 4th position dis season.now we found ourselves at d bottom of d table.as d players carrier ends,so shall coaches carrier ends also.wengers carrier in arsenal has ended,he has given his best and wl not perform more dan his best.if liverpool can win matches and survived without d services of rafeal benitez,arsenal wl also survive without arsene wenger.my opinion now is dat we dont want new players from wenger again,let wenger resign to arsenal youth academy team.i have poor heart,i need to guide it very well b4 wenger and his amature team put me to early grave.8-2 is d worst result,how do i face man u fans?

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  20. Brima sesay says:

    Aw is becoming very stuborn these days over arsenal,s transfer policy.he seemed to really running out of ideas.which means he need to resign immediately.

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  21. Agbo sunday says:

    I think what is good for the board is to sack wenger, since he preffered economy and causing an agony to arsenal fans rather than the job which he was assign to, which is to trophy. Because you can not use boys to play with men. I suggest, the best thing is to sack him since he can not buy players that are ready to win trophy

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  22. Donatien says:

    I will advice Nasri to do not talk about Arsenal again so if he is regretting about city choice he has to say sorry to wenger and come back on arsenal squad

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  23. iwueke nonso collinns says:

    nasri, should remember that he was asked to stay but he refused so he should stop slaming arsenal fc.when taking he should remember adebayor who equaly slamed arsenal,mancity but his now finaly in totteham dat he equaly slamed Filling dat realmadrid will permanent his contract. Players should not condem clubs becos they dont know were next after current club…

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  24. Udobest says:

    I am an arsenal fan wit passion, let our coach get some playmakers to add up,if not so arsenl wil not see group stage in eufa and league this season.

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  25. Xpensive says:

    Nasri should stop running his mouth, since he is a betrayer, he should face his new club and stop pok-nosing in arsenal’s matter. We will improve. Gunners 4 life

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  26. Akluv007 says:

    Pls let staop calling nas and fab traitors. U and i know the reason why they both left, this guys need trophy not beautiful football; we the fans in are dark over how our darlyn team is been run. For me i think Alisher Usmanov will be the best thing to ever happen to Arsenal if he does takeover bcos the man is hungry to splash the cash and see Arsenal back to their glory days

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  27. arsenal is a very good club and not wining tropies doe not really matta to me but what matta is for arsenal to sign new players

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  28. Adeluv D.j nigeria says:

    Will all know that Arsenal is one of the bigest club in the world. But why player and fan’s are suffering for silverwear? Board are happy why fans and player are not. We have money to strength our team to bring experienced player to Emirates but is not done due to selfishness of Board members. Take necessary action now before is too late, Wenger have break many record that team keeping since 19century look at last season Carling cup and league.

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  29. Chris says:

    Arsenal need to reanalyze their entire structure from top to bottom this includes Stan Kroenke, Ivan Gazidis, the Arsenal Board and Arsene Wenger. Now I appreciate that Arsenal is now owned by Stan Kroenke as majority shareholder but his non-action, presence or communication during his brief tenure has been inexcusable. He and Ivan Gazidis have treated Arsene Wenger as a very public scapegoat during the whole Fabregas saga and ensuing Summer transfer debacle.

    I don’t know how good a trainer Arsene Wenger actually is personally I think his strengths lie more towards man management and identifying, nurturing talent. However if Arsenal is going to become a genuinely great Football Club they have to make some major things.

    Firstly they have to make their Arsenal Football Academy a world leader- Barcelona’s strength is fundamental to their La Masia Football Academy. In 2010 they had trained the top 3 finalists of the Baloon d’Or a first for any youth academy let alone any single team. In fact when Barcelona has tried to buy in talent this is when they fail more so than not. This is something that Arsenal should know because a large number of these came from Arsenal themselves.

    Secondly they have to bite the bullet and look at their coaching staff and trainers whatever their trying it is just not working. Fundamental to sporting success is building a solid foundation now whether we are talking about Football, Basketball or Cricket that means DEFENCE! I don’t care how ardent a fan you are but Arsenal’s defense sucks and that’s not just your GK or Defenders that’s right across the field.

    Remember this quote “Scoring goals or making a great pass is all about you! Closing down the space, holding your line and making the tackle that’s all about the team” Until Arsenal players get this Into their heads

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  30. Chris says:

    Cont’d Until Arsenal players get this into their heads and start playing with some heart they will be the glory boys who fold like a limp noodle when the pressure goes on. Manchester United VS Arsenal 8-2 had nothing to do with infield personnel & or tactics it had everything to do with the players attitudes. Last years capitulation against Newcastle another case in point, what team anywhere in the world would give up a 4-0 lead and draw 4-4?

    Arsene Wenger is absolutely correct to want to bring in youth players who can excel in the premier league & in the Champions League. But thinking that Arsenal can do it by simply drafting players directly from Ligue 1 is not the way to do it. This summer Arsenal had an opportunity to completely reshape his squad there were a total of 10-12 players in the first team squad who were just not up to Arsenal standards. And even now there are still 6-7 who are just dead weight & will contribute nothing to the squad except money out the door on lost wages!

    I made the comment in an earlier post that Arsene should have signed at least 2 central defenders, plus reinforcements for the right & left flank. Now so many GOONERS reacted to this saying Arsenal had Kieran Gibbs, Bacary Sagna, Thomas Vermaelen etc. But the rationale for finding able replacements for the much vaunted Arsenal back line was that they were absolutely crap!

    Arsenal hemorrhaged goals last year Vermaelen was injured for the entire season, Kieran Gibbs is injured as much as he plays & the rest of the back line wasn’t much better. I recommended some very cost effective and truly world class replacements:

    1. Per Mertersaker- world class defender, great technique (very few cards), big man 6’6 and great attitude and leadership qualities ( plus Vermaelen fans he’s very durable). I thought 9-10 Million Stg was a bit over the odds Bremen is desperately short of cash (but all in all 9 out of 10).
    2. Sebastian Coates- The star of the Copa America! Winner of the young player of the tournament and made the much vaunted Latin American attackers including Argentina, Brazil, Chile etc appear second rate! This 20 year old would have thrived in a pairing with Mertersaker or Vermaelen but at 6’6 the chances are he and the German could have become the Central Defensive pairng that Arsenal has needed for so long. And the bonus for Arsene was he was CHEAP Liverpool signed him for 6-7 Million Euro!

    Many of you will think the next two defenders as not needed but judging from 2011 and looking back at 2010 let’s agree to disagree.

    3. Simon Kjaer- Versatile, fast, good technique, great ball skills and good positional sense! Plus Arsenal already wanted him before he signed for Wolfsburg, available on loan for only 2 million euro or permanently for 6-7 million Euro. Watch out for him when Roma take to the field in the Serie A!
    4. David Santon- This kid is quite simply amazing! He is 20 years old and marked his Champions League by marking Christiano Ronaldo in 2009! Marcello Lippi compared him to a young Paolo Maldini! Santon is 6’2 can play equally well on the right or left flank but also has the ball skills as an ex-winger to play as a holding mid-fielder. And again the price is right Arsene could have snapped him up for 5.3 million Stg! I guarantee you are going to see Santon moving on within 12 months for 3 times what Newcastle paid for him.

    Well that’s enough for now will add my thoughts as I get time….

    3. Simon

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  31. luxambou says:

    i think if Arsene plays Rosicky in the middle of the park, as he does for his home country, we could get the most out of him.

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  32. Quainoo davids says:

    Wenger is deceiving arsenal fans especially with the presence of rejected yossi. And am suprise he did it realise a compliment for alex song’s crucial role. This man must go and leave our team for us.

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  33. Meng Aun says:

    whishing Arsenal win against swansee, hope Arseng Wenger will be manage his team better.

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  34. Bash says:

    But theo he must b strong and 2 give ather player’s pases 2 score,,

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  35. joseph says:

    arsenal…..now i can conclude that arsenal has been caused by someone somewhere…because last season our performance was because we lacked old heads bt now we have the german captain with lots of experience,santos 26 arteta 27 benayoun 30 ….come on arsenal needs deliverance…….

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  36. The Prof says:

    For reasons I’m not quite sure, AW finds himself surrounded by less assertive supporting staff. No ‘checks and balances’ in decisions or indecisions made by AW. Good governance in practice, and in philosophy, breeds success in and out of the playing field.
    A good football Manager reflects on his actions, sweeps the shop floor for feed-backs, and put measures (including finding S.M.A.R.T solutions to problems) in place, which are in the BEST INTEREST of the the club.
    Never forget the fact that we all run out of ideas at some point in our lives. This is where it pays to be a good listener.
    Best decisions are made with heads, and not hearts. Food for thoughts ? perhaps.

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  37. ray says:

    After reading the arricle,I’m agreeing with everything you said.we were under pressure with injuries& recent result.but there’s no way I want to see arsene going,because I don’t think there’s one out there to replace him.we were a better team yesterday despite of all speculation that we will be maulded again.I still believe we will response to all who doesn’t believe in us.go on gunners.

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  38. Abdulrazaq says:

    I wil be very glade if wenger get dat player.

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  39. If Arsenal can buy Tores we can gain it because Tores is sharp & can cobine wt R.v.p .

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  40. Joshua says:

    Hi, guys .It would be the best if Thierry Henry is accepted by the manager(Arsene Wenger) after knowing is capabilites and being one of the best and top scorers for ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB. My opinion being a great fan of the Club is to bring Him back on loan. Bye fellas.

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  41. Vamsi says:

    I don’t think we need Hazard so badly with Gervinho, Ox, Theo, Jack, Song, Arteta, ramsy, diaby, arshavin. i don’t think he is worth 35 to 40 mill, over hyped by Lille. if he was that good he would have been already at some big club, definitely would not be playing in France.

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  42. At the beginning of the season we fans made comments but the board and the manager could not listen, at this stage of the Season everyone concerned has seen effect, summer transfer no major singing, winter transfers he said I’m not ready to buy no body is the market, but his team is the worst among top four. Unless wenger is sacked arsenal will not be a good team again. They will only be remembered for their past history. Look at tottenham a good club, they make fans happy, chamake cannot create good scoring opportunities, likewise djourou he work is to cause penalty or own goals shame. And his contract was renewed till 2015, for what reasons? One day wenger will voice out the whole wrongs he caused the club, then it will be too late. Thanks i remain an arsenal supporter come rain come sun.

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  43. At the beginning of the season we fans made comments but the board and the manager could not listen, at this stage of the Season everyone concerned has seen effect, summer transfer no major singing, winter transfers he said I’m not ready to buy no body is the market, but his team is the worst among top four. Unless wenger is sacked arsenal will not be a good team again. They will only be remembered for their past history. Look at tottenham a good club, they make fans happy, chamake cannot create good scoring opportunities, likewise djourou he work is to cause penalty or own goals shame. And his contract was renewed till 2015, for what reasons? One day wenger will voice out the whole wrongs he caused the club, then it will be too late. Thanks i remain an arsenal supporter come rain come sun.

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  44. If Arsenal wants to be winning trophies as from next season; it should do the following:
    1.Sack Wenger and replace him with either Frank Rijkaard, Guus Hiddink,Frank De Boer,Dunga,Luis van Gaal,Dennis Bergkamp,Marco van Basten,Bert van Marwijk etc.
    2.Sack corrupt economical and mean with money officials like Ivan Gazidis and such of its officials/board management and replace them with officials/board members who are not mean, selfish and economical with money

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  45. Arsenal should buy a good number of the following players during the 2012 May-August transfer window so as to be winning trophies as from next season:
    1.GOALIES:ANY 3 of these goalies: Tim Howard,Shay Given, Rene Adler,Fernando Muslera[Uruguay and Galatasaray], Maarten Stekelenberg,Tom Wiese,Craig Gordon,Scott Carson, Alexander Manninger[Juventus and Austria],Crul[Newcastle] etc.
    2.DEFENDERS:Chris Samba,Manuel Jurado,Neven Subotic and Schmelder [both Borussia Dortmund],Arturo Vidal [Juventus],Vertongen,Simon Poulsem,Scott Dann,Gary Caldwell,Maynor Figueroa, Phil Jagielka,Sylvain Distin, Leighton Baines,Fabricio Coloccini,Danny Simpson, Guthrie,Phil Bardsley, Gregory van Der Wiel,Barry Bannan, Jamie Ward,Alex Baptiste,Ronald Zubar,Fabrice Muamba, George Elokobi,Jonathan Spector, Jorge Fucile[Uruguay], Liam Ridgewell,Rory Delap,Dennis Aogo,Nicolas Otamendi [Argentina],Diego Godin[Uruguay], Paolo Cannavaro and Walter Gargano[both Napoli],Jerome Boateng,Stephen Warnock,Luke Young,etc.
    3.MIDFIELDERS:Wesley Sneijder,Stephen Ireland,Javier Pastore,Nathan Dyer,Giovanni Dos Santos[Mexico and Tottenham Hotspur],Jesus Navas,Keith Southern,Michael Bradley[USA],Toni Kroos[Germany],Nagatomo[Inter Milan], Kevin Prince Boateng,Mac Donald Mariga[Kenya and Parma], Marko Marin,Gareth Bale, Luca Modric,Aaron Lennon,Keisuke Honda,Alberto Fellaini, Shinji Kagawa,Joel Matip [Cameroon],Albert Riera,Ryan Babel, Gutierrez[Newcastle] etc.
    4.STRIKERS: Ricardo Montolivo,Hulk[FC Porto],Fernando Llorente[Athletic Bilbao],Christian Eriksen,Esteban Granero,Lucas Podolski,Mario Gomez,Mario Goetze,Sebastian Canales,Edison Cavani, Pablo Hernandez, Lucas Barios, Douglas Costa,Love Wagner,Lavezzi[Napoli], Matias Suarez, Remy[France],Moussa Sow,Hugo Rodallega, Roberto Soldado, Javi Martinez,Demba Ba,Stephane Sessegnon,Kevin Gameiro, Giroud,Victor Moses,Wayne Routeledge,Thomas Muller,etc.


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  46. Moses Annan says:

    Arsenal fans who stay in London and UK as a whole it seems you are very cool,humble and docile because if Arsenal could be in any African country and it performs dismally the way it performs;4 sure before God Wenger could have either resigned by himself,been sacked or be chased forcefully out of the club by fans through harsh, strong and even violent protesting and demonstrating by fans.
    So London’s and UK’s Arsenal fans,you should just plan and mobilize each other very soon/now or even if possible today by using all means possible and just start PROTESTING and DEMONSTRATING just BITTERLY,SERIOUSLY, SLEEPLESSLY,EFFORTLESSLY,TIRELESSLY and if possible VIOLENTLY at Arsenal’s headquarters in London regardless of the amount of time this task will take to forcefully make Wenger either resign or be fired/sacked as Arsenal’s coach and replaced by either Frank Rijaard,Guus Hiddink, Frank De Boer,Dunga,Luis Van Gaal,Marco van Basten,Fabio Capello,Bert van Marwijk,Marcello Lippi or Harry Redknapp and also to forcefully make Arsenal board members like Gazidis, Peter Hill among others who are very mean, selfish and economical with money to resign or be sacked or be chased by fans out of the club and be replaced immediately.

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  47. Peter Kale says:

    But Wenger should not be blamed so much on Arsenal’s problems of not winning trophies;no;the board/management is the one to be blamed over this because the board is very mean,selfish and economical with money during transfer windows;it said Arsenal cannot buy a player of worth over 15million Euros/Pounds yet it has a lot of money which can buy over 10 players at 30 Million Euros/Pounds or even more than 30million Euros/ Pounds each.So the management should either be changed and replaced or stop being mean,economical and selfish with money during transfer windows

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  48. nyiwinthant says:

    i think arsenal can dream again to third place if they can hold on to this level but there will sill be problems cause even they win gloriously over liverpool and spurs they still need to maintain their success for champion league,because of their wins i think they can revenge ac milan

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  49. Biniyam Seid says:

    I know that My team is the greatest time in the world. may be the time is not best for gunners. Wenger is the supper couch because of this I am sure that every bad situation is coming up very soon. Please Winger give a chance for chamberlain. he is fantastic football man. and give attention for van contract because if you may finished his agreement I am sure that the all team footballers are get a excellent power.

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  50. Peter Kale says:

    Buy Podolski,Belhanda,Wesley Sneijder, Diego Godin,Cavani, Samba,Baines,Fernando Llorente, Roberto Soldado,Jonathan Spector,Nathan Dyer,etc

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  51. The season is coming to a close and arsenal is doing fine, but they should add at least four players come July, they are gortiz, veltogon, pordisk, harzad.

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  52. Phil says:


    Sagna-koscielny –vermaelen-Gibbs 
                             (free role)

    Walcott                             Chamberlain

    One of my ideas of an ideal arsenal team for next season. We could easily be league winners with this spine!

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    • jjj says:

      like the team but i would play m’villa, song and wilshere push wilshere on in him future position.

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  53. nacima says:

    arsenal is the best and they got the best manger and the got TVP and walcott and i know that they can win evry time

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  54. gunner-hopefull says:

    Player that should just go and not come back:

    Diaby- he is a waste of wage and space in my view always injured and when he aint and on the field always messing up we should get rid of him.

    Ramsey- Makes me so angry whenever he touches the ball mess up our quick play and gives the ball away far too often should cut our loses and sell him.

    Arshavin- Another waste of space he should just sell the deal and let him go and cut our loses. 6 good months for us 2 and half years of pure rubbish.

    Squillaci- Totally forgotten about cut loses.

    Bendtner- Decent but he aint happy that he is not number 1 so should make the most of it in sell him off.

    Denilson- Hot prospect gone cold sell him straight nothing else need to be said.

    Player that could leave bust should stay:

    Chamakh- He had lost his spark Van P made him look like he should be in league 1…but out of all of them I would like to see him stay… Train him up this summer getting him to be more of an area threat would bring new life to our game more options. But he must go the cool sell him and make profit….

    Vela- I think he is a wonder-kid can run press the defence strike with both feet has got good pace and acceleration he has had his spells away to gain that experiences and now it’s time for use to bring him back and play him would be a good replacement for Walcott or Chamberlin if they get injured..

    Benayoun- I want him to STAY he has been a wonder for use one of our unsung heroes we should get him on a proper contract he is use to our play he is gelled he knows the parts to play he got good chemistry with our team and also a Veteran Role. I would hate to lose him he is a good lead.

    Frimpong- A solid player yes he has a short temper and gets rowdy but so did Rooney now look at him. As soon as Wenger can get him to behave more he will be a class act.. Great sub for Song he can hold the ball fight for can break down attacks and get in the faces of the other team.

    Players from injury

    Wilshere- A FULL STARRR just hopes his lengthy injury aint done too much damage to his play. He is a PITBULL in the middle fighting for the ball great Cesc like passes great runs, vision he is a world-class player we need him back to feed them balls through to the attacking force.

    Coquelin- Good sub defender aint a big star but does the job can be good for replacement for Sagna/ song but I say train him hard and well to adapt the right back role more.

    Fabianski- Is a really good sub Goalkeeper when he was our first choice yes mad some silly errors but did well all around. After some good training he would a star back-up keeper GODFORBID Sczeney gets injured we don’t want to be putting someone who has not yet played in the league or for against top team in the goal for us we should try keep him.


    Podolski- I am pleased with this we are getting on the ball with our cover for Van P and bringing in experienced players this is what we should continue doing

    Suggested Signings that have not been mentioned

    Pienaar- He is a really good under-rated player he can run at defence put them under pressure; he has great vision, pace, team work abilities and can get the team going….he would be a great player to have can play in the middle or on the wings will always fight for the ball and keep things moving. It wouldn’t be too hard to get him from Everton I think offer the right amount of money right wages maybe even swap! of outgoing player for him

    Tello- another WONDER-KID this guy has it all the pace, skills, finishing skills, vision for passes will make a defense shake it the core… He would be hard to get from Barco but I say would be worth the effort

    Cavani- Cavani he is a quality striker ball getter can finish in the air and on the ground makes them inelegant runs he will be a good back up and even starter for the lesser games

    Over View:

    Yes this all would mean that spaces in our team for first pick would be challenging but I think that’s what we need some players are too relaxed knowing that if the underperform they will still be played bring fight and competition to the team. This will also help us with injury if a first string gets injured we have a super replacement and still will have super subs on the bench. Wenger needs to buckle down and get signing as soon as possible. Then he should us the pre-season to get the team the gel perfect our on and off ball movement get strikers finishing and defender defending we can do dis we have the money the great manger and fantastic fans We can challenged for the league and better still maybe even champions league

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  55. gunner-hopfull says:

    All my comments have gone look but I believe the key to success is competition for positions within the squad. This will motivate the slackers to bring their A game and also drive those who are performing to do even better… Our undefeated season there was competition within the squad for place both from the young guns coming up such a Cess Clichy, RCP, Reyes etc. challenging those who had regular play such as Eddo, Cole, Piers…

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  56. If arsen decide to go for unknown players this time around it means he is not a serious manager, the last game against norwich city has exposed his team’s weakness . Defensive mildflider, and quality attacking mildflider a creativity is highly needed . Therefore arsenal need the following players, veltogon, harzad, m’villa, and finally already signed pordisk .

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  57. rommy jose says:

    actually i deeply dont think if our posts are consider or reported to the manager coz year after year we hv been asking the manager 2 sign experienced player but we always see youngstars,plz may we hv experienced strikers n deffenders dic tym around

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  58. Gady says:

    if Van persie insist to go, then it is high time he should be left to go, there is no need to force someone whose heart is not there because he will not give his best to the team, this small, disagreement is the main problem that we should try as much as possible to avoid

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  59. Let be serious to sale song is not our budget is about RVPif he want to go let him go not song is one of our key player

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  60. Eli says:

    I am an arsenal but the selling of RVP was not his thought you can’t make an player stay If he wasn’t happy then the best thing was to do was let him go , but now it’s coming towards the end of tranfers this is list of player that Wenger should be looking to sign or get on a loan season

    M villa
    Lucas blliga
    Yaya banana

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  61. Gooner N4 says:

    Wenger’s integrity and honesty makes him a great.

    When Arsene Wenger arrived at Arsenal all those years ago my first thought was what did Bruce Rioch do to deserve the sack?
    The timing was not the best either with the season already under way.
    In true Wenger style he would not take over until he had met all his contractual obligations in Japan.
    That was the start of the most impressive Managerial reign i have seen in English football.
    He may not have the most trophies but combine what he has won with the sophistication he introduced to English football, along with diet,fitness,style of play and a God given ability to develop talent,He has a rightful place among the other legends.
    He once said “his career would not be defined by winning the Champions leageue” as a fan it concerned be but he saw his contibution to the game as being far bigger and i agree with him. Several managers and lesser clubs have won it and been forgotten. Much has been said about loyalty in recent weeks and it is clear to me that we all have varying ideas as to what that means.
    Rather than waiting to wax lyrical about him after he leaves, whenever that may be, i would like to say that he has shown great courage in his convictions and belief in his own abilty to manage.
    His word has been his bond for better or worse.
    In his own words..when ask why it was taking so long to sign a new contract? he said “If i say i sign, i will sign”
    The idea that his word could be questioned made no sense to him.
    jose the self appointed special one, once accused a referee of having a half time meeting with Barcelona officials which was a lie and resulted in the Referee Anders Frisk,packing in the game.
    There was also the slur that william Gallas threatened to score an own goal if he did not get a move away from Chelsea.
    The great Sir Alex has also had his share of drama with the Beckham boot kicking assault, and the end of his friendship with Brian kidd who help him win his first title among others.
    Such behaviour and tactics in the name of winning is beneath our manager and for that i am grateful.
    I have been very critical of some of wenger’s decisions to sell certain players, But what can never be questioned is his loyalty to Arsenal football Club, his committment to our future and his appreciation of our past.
    So at a time when so much is being said about a certain ex player coming back,I will save my praise for the here and now.
    Mr wenger I salute you…

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  62. Sean says:

    No one can fault what Arsene has done for the club within the last 16 years. hes produced a force of legendary players but I think the last 2 years have seen arsenal become a feeder club because the board will not give the manager the amount of money needed to help buy top class players from big clubs. Arsenal simply cant afford to consistantly buy £20m players, but despite the restriction of money, arsenal have done ok to keep us challenging. But its simply not fair that the manager takes all the blame for not buying in a pricier market.

    I think Arsenal should sign Cabaye to replace song and possibly dzeko or someone else to help giroud.


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  63. Gooner N4 says:

    Best wishes to all Arsenal fans.
    On Saturday we suffered a defeat away to Norwich which in my opinion was a throw back to our old habbits.
    We have had a few below par performances this season but they were masked by good individual perfomances and draws which is always better than nothing.
    I started Saturday expecting 3 points but ended up praying for 1 by stoppage time.
    However like seasons past this was a familiar outcome.
    Poor individual performances all over the pitch was equalled by a poor performance from our manager in his technical area.
    No team can win every game but i expect Arsenal to loose with fight.The clock simply ran down and we would not have scored an equaliser if we played till Sunday.
    This had nothing to do with a lack of quality but everything to do with the complacency that has left us frustrated for the last seven years.
    Every fan, no matter how much they shout positivity from the roof tops, knows that this type of performances is just around the corner.That’s probably why i did not sense much disappointment on this forum in the aftermath.
    I believe that the only proof of quality is messured by trophies, however if we can cut out these performances, i will be satisfied because it would definately result in success.
    I want to see Wenger aim his anger and frustraion at his players during a game and NOT the 4th official.
    The changes should have been made earlier against Norwich and because there was little time for the subs to make a difference,there will be those unhappy with the likes of Arshavin’s contribution.
    In my opinion Bassong followed through on Chamberlain which was a disgrace so that was unavoidable.
    Put simply, We were rubbish all over the pitch and there should not be any excuses.
    This does not mean we should get rid or hang individuals out to dry. After all it’s only October not April/May
    It simply means that as fans we should not be frightened to tell the truth about our own team and their failures.
    After the Liverpool result we rightfully praised the likes of Diaby knowing fully well his next injury was just around the corner.But it did not stop some from Saying Song who?
    He got injured against Chelsea and has not played since. So now it’s Wilsher’s turn to come back and solve all our problems.He is world class but with over a year out we are expecting too much too soon.
    Aaron Ramsey has been crucified by some simply to avoid telling the truth about the teams short comings.
    He came from Cardiff City as a kid not Barcerlona at aged 27/28.
    He should not have to ask for time,He has a right to expect it.He even lost a year of his young career with the type of injury that ends careers.
    Yet some fans ignore this while pining for Wilsher who has been out for a similar length of time.
    Ramsey should not be slated for not being Wilsher.He has his own strengths.
    I love this club and always will but i reserve the right to criticise them whem they fall short.
    It’s better than hiding behind false positivity.
    We still have a long way to go.


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  64. SKYNET says:

    I’m encouraged with the performance of our playerz but we still need more qualified players to assist the little we have. Its just lyk a war, few fighterz can’t face it. We have few qualified players. I’m advising the management to go for more players @ d mid season transfer. (NB. QUALIFIED)

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  65. Umar says:

    All arsenal need is a defensive midfield a left back and keep on

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  66. Jyotindra says:

    Just how does it feel to know that once a gunner is lifting a trophy with the clubs like manchester united,city,chelsea,barcelona???terrible.Where is ARSENAL FC when it used to be ruled by the INVINCIBLE like HENRY,PIRES,VIERA,BERGKAMP,LEHMANN???i guess non existent. through out years arsenal fc has had great players which provided glory for some other clubs other than arsenal fc.it’s time for us to claim our glory days back.we want what has been spent.we want what is rightfully ours THE TROPHY.nothing none the less.

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