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William: Arsenal fans should support Manchester United to win the title

Posted on March 16, 2012 by Nitesh


Since Arsene Wenger took over the reins of management at Arsenal in 1995, the genuine soccer rivalry shifted from between ‘Old Trafford Vs Anfield’ to ‘Arsenal Vs Man United’. Soccer pundits will agree with me that these are the most followed English soccer teams at the moment in the world of soccer for the past two decades. One cannot talk of English Premier League or World soccer without mentioning the most influential soccer icon, Sir Alex Ferguson, and neither can one feign no knowledge of Professor Wenger’s work in transforming the English soccer to youth development and beautiful and mesmerizing one touch and passing system. Another intriguing fact is that Wenger has also a unique economic soccer concept I will term the theory of “Wengeology”- he uses little resources to achieve big things. Since he came to Highbury in 1995 and now at Emirates, Arsenal has not failed to qualify for Europe’s soccer elite league, the UEFA Champions league.

One will be amused to be reminded that the most expensive player Wenger ever bought valued 15Million GBP, and it was none other than Andrey Arshavin from Zenit St Petersburg of Russia. Arsene Wenger did oversee the construction of the beautiful stadium, the Emirates. Wenger has made Gunners the third most successful team in England from Man United as first followed by Liverpool. The London rivals Chelsea, popularly known as the Blues have invested over 20 times the Gunners’ capital expenditure since Wenger’s arrival but have not achieved more worth proud of since the man, Roman Abramovich took over as the Financier. No wonder he cannot hold himself from the lust of firing managers at the Stamford Bridge. He fires them willy-nilly, and these are famous football managers, from Jose Mourinho, Avram Grant, Luiz Felipe Scolari, Guus Hiddink, Carlo Ancelotti to Andre Villas Boas is no mean joke. All of them have not constructed any stadium for Chelsea. So one cannot under emphasize or demean the achievements Wenger has done at Gunners.

My analysis of the above points is to emphatically mention the genuine rivalry which exists between Manchester United versus Arsenal football clubs, among the fans, the players and the soccer officials for the past decade and half. Surely Sir Alex Ferguson can not overlook the achievements Mr. Wenger has accomplished since he joined the EPL, much as Mr. Wenger approves the seniority and accomplishments of Sir Ferguson at Old Trafford and soccer in general. Sir Alex Ferguson has produced and managed the most expensive players on the soccer world; he has won almost all best soccer trophies in the world. No wonder as a Gooner it pains me and I feel like hitting someone when a Manure fan reminds me that Arsenal has never lifted the UEFA Champions League Cup. It is alleged that some African Arsenal fans have committed suicide in the past couple of years after being beaten by Manchester United in UEFA Champions League. Surely, as Gooners, we have memories of how Man United has influenced our failures to win important trophies and Man United’s luck also have been snatched on the nose by Arsenal, hence this rivalry.

Despite all this rivalry, I am 99% sure of the feeling that 90% of Arsenal fans would rather see Manchester United retaining the English Championship than see the Roberto Mancini guys enriching themselves with their first Premiership Cup after some decades without touching it at their Manchester city. The reason is simple; the Sheikh’s team unduly influenced some of Arsenal players to prematurely leave the club at the time when we needed these players most. The likes of Nasir and Clichy, Yaya Toure were induced by cash which was carelessly splashed by Mancini’s team, thus killing English Premier Soccer. Currently Mancini has all the best world class soccer players one wants. Ageuro, Balotelli, Dzeko, Tevez, Yaya Toure, David Silva, Nasir, Johnson, De Jong, Zabaletta, Kolorov, Clichy just to mention a few. Despite all those bullying strikers, Mancini also wants to persuade Arsenal’s only talisman Robin Van Persie. I would not wonder when I see any Gooner smile when Manchester City, which has been duped Man Shitty, lose any game. In fact we celebrated when they were booted out of the Champions League, and we celebrated when Manchester United overtook them on the English Premier League table and I am celebrating as I see Sporting FC whacking them at their own backyard in UEFA Europa league as I write this article.

So indeed a true Gunner will be happy as I hope to see the Man shit go trophyless this year. It’s not bad luck but a lesson that has to be learned, that mercenaries shouldn’t win trophies, until they develop the passion for it.

How many Gooners would like to see Man City fail to win the title so that all Nasri gets is his wage rise? Yes because he cheated us saying that he wanted a club which win trophies. AND we are waiting for them at Emirates on 8th April 2012 to spoil their mission, and I am very sure my captain will have a hat-trick. NO TROPHY FOR MANSHIT…

By William Kachingwe – Malawi

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William: Arsenal fans should support Manchester United to win the title
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33 to “William: Arsenal fans should support Manchester United to win the title”

  1. ASNLthruNthru says:

    Having to choose between two evils,I prefer United before Shitty.May we never have to make such a choice again!!
    In the meantime better to concentrate on us coming 3rd!!

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  2. Profstev says:

    I luv dis article… nasri n clichy shuld cum n cari dia heads probably we may even finish above dem. Up GUNNERS!

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  3. Mo says:

    Spot on i totally agree with ur article. I do not want to see casri n other mercenaries win anything. Its gonna be a well taught lesson to the oil barons that the epl cup cannot be bought.

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    • John Collard says:

      For Once i agree in certain aspects that Wengernumb spits out. I would never cheer Manchester United football club in a million years. They for me have the biggest bunch of glory hunter fans i have ever seen. We would never even worry about Man City before. Yes they have got a bunch of money men and i dont like them either. William some great points in what you say here dude. But there is no way ill be cheering anybody for the title. Who wins i dont care. Manchester United have been getting help for years and i wont add to that in support. Fergy thinks he is a royal and too good to talk to people. Rio is a complete toss pot and Evra need i say ne more. If you dont like football you are a Mancheste United fan. Yes i am jealous mate i dont like glory hunters and the media make out they are so good. William i shall cheer just Arsenal for a champions leauge place. The rest can do what they want. My telly wont be on when a team from Manchester lifts the title and i dont think i stand alone.

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  4. wengernumb says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Youssef says:

      You’d better be a liverpool or man city or chelsea supporter. you beleive that only money can bring in success. it’s not true. what all these teams would do one the financial fair play will be a reality. just FYI, if it is the case and taken into consideration the finacial results, only Arsenal and Bayern munich would be eligible to play Champions League !!!
      Gooner4ever! From Morocco

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      • Bradster says:

        If money didn’t then AC, Barca and Real wouldn’t win leagues.
        I want Man city to win, I hate Manure and they don’t deserve to win with the rubbish they have in that team and their 12th man. It makes me feel that with our weak squad we should be up there with Man U challenging for the league.
        FFP will recognise exhorbitant sponsorships as income so what difference is it being sponsored by Ethiad or the Shiek?

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  5. Youssef says:

    I totaly agree with you. I hate the way they built their team and I am really hoping that United will win the EPL. And I really would like to see us Arsenal win the 3rd place over the Spuds.
    Gooner4ever ! From Morocco

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  6. hradidaz says:

    i would really like to see mancity win it , because they deserve it and manu has been winning titles on referee decisions for last season and dis season too many decisions favoured them….really dont like nasri getting the medal but really want mancity to take it , rather than manu winning agin on some referee decisions

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  7. Goons_with_Guns says:

    You can right f**k off you stupid muppet: don’t know f**k all about Gooner supporters who would NEVER EVER want Manure winning another title. WHAT A PRAT!

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  8. Ayoola Tope says:

    I totally agree with this writer.One can be rich without been successful.Man City thinks they can just win everything with their money.You can put stars together,without cohesion and good understanding,the team is nothing.EPL title should go to Man Utd & their noisy neighbour should go empty handed.At least,a traitor like Nasri,who once said he didn’t move for money,rather trophies,will eat is words.The only manager that can match Wenger’s tactical & tecnical ability is Sir Alex Ferguson.ARSENAL is waiting for them at the EMIRATES.Out of the possible points they are hoping to get,they should deduct 3points out of it,because gunners will not allow that to happen.

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  9. Charlie says:

    If Man City don’t win anything they will probably sack Mancini, then they will probably give the next manager 6 months before sacking him and that’s one less team to worry about. United on the other hand will lose Scholes, Giggs and Ferguson soon so let them have this and see them decline over the next few years.

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  10. Emmanuel jalingo says:

    i want utd to win the title than city winning it because of what they did to arsenal

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  11. Gary says:

    I’ve allways thought that the owners of this blog are not real Arsenal fans, but support the spuds or manure. Seems the latter is probably closer to the truth. Manure buy their titles through corruptly controlling the PGMOL, Mike Riley and the FA. How can you suggest gooners should support them. They robbed us of how many points – even titles, corruptly brought the invincible era to an end, are continuously insulting us (in particular the c**ts Evra, Nani and Scholes)etc etc. Close this blog down. Now.

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  12. kalu says:

    arsenal steward.cant rally bhind city.i would crown man u the title.nasri,clichy u were after trophies.fairing?? next season bad news.kenya – msa.

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  13. Niyi says:

    I completely agree with and i hope reasonable arsenal fans will do same.It is logical we support manchester united for the premier league cup as they have never lured any of our players with cash like city does.

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  14. jetto says:

    I dont want any club other than Arsenal win the EPL, I will pour all my supports for my beloved club only,and we will win EPL if we win all 10 games and Man Utd lose 5 games, then we will win…Spuds will lose their remaining games and let us win all 10 games starting against Everton tomorrow

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  15. John Collard says:

    Fxxk them both lol Arsenal is my only way of thinking in football. Yeah its a one way direction,but i dont care. Manchester can do what they want. One thing is for sure i wont be cheering either. To me, Arsenal getting into the top four is the only thing on my mind.

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  16. davi says:

    Hell no. United have “good-fortuned” their way to too many titles. This year I don’t really have too many complaints about their position in the table, but I can’t stand seeing such an OK group of players over-achieve so consistently, being lauded all-the-while, for what is more than just them playing well. Whatever city’s transfer policy, if they do win the title this year, it will only be because they have the best players and play the best football. Maybe the same could be said about UTd this season, where they to stay ahead of city, but last season they were so unbelieveably fortunate in many ways, especially when it came to their players escaping red cards, and them retaining another title would just further solidify their place in the history books, which has largely been built as much on control over the media and referees as it has been on them legitimately producing “great” sides.
    IMO City have the best side this season, and deserve to win the title – and I’d be particularly happy to see Kolo could win the title again, even if it’s with another club.

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  17. arsenger says:

    Arsenal fans must support ARSENAL to win … next season! No need to support any Manchester.
    Sagna, Kos/Per, Ver, Gibbs
    Rosicky, Wilshere, Arteta
    *Podolski*, RVP, *Olivier Giroud*

    For TREBLE next season

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  18. WC says:

    Hahaha I like how many commentors are saying they want United to win because they don’t like that City is trying to buy trophies. Guess what? Fergie’s titles were also bought. Go ahead and check out how much money United has spent in the last 2 decades in transfer fees. Check out how he dominated the 90s by basically spending more than everyone else on players. Sure there’s alot more to ergie and United than money but the fact still remains that money plays a huge role in the United dynasty.

    I hate to say it but trophies are bought, not won. You point out Arsene’s “frugality” because 15M is the highest he’s ever paid for a player but we’ve had one of the largest wage bills throughout the EPL. Wenger’s glory days are littered with players who earned more than most players in the league. Remember Henry was earning like 75k a week back in the early 2000s and that was some serious cash back then before the oil men. Truth is even Arsenal bought trophies by being able to offer players far superior wages than everyone else barring United. The past 5-6 years years that playing field has leveled off to more clubs because of the oil men so I say it’s fair game to them, they’re simply doing what Arsneal and United, even Blackburn in ’95 did in just a shorter time because they can.

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  19. nicw says:

    Better United than City, at least they operate within their means. City’s approach is ruining football with financial doping. They are the play thing of an oil rich sheik with no regard for the financial fair play rules. They should be kicked out of europe and brought in to line not rewarded with a premier league title.

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  20. Odu says:

    If I must support, then it should be Man u though I dont like them either. I will Never want Man city to win the EPL. I dont like the idea of money winning the EPL. How many players has Machini developed in the whole of his life? ll he does is to poach playes from ther teams with money. Nasir left obviously for money and SHOULD never win any trophy. He will regret his departure when he wins nothing, then the team he abandoned for money comes third (wish arsenal finishes above man city). Rather than man city, prefer man U, Man U winning is not new, so i can live with that.

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  21. John Collard says:

    List of hate 1) Spurs 2)Manchester United 3)Nasri

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  22. Tinka says:

    I completely agree with william, to leave Arsenal that ur going at man shit for trophies is a shame. Late Nasri more especially feel it at the bottom of his heart and in his asi. He will spend more years w/o winning any trophy.
    next season the cap is for the guuners. Kindly Chelsea come on , Wednesday do the needful work on the 4-0.
    as the gunners wait to axe them on 8th April.

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  23. Kleef says:

    I hate Utd because they’ve been buying the title for years with the referee’s help and the media says nothing about this. I vote for City because half of Arsenal are in the Club, simple and a no brainer. Those who choose Mucky are devils in disguise.

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  24. Alex says:

    I’d much rather United win it. City simply don’t deserve to just buy their way to winning the title and I just want to see Nasri’s face when City end up 2nd.

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  25. shogun says:

    i wan’t United win n City spend more cash n Nasri rot on the bench

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  26. Angelito says:


    I’d rather Arsenal won the League, you know.

    It’s sad when the Arsenal faithful are made to choose between other clubs for the Premiership Title. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

    Sad, sad, sad times. I don’t know when we will again win the Premiership. Let’s forget about the CL.

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  27. Stuart says:

    Man City winning the league is inevitable, it’s only a matter of time and nothing we can do about it. What we can do is make sure they don’t do it unbeaten, I’m so happy they’ve not had a chance to take that one away from us this season!!

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