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Will S: Arsenal need David Dein back, and here is why!

Posted on August 23, 2011 by Nitesh

I was walking back from the Arsenal vs Liverpool game. I’d just watched a very depleted Arsenal get beaten 2-0 by a side that had invested 100 million pounds in the previous two transfer windows. It was the clearest image I’ve seen of two teams going in opposite directions. Both aiming for a Champions League spot, however it was the one from Merseyside that seemed to be heading for the European promise land.

My mate asked me in the rain outside the Emirates after the game, ‘Who do you think we should sign tomorow then?’. Of all the experienced defenders, combative midfielders and star strikers we’ve been linked to over this long and tiresome transfer window there was only one name I could think of– David Dein. There are a number of reasons for this.

Number 1:¬†Dein was the kingpin at Arsenal. He commanded the respect of all the board members (despite their differences), the players, the fans and above all Arsene Wenger. If Arsene Wenger wanted something, Dein would pull out all the stops to get it for him. On the other hand, Dein would also, to an extent keep, Arsene in line. He would make sure that Arsene took care of the footballing side of the club whilst he focused on the business and transfer side of things. However, when he left in 2007, all those responsabilities seemed to have landed on Arsene’s shoulders and his authority and power have slowly started to erode as he just couldn’t cope. He could no longer just concentrate on making a team play well, he had to build it all by himself. Before 2007, both he and Dein were responsible for building teams and the results speak for themselves.

Number 2: From watching his interview on BBC sport a couple of days ago it appears to me that David Dein seems to still have a rich understanding of what is going on inside the club and that he has a stable working relationship with Stan Kroenke but maintains a close personal friendship with Arsene Wenger. This, combined with his strong character, would mean that if he was bought in, he would be the perfect man to stable the red and white ship. As a whole, from the interview you get a very distinct impression that Dein knows exactly how to fix the club.

Finally, in defence of the La Professeur himself. I can understand the calls for his head and him to walk the plank at Arsenal. But, Dein bought up a very good point. Dein, who probably knows more about Arsenal Football Club and Arsene Wenger than anybody else alive. He asked the question, who do you replace him with? And I’ve asked a couple of fellow Gooners this same question. Every time there is a long pause before a couple of ‘I suppose….. ummmms……wells…………………’. And thats the point. There really is nobody. People say Owen Coyle? A man who’s only managed two seasons in the top flight and not yet acheived a top flight finish? Pep Guardiola? As likely as a pig flying. Both he and his Mourinho have their eyes fixed on Sir Alex Ferguson’s current office.

Like Dein said, keep the faith. Under Arsene we have good times, and we’ve had even better times. Yes Arsene got us into this mess, but with a couple of quality signings and a strong character in that boardroom, he may get us out of it.

Will S: Arsenal need David Dein back, and here is why!
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12 to “Will S: Arsenal need David Dein back, and here is why!”

  1. PhilF says:

    Maybe, but unlikely to happen…

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  2. NetBulger says:

    Liverpool going in the opposite direction? You must be joking. Dalglish has spent 100 million on extremely average players, only one of whom would even get into our team. They struggled to beat a weakened Arsenal side and only did so because of Frimpong’s absence in the last twenty minutes. Even then, their goals were off-side.

    On the day that Arsene Wenger signs a pantomime horse like Carroll for 35M and a kipper like Suarez for 23M, things at Arsenal wil bee REALLY bad.

    Oh, and by the way, I can think of 70 milion reasons why Dein should be nowhere near Arsenal – nor should his son who was behind much of this summer’s Cesc travesty.

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  3. mr creosote says:

    I’d argue that it wasn’t Wenger that got us into this mess but Gazidis.

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  4. boscorelli says:

    Yeah,yeah, whatever man, sign, take whoever we need to sort out this mess, please ! orz

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  5. Jamie says:

    Nasri medical at City !

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  6. Giddy says:

    this is Gazidis mess. Replace Gazidis and things will straighten up. enough said

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  7. Babuu says:

    Great post, and factual to be precise. I also think we do need Dein to comeback to our beloved Arsenal, and shape us to the great heights we once were. We need to go back to being the envy of every team. Dein must be brought back. He would bring in players also, and tell Wenger to gel them into the team. Le Prof has so much on his shoulders, and he just needs to be given the space to concentrate on the football.

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  8. ak47 says:

    couldnt have said it better myself net.

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  9. Obatiku abiodun says:

    Get the solution that will put the smile back into our face, i can’t imagine arsenal missing out from cpl.

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  10. paul says:

    Gadzidis out… Dein In.

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  11. andy bishop says:

    Gazides is only doing what the board want. Dein was the first to encourage Kroenke on board…remember. Denis Hill Wood said “we do not want his sort on board”..that changed. Dein then sold his shares to Usmanov once Kroenke was invited on the board. I have this theory that the playing side is being run down to enable Dein back on board..only a theory. The one thing that is certain is that Dein is a true gooner

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  12. Gooner 82 says:

    I think our perfomance against Liverpool was a very good 1 considering we had 9 players out through injury and suspensions! Frimpong had a blinder i thought he was superb and will be a much better player than Song when he calms down a bit, our keeper was class i think we may finally have replaced Seaman. If it had not been for 2 silly cards leading to the red i think our young (reserves if u like) team would have pinched a winner against a team who spent 100m.

    We are not in such a bad mess as every1 is making out, we are unlucky with injuries but the core of the team is strong and with a couple of signings after we win 2mo we will be back challanging 4 the prem!!!

    As 4 Wenger going it is true there is no 1 at the mo who can, not that i want him replaced, Bergkamp will be the perfect replacemet but not 4 a few seasons!

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