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Weslee: Has Henry just filled the missing link at Arsenal?

Posted on January 10, 2012 by Nitesh

It was an interesting game to watch. Not terribly exciting watching Leeds try to do what most lower (down the table) teams do when faced with Arsenal’s passing game. I watched as the passing game played out very well. No scoring but the passing was easy on the eye. I paid close attention to Chamak to see how he would do and in this game he was really pushing hard but he did not have the service he needed. It seemed that there is no teammate who can kick the ball towards his head. I have seen this done in many other teams but not with this Arsenal side. I still say that he should be played with Van Persie. This would open up the opposition a lot more. A lonely Van Persie patrolling the enemy line gives him few chances to score. Give Van Persie credit, he has the ability to use those chances with success. What I would like to see is that Van Persie gets lots more chances by having the opposition worry about Chamak heading in the ball. I believe that Chamak should be utilized when he returns from the Nations Cup competition. How many corners must go wanting ? It has to be resolved. No team that I have recently seen has worried about any of the Arsenal players heading the ball into the net. Look at how often the opposition give away the corners and don’t look worried.

Arshavin should be credited for putting in a strong performance, when he was not shooting at the net. He seems to have developed Torres-itis. Come to think of it, so has Ramsey. I was not diasppointed with OXO, Coquelin (hope he is alright), Ignasi and Yennaris (Coquelin’s replacement). They played well in the passing game but for OXO, he seemed quiet in his movement. He tried running into the middle but was stopped by the Leeds defenders. It was not his fault because there was no space for him to run into. Which brings me to my concern with the current Arsenal team.

Opening up the opposition. The Song to Henry pass showed absolute old school Arsenal, how to open up the defense. I observed that Henry followed his usual pattern, which is to hug the offside trap as closely as possible. What this did was move the Leeds defenders from their parked bus defense to man to man cover. If Henry would have liked he had options where Walcott or Ramsey could have scored. This is the type of “opening up” that i believe Chamak would lend to Van Persie, Walcott, Gervinho. Get the opposition worrying about which players to cover. This is what i have perceived as Theo’s main problem. He does not worry the opposition enough. They just seem to ignore him just like they do the corners taken by Arsenal. This point needs to be addressed by Wenger with Theo, Ramsey and others. This is where Arsenal had strength during the Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie period. Teams worried about where each of these players were. Then what you saw when Fabregas, Nasri or Van Persie were injured is that the opposing team relaxed. Fabregas had a hard time finding someone to pass to or play to so that he could score. If you look at his current performance at Barcelona, you will see that he has tons of opportunity to score and he is scoring. Nasri however, well, probably does not regret leaving Arsenal since he had more than double his wages. Now he can pay the British and French taxes and still have lots of money left over for his video games.

Henry is now showing his new style. Same as the old style but without the burst of energy he used to have. He wants to ! He needs to ! He is Arsenal in mind, body and spirit. I saw him speaking to Theo and felt very good because Theo needs someone of his stature to bring him up to speed. If Henry can do so with many of the younger players, Theo especially, then the loan spell was more than worth it. I am not in the getting rid of Theo camp. He is only 22 yrs old and seems to be a late bloomer. I think that Wenger sees this also and this is probably why he wants to hold onto him. As for Theo asking the 85 thousand a year, whom does it affect if Arsenal pays it. I will point to Sir Alex holding onto many of his older players while paying them very handsomely. I am sure they took time to develop also. Third place is a go, go, go!! Why, we might end up playing Barcelona in the Champions League final!!! Until it does not happen, it just might.

by Weslee

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Weslee: Has Henry just filled the missing link at Arsenal?
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8 to “Weslee: Has Henry just filled the missing link at Arsenal?”

  1. john collard says:

    Again Wenger has nailed it on the button. Some mock him for signing are greatest goal merchant. Henry plain and simple. If he wasnt there last night we wouldnt have won the game. A class act off management and football. Henry is a no brainer signing. He could only do good buy Arsenal. I hope he signs till the end of the season. He is so well thought of at the club the noise level when he just sttod up was amazing. I went to the game and u could feel the buzz around the ground. Plain and simple the signing of Henry can only bring good to all. Not just for Arsenal but for the premiership as a whole. Even David Beckham was there watching his mate. So to some it up Henry re signing for Arsenal is the missing link to the English premiership aa a whole. A man who plays for the club and not the money as a whole. God bless his return its a breath of fresh air.

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  2. Charlie says:

    Chamakh as first choice ???? Is this his dad writing the article, the bloke is useless, always has been and always will be. Arshavin is also useless and according to my missus who’s Russian he’s been out getting pissed in Russia and it’s all over the Russian press. Gervinho might be good enough for Arsenal next season but he looks like a player still trying to settle. Walcott is infuriating because he is so inconsistent and Arsene must be wondering whether to offer him a new contract. I’m very happy with RvP, the midfield and the defense, ecstatic about Henrys’ return but what is wrong with the wingers and the backup strikers ???? Arsenal are not a one man team but in terms of a goal threat they are, unless Henry continues as he’s begun. Last season it was the defense that had problems, this season it’s the attack, why can’t everything come good at the same time ?

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    • Weslee says:

      I am only pointing out that the opposition has found Arsenal’s attacking weakness and Wenger and his coaching staff needs to fix this. Chamak and Arshavin are currently employed by Arsenal and this is why my suggestion.

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  3. Charlie says:

    Sorry Nitesh, I read you regularly and you do know what you’re on about but Chamakh though ? you can’t seriously think that he has a future at Arsenal. I know it’s difficult being a sub but look at Kalou, that’s why he’d be a great signing, if you come to Arsenal as a striker you’ll only be a backup for RvP but Kalou seems to perform that role admirably.

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    • Weslee says:

      Whether or not he has an Arsenal future, the problem is that he is there and Kalou is not. If an when Kalou becomes employed by Arsenal, then Kalou should be given the chance. However, if Kalou does not gain employment then there is still Chamak. I believe that Arsenal should present another option in the box in order to unlock the “park the bus” mentality of the opposition. Arsenal does not have the dribble meisters like Messi so they have to come up with an alternative.

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  4. I feel that the real weak spot is the attacking midfield where Nasri and Fabregas left, Ramsey isn’t good enough to replace them yet. Andre Ayew or Marvin Martin would be some realistic additions to this area

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  5. Arunavameister says:

    I completely agree with ur analysis of the Arsenal team..I thought Arsh worked his arse off in the Leeds game

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