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Vinay: Wenger is a victim of his own success! (Stop paying lemons!)

Posted on October 05, 2011 by Nitesh

“Arsenal in crisis”; ‘Odds on for Wenger being sacked”; ” it is embarrassing to watch this team play” ” It will be miraculous if we finish even in the top half of the table” etc etc etc.

It hurts doesnt it when you read this as an Arsenal fan. The reasons can be aplenty but the doom and gloom brigade have set in at the football club and amongst the majority of their supporters as well it feels so.

Arsenal have had their worst start in more than 50 years, 7 points in 7 games, embarrassing defeats to United, Liverpool, Blackburn and Spurs, a defense which looks in shambles, a manager who has given up on winning the title just after 2 months into the season. Players wanting to leave and what not.

Who is to be blamed for this? Easy answer is Wenger. In reality, it is not only him but more so the board. Wenger’s mistake has been over-estimating certain players abilities. Jenkinson cannot step up when needed as a backup to Sagna. Arshavin and Rosicky are past their prime and have neither the fitness nor the guile to carry the team forward. Gibbs and Santos are more offensively good than defensive which is their primary responsibility.Ramsey still needs time and can easily be hustled, Diaby forever injured, Chamakh absolutely poor. Wenger should have understood that even after giving most of these players time and space, they haven’t been able to come up to the expected level. He should have discarded them. I know this would mean losing half the team but that’s ok, we need players who necessarily may not have skill but have ample amounts of effort and the right attitude. Wenger is a victim of his own success. He showed this team consistency and winning, he showed that he can do most things which were considered improbable before he took over. Now the problem in an inflated world with rich owners and instant success seekers, is that Wenger’s principled approach is tough to work.

The board needs to take the bulk of the blame. People blame Wenger when we don’t sign someone or lose out on a player last minute (Mata, M’Villa, Falcao etc). Its not as if it’s Wenger’s money and he doesn’t want to sign the players. The board is unwilling to pay more than the odds to any player even when that player can bring in something this team lacks. The board doesnt take up initiative over the contract talks with a player whose renewal is coming up. When the team doesn’t play well or when there are apparent frailties, the team and the manager gets the blame.

Finally to the supporters and our ex greats. We all know what the team lacks, is it necessary to shout hoarse about it everywhere? Instead of standing by the team, we are accusing them of everything under the sun. The injuries have been fatal, the players lost are close to irreplaceable anywhere. Arsenal still have the nucleus of the team right. In Arteta, Song, RVP and Sczcseny, we have players who are brilliant. What we need is the others to step up; when you look at a Francis Coquelin or an Oxlade-Chamberlain, you admire and say what a player they could be.

Arsenal can and will become better end of the season. We may even win a trophy if everything goes well, the league can still be top 4 if we string results. Remember when Man U won the title, Fergie had said it’s not about what you do against big teams, its how well you do against the smaller teams that will determine your chances.

Its time for us to stand by the team and Wenger in particular. The man has given his life for this club and if there is anyone who can get the team out of this ruckus, it is him.

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Vinay: Wenger is a victim of his own success! (Stop paying lemons!)
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  1. John Collard says:

    Ill wrap this up in a nutshell. Mock me say what you want. And i want to make this clear im not saying im a bigger fan than anyone on here. Iv been going to watch Arsenal for over 20 years now i am aged 30. Wenger u are right is a victim because to some it up as i said yesterday (clearly) We had it worse under greater players like Tony Adams at times. Players like Kenny Sansom and David rocky Roecastle who sadley passed away. Why wasnt they and George Graham getting the stick that Wenger and these players get off today. Its plain and simple Wenger gave the club and fans glory silverware a stadium and money. In one huge word (greed) Fans want more and more and the water is dry. He is safe to say are best manager and he has the backing of the top managers across the globe and is even wanted by England as the next manager. (So i ask why) Wenger is the man who will turn the tide. Times have been much harder its just the fickel fan that hates Wenger and they say they love the club. Well in my opinion they have a funny way of showing it. Negative vibes cant help they can only make it worse. Any manager that comes in wont change it any quicker than Wenger. There is only one man that could (maybe) Jose at Real or Pep at Barcalona. But it will take time and Wenger is no fool he knows wat is needed. I am 100 per cent sure most Wenger haters on here only remember the glory years with Wenger and dont care about anything else. Lets be honest we have had some terrible players at this club and some average and some pure class. Its because Wenger has been there 15 years unlike the rest he is getting the stick. His record and the teams speaks for its self. We are still one of the most feared clubs in the leauge and europe. Why because the respect for Wenger is there and the respect for the name of the club is there. Arsenal strikes fear into any club. Barcalona or whoever. No team likes to play Arsenal playing good or bad. And why because we will always be a great club. Redknapp has spent miliions with Spurs and wat has he won or done. Not one manager can spend wat Wenger has over the last 6 years and still compete in the leauge and champions leauge. Look at the last two years who knocked us out Barcalona the greatest team iv ever seen since the 49ers. And dont say we couldnt have won the leauge last year because we should have. Wenger has done wonders and the club will rise again im sure. But spoilt we have been with wat Wenger and Arsenal have done. Fickel is a word i can only use for this fans. I have stood at highbury watching Arsenal when in the bottom half of the table and still cheer and support the manager. Arsenal have it hard (have we bollox) A great stadium a great club and a great manager in Wenger. Dont push him out the door Gooners he deserves more than this. I just cant believe people cant see how they are treating the players and the manager. Wenger deserves so much more and so do the players. To be honest i wouldnt blame Wenger if he did walk. Bloke has been sxxt on from great heights. IN WENGER AND ARSENAL I SUPPORT COME ON THE ARSENAL AND WENGER LETS SHOW THESE HATERS

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    • Paul Dean says:

      John brilliant well said couldn’t agree more :)

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      • John Collard says:

        Thanx dude. Just get some really awkward comments that i cant see why they bother writing or saying they follow Arsenal at all.

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    • Gunnersfan! says:

      John Collard, the only greedy people are the damn board and AW who are more interested in making profits than football. Raising the ticket prices, selling our key players and not reinvesting money into quality replacements is a prime example.

      You also need to forget about the fans for a second here, even players want to win trophies or they leave or sign for a club capable of winning. I don’t think I need to mention any names here. I really thought that the move from Highbury to the Emirates was to help make Arsenal more successful on the footballing front and to be able to compete with top teams. However, this is not the case.

      I also dont think I need to point out the disastrous records set by AW when in charge like the 2-8 trashing, no shots at goal against barca in the CL, worst league start in 56 years. You do know that he sets the tactics and the players follow his instructions, right? Not only that you do know that past players and managers, analysts etc etc who definitely know a great deal about football have also critized Arsenal.

      and for the love of god, even my neighbor’s dog knew that Nasri and Fabregas were going to leave and AW had the entire summer to get their replacements but left it late as usual. Everyone could see that we had tough opening fixtures but nothing was done until that trashing. And then AW tries to fool people with buying QUANTITY instead of QUALITY. No thank you and still the defensive issues have not been fixed!

      The only thing I will give AW is his past accomplishments as those are facts and I can accept them. To which, I say thank you for doing what he was PAID to do back then. I am sure that he was rewarded handsomely with pay raises. However, it is now time to move on!!

      Last but not least you say “Arsenal strikes fear into any club”. Back then, most definitely! Now, even Alex Ferguson can’t be bothered.

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    • Jason says:

      I agree with everything except for your assumptions of pep and jose. They are vile and have disgusting business ethics for blatantly obvious reasons that I need not bring up. otherwise, good stuff mate.

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  2. the font says:

    my child finished in the top 4 pupils in the best state school in britain along come some of them rich kids who could afford private education and done better than my kid so i told my kid your useless i do not love you any more and you must leave this home in disgrace

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  3. UMOH EKWO says:

    Thanks for this good piece. If this analysis came from Wenger, I would be happy. My worry is that

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  4. UMOH EKWO says:

    Thanks for this good piece. If this analysis came from Wenger. I would be happy. My worry is that Wenger appears not to see things this way.He doesn’t want to agree that some players are not useful to the team anymore. Let us plead with him to change things in January by bringing in better players.

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  5. john collard says:

    I give up gunnerfan wat eva dude

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  6. ash says:

    @Gunners fans

    Them akbs blindly follow wenger thy dont care about the club,even if arsenal get relegated them akb arse wipe wil still defend wenger cos they dont support arsenal they support weneger.

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