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Vinay – How much can Arsenal fans blame Wenger?

Posted on January 09, 2013 by Bob

We’re not gonna take it right?

Still clenching your fist and cursing the board and Wenger? Come on, you guys should know better, except for loan deals the likelihood of any signings in the January transfer window is unlikely.

Wait, what happened suddenly that there seems to be a dearth of players wanting to come to Arsenal? We are still considered among the best in the world (pinch of salt please), we are supposedly among the richest clubs in the world, so why is it that no one worth his salt wants to come to us?

There was a time when Arsenal used to be an attractive proposition for the best players in the world to come and play for. We played great football, had the tradition and most importantly the players knew they could play with freedom and not much restraint. These things may still remain but then why does no ” top, top” talent ever comes to us?

Lets look at how the world of football operates nowadays. There are certain teams which have either sugar daddies or oil driven merchants who can pump in money to their respective teams without worrying too much about getting back their returns. Eg- Roman Abhramovich can sack as many managers as he wants, buy as many players as he feels because he can write off the losses he may incur due to the fact that it’s his own wealth that he has invested.

There is one more set of teams, the likes of City, United, Real Madrid, Barcelona who have investors who pump in a lot of money to the club, again not worrying if the debts continue to pile up on the respective clubs because they know the commercial implications of investing in such clubs will have diverse and profitable dividends. If the Glazers were to ask for their money back, United will need to shell out close to a billion dollars, but Glazers will not because Manchester United as a commodity will sell in the market and hence the Glazers know that it’s a sound investment.

The third set of teams are the ones who are self sufficient and dependent on the money they get from the revenue they generate from their own means such as ticket sales, marketing, player sales etc. Predominantly money generated from their own sources. Arsenal are like this, even though we now have a majority stake holder, the decision continues to be by the board which believes that the self sufficient model is the way to be for the club.

This model effectively means that even when there may be funds available, the funds will be first utilized towards repaying the loans, developing the brand etc. This has helped Arsenal become a better brand, but the football team is losing out, or are they? Let us take an example shall we, Juan Mata. Arsenal bid for him what was a very reasonable amount of money. What happened was Chelsea simply came and said `we will pay you much more`, so Mata chose Chelsea. He may also have had other reasons to join Chelsea, but money is a huge factor and if it does come down to a bidding war, we all know Arsenal cannot win because of the way the club is run.

What Wenger did was to retain the players he bought, the wages were on the higher side. So when you see a Diaby getting paid say 60k for a week, all of us exclaim oh no. But remember when Diaby was bought there was a huge hope that he could become someone like a Viera and Wenger, in the hope he may become one, wanted to retain him at all cost and hence the wages were high. That he turned out to be the medical table guest forever is another story.

Wenger’s way of thinking was this- buy players who can be bought under the budget, who have some potential and try to install in them the sense of this is my club; this gave me the chance to shine etc in the hope that they develop, play well and remain at Arsenal as we cannot afford to buy the so called proven stars. The sad part in this was, some of the players were over estimated and never truly had the potential needed to succeed consistently. The ones who developed the potential into substance conveniently ditched us when the time came to stand up and be counted (we all know who).

Now we all know where the problem is and what is the reality. Arsenal cannot buy big names or proven stars until and unless the player decides he wants to play for Arsenal only. We cannot get into a mad bidding war just to prove we can compete because that doesn’t make any sense. Arsenal and Wenger’s mistake has been the certain players bought, who aren’t even good enough to play for Arsenal. Someone who should have basic ability (denilson, Chamakh, Bendtner, Silvestre etc), and more importantly the awareness and passion needed on the pitch.

Hence when contract negotiations are stalled and players hold the club at ransom, the sad fact is usually Arsenal are in a helpless state because players either demand exorbitant wages or demands which we can’t manage, or simply use a lame excuse saying the club has no direction, knowing very well this was the same club which gave them direction.

Lets all be critical of Wenger about the signings which didn’t succeed because it was under his control, don’t keep blaming him and the board for not buying certain players because simply put, we cannot.

Till next time

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Vinay – How much can Arsenal fans blame Wenger?
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16 to “Vinay – How much can Arsenal fans blame Wenger?”

  1. henry says:

    U arent making any point here.mcos it seems we have thesame wenger in u now..we all know that when chelsea and man city pushed us out of the race..but instead of all this analysis u make mention..why didnt u provide us an answer..all u keep saying is we cant afford to buy such player..but we can always think about profit right?why is it so difficult for us to admit that we need to seel arsenal so as to be able to compete again?why?

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  2. dkshay says:

    totally agree with you mate, we are no Manure, no Citeh, & no Chavski!!! that’s what makes us proud! we’ll give Citeh hell in sunday……

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  3. henry says:

    We need to sell arsenal so as to be able to compete again..afterall man utd are still very much in the race with this so call billionaires club all because they too follow the trend of things by selling to the glazers..

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  4. Akeem Abdulkareem Lanre says:

    Have u forgotten that it takes money to get money ! Not until u spend lavishly before u get whoever u need. There are some quality players available in the transfer market with affordable price without going head to head with any of the guns that u have just mentioned. Yan M’vila £8m, lucas Biglia £6.5m, Mapou yanga mbiwa £3.5m, demba ba £7.5m before he went to chelsea, Younes Belhanda £10m. Why can’t we go for all these players ?

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  5. morganman says:

    well said!

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  6. Sp14 says:

    That’s fair enough, but. Plenty of really good players have gone cheaply?!
    Holtby was free llorente etc, m”vila is like 8 or 10 mil (don’t quote me) ba. 7.5 but we spent over 10 mil on gervinho?! Surely we can’t be that poor to not be able to get at least one of those players

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  7. laboter02 says:

    I don’t agree with long story there is a man that has is money and he want to spend it you arsenal board say no,his Name is usmanov,he says is ready splas money in to the club you say no means you have hiding agender,as a business man if you don’t compete then your customer will be your neigbours own,not ordinary. Compete. But stregic means advance competing

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  8. mario says:

    What crap of an article.Arsenal are now a midtable team thanks to scrooge!

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  9. GoonerN4 says:

    Happy belated new Year to you all.

    Blaming wenger for everything would be wrong and unfair.
    However I lay more than 50 percent of the blame on his desk.
    I believe that a manager who had the freedom of input in the development of a new training ground and stadium does not suddenly loose his influence and ability to get the tools required to do his job effectively. ie funds for quality players.
    He may not have had the power to influence the take over but he had the power to seek assurances that his fantastic work and standards would be maintained.
    His previous achievements put him in a position of strength.
    However, what we got was a manager who has endorsed a policy which has failed for almost 8 seasons and is continuing to endorse.
    My feeling towards him is one of resentment. Because I think it is a betrayal of his own outstanding achievements.
    He once said “he would not loose sleep if he never won the Champions League”.I respected his honesty but as a fan I questioned what that meant for us as fans in terms of expectations.
    The last few years have been littered with similar statements and yet his position is secure which suggest to me he and the board are united in their thinking.
    By working under this policy, he has lowered his own standards and undermined the position of his future successor who will have to do the same.
    Only a change of regime can raise expectations now.

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  10. Tonero says:

    What a crap article, Arsenal have the means to compete. If you sell a player £25m why not buy a player the same amount with the same quality if not better player and pay them less wage than the former player you sell. Wenger and the board are greedy. Time for a change Wenger Out!!!

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  11. ks-gunner says:

    Wenger has his good and bad sides…but lately i am getting used to see only the bad ones…..besides my hug respect for him i do question his actions….as i am afraid to say that he already past his limits…and he lost his spark a long time ago……..

    He said…..that big clubs dont sell theyre star players…

    But what happend to Arsenal….what did u and the board made Arsenal into……..

    Why do u play players out of poz……
    Why do u insist playing Gervinhio and Ramsey over the ox and Mozard…..
    Why dont u have any tactical awrnes…..and no plan B
    Why do u make late and wrong subs……
    Why do u insist that certain players are world class and we end up having trouble to sell them….
    Why do u potray players as greedy and u urself are one of the highest managers in the world
    Why are the good players and the bad ones payed all the same…..
    Whats the point in freezing player who are at 80k on the bench….
    Why do u never admit failure and always blame the others….
    Why do u preach about global economic crises when the board u represent are the greedy ones and charge fans with the highest ticked in England…..
    Why do u make false transfer promises and we end up with selling players and not buying them……
    Why do u call returned injurie players as new sighning and they all end up getting injuried again….

    and the worst

    wha made u lose ur hunger and admit that the 4th place is a trophy…..

    and whyyyyy for gods sake did u not made any pressure not to sell our captain to the s§$%§ums Manure as this deff….made me lose my pride and my utter respect for u

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  12. John Collard says:

    Ajax of England

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    Yes,am in support of your write up.i know quite well that the emirate firm signed a deal with arsenal of about £150 million pounds,what is wenger and the board doing with the raw cash.i want the russian to move for a resolution of the board and change of coach.WENGER OUT.

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    You’re on the right track.wenger is not supposed to be a coach of our grate family ARSENAL.i would sugest he go further his profesion in an institution not in a big fast growing firm,or else wenger will end up sinking arsenal.

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  15. Ian Ures Boots says:

    Who is responsible for the team? The Manager.

    Who is responsible for the squad players? In Arsenal’s case the manager.

    Who is responsible for team results, the manager.

    Who needs to be replaced? THE MANAGER.

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  16. charles uwagboe says:

    Hogwash. Find a better excuss….

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