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Vinay – 2012 was tough for Arsenal fans!

Posted on January 03, 2013 by admin

2012 – the year of purse and Persie by Vinay

As the year comes to an end there was no doomsday as the mayans said, there was doom gloom and a bit of bloom as well for the Gunners. The classic case of dejavu on a few things and a promise of things getting better as well.

” I believe, i hope and i trust’ sounds familiar??? yup the same statement has been reverberating from the boss throughout the year and if not anything i dont think that will change in 2013 as well. The year started with Arsenal in a precarious position in the league and as we end the year, the league position is being held on to like dear life. ( 4 wins has helped a lot but Arsenal are still long outsiders for the League in the online betting).

The year will also be remembered for the grand contract saga or shall i say the grand transfer soap opera. ” I am a Gunner” says the man whose name was chanted by the Arsenal faithful and conveniently in the summer, he updates his website to say he is leaving as he felt he and the club are heading in different directions. If it was just about directions dear Robin, all you needed to do was ask, we would have changed the route itself. You wanted to leave, it was as simple as that, you didnt have to do the whole PR stunt of having your dad, mom, wife heck maybe even your dog saying you love Arsenal etc. Yes end of the year you maybe laughing where you are and saying i did the right thing, but then the little boy in you should know life comes a full circle.

” In Wenger we rust”, “you dont know what you are doing”, the banner became popular this year. Protest march was planned in march and was implemented in December. Very nice fellas, but hell nothing has changed. Wenger is where he is, the board is doing what it wants and the club continues to be in the top 4 and the champions league knockout stages again. Now then what did the march do? if the intention was to raise a noise, then you guys were well heard thank you. Ticket prices needs to come down aside, the rest of the points made albeit logical lacked timing. Better luck next time guys, how about this for a banner-” In Arsenal we believe”.

The King returned this year as well, we dint win anything again, we finished 3rd miraculously according to some at least, we signed sponsorship extensions which gave us more money, we got new players as well, Wenger changed as well, he started taking his frustrations out on his jacket more than the water bottle, Pat Rice left and Steve Bould came, the stadium loans kept decreasing while the ticket prices kept increasing etc etc.

2012 will be remembered for the good and the not so good by the Gooners. Well football is like that only right. From the high of finishing 3rd to the low of losing to Sunderland in the FA cup or Milan in the champions league, from the 5-2 against spurs (twice haha) to the loss against Bradford, to losing the little kid to your bitterest rivals and now asking the kid who we brought to sign (theo), the year has seen it all.

Being an Arsenal fan is tough, not being one is even tougher. We stood by the rough times when we were ridiculed, we smarted under the fact that the 2012-13 campaign start was the worst we have had in years, we smiled when we saw Cazorla and we cried when we saw Jack come back, we felt the anger when players left, we admired the ones who stood by, the year had it all.

2013 will be ushered in with a lot of hope and a prayer in every gooner’s mind. Be careful with what you pray Gooners, we know we cant financially compete with those big boys but yes wish that we fight them well on the pitch. Dont pray for silverware only, pray for continued success on all fronts, a successful club is a matter of pride a self sufficient one is even better. Mostly pray that the team knows who they are and who they play for, when they realize its value, the impact will be seen on the pitch.

Have a happy and a healthy new year gooners and believe me when i say ” Arsenal Fc, we are by far the greatest team the world has ever seen”.


Vinay – 2012 was tough for Arsenal fans!
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4 to “Vinay – 2012 was tough for Arsenal fans!”

  1. John Collard says:

    To be honest. The last seven years since we have become a feeder club has been hard. When you have seen 26 years of respect and the last seven sometimes seem we mocked due to being a tight club and only the fans seeing what we need and our useless board dont. It then becomes personal towards the fans. It seems they must think we are fxxking idiots at times. The rich get richer and the poor get sxxt on. If Wenger would get on with doing what he did best then we might see results. But then again maybe he is a better businessman lining their stinking pockets all the time

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  2. Washington Mutseneke says:

    You have said more than the truth Vinay. Like i once said my son likes you a lot because you hit the nail right on its head. You dont beat about the bush. I am proud to be a gunner, no matter what the say. I believe that i am a winner as long as i am doing the right thing. Thus Arsenal (Wenger) proudly gooner.

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  3. Scoundrel - Kenya says:

    I’d love to plant a magnificent fruit tree, but I wouldn’t sell/burn it when it’s about to fruit. All the years, ultimately I’ll ask myself, what is it that I want? Do I want to eat fruit, or mast*rbate while watching the fruit tree grow, then do it all over again?

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    Am so much in love with the gunners.the most anoying thing is WENGER,i sat down contemplating on the kind of human beign wenger is.these goes to my co- fans over there in london,i blame you guys over those banners you do come with to the stadium which states in WENGER you trust.whats so ever challenges arsenalfc are going through,wenger and the board should be blamed.the exit of wenger is the begining of a grate lime light in our grate family.i want wenger’s appointment to be terminated through your protests,pls you guys should do this for me.

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