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Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal analysis half by half—— We lose to the Spuds…..

Posted on October 02, 2011 by Nitesh

by Nitesh

Arsenal met the Spuds today in a derby looking to cement their superiority in the North London area. This game has never been interesting in the recent past, and the fact that there has only been one 0-0 scoreline in the last 31 games certainly goes to show that. Make that 32 now…

First Half

There’s only 1 word strong enough to describe our first half performance—-frustrating! We had our chances, with Gervinho particularly wasting rather a good opening after great work by van Persie down the left. But we were on the back-foot for most of the half, and our attackers really struggled. Ramsey was poor in the middle of the park, giving away a number of balls when under pressure. I just remember one good lofted ball which he played in to RVP, who won a free-kick off Kaboul. Arteta went near with it, but we needed something much more miraculous.

Walcott was anonymous at best. There was one instance when he received the pass from Gervinho and blasted it over with his left foot when he should have passed it back to Gervinho, who was blasting clear through the middle absolutely unmarked. His decision-making still needs to improve, and even Cappuccino wouldn’t have been impressed with his toothless display.

Our defence, well….i can’t really say much about it. I think Mertesacker was the only one holding us together. He did make a couple of mistakes, but they were mistakes I could forgive. He could have done better with his positioning for their goal, but no one’s perfect, and he had to get out there to close down the player, whatever people say. Overall, our defence wasn’t in shambles, but it was under high pressure for large parts of the game, and the midfield could have done better to protect it. Coquelin was fantastic, and was the Man of the Half for me.

Second Half

What a start to the half. It was the classic North London start; they come forward, we shut the freaking door in their ugly faces, they try to keep the ball, we LEGALLY kick them to bits and get the ball back. Our hard work paid off within 5 minutes, when Song surged forward down the left and squared for Ramsey to power home from close range. 1-1, and the momentum was well and truly back with us.

We then attacked their goal incoherently for the next 12 minutes or so. They couldn’t get a touch of the ball, and we absolutely broke down their every single move within a couple of passes. But the final ball was lacking. Ramsey went close again, but was ruled offside.

Then Adebayor ran clear after indecisive play by our defenders, and Szczesny pulled off one of the best saves you’re going to see this season. Then began a period of pinball football, with both teams struggling to get a hold of the ball. At the end, Walcott showed his inaptitude again by putting in a hopeless cross after Arsenal had put 15 or so passes together.

Sagna fell victim to the garbage-dump that the Spud stadium is with a heavy landing 3 feet outside the touchline. Unfortunately, the grass ends a foot outside, so he fell onto the hard apron out there. A nasty twist of the leg later and Jenkinson came on at right-back, to face Bale of all people. Here’s hoping that it’s nothing serious for our solid Frenchman.

Benayoun came on for Walcott soon after. A poor performance from him, completely disappeared in the final third. He really needs to buck up if he wants to hold off competition for his starting spot. Anyway, Benayoun came on for his hard-working attitude, and to protect the inexperienced Jenkinson.

Then a goal completely out of the blue, with Walker striking from 30 yards or so. The ball dipped and swerved, and made a complete nuisance of itself, with Szczesny unable to read its flight. Some will say that he probably should have done better, but I can’t really say anything on that. It was a once-in-a-lifetime goal, one of the freak ones that only happen in games like these, one near exact a miracle like Rose’s 2 seasons back.

Arshavin was thrown on for Gervinho, and was in my opinion at the time one of the major mistakes of the game. We needed another forward on, and we should have thrown on Park for those last 15 minutes. Anyway, Song came very close from a corner immediately afterwards, and was always a force on set-pieces on both sides of the pitch.

Bale ran forward at least 70 yards, taking Benayoun and Jenkinson out of the game before squaring for Defoe, who forced a very smart save from Szczesny. Our keeper had a great game, in truth, and along with Coquelin, didn’t deserve to be on any losing side.

We went forward time and again in the last part of the game, but the final ball was seriously lacking. Meanwhile, the Spuds tried to hit us on the counter, and came close a number of times. 5 minutes were added on, and you could sense the apprehension around the ground. Unfortunately, Arsenal didn’t capitalize on any of it.

I should think that more than half of the added time went away on corners and silly free-kicks conceded. Mertesacker stayed forward, but then no one put the ball in!

We even put Szczesny up for the last 2 corners, but to no avail. The Spuds got the bragging rights again, and Arsenal’s woes continue……

Honestly speaking, it wasn’t such a bad performance if we look at it from another angle. We looked good going forward, but we crumbled when we really needed to stand up and spit in their faces. I don’t have any complaints against the ref; he got a number of decisions spot on, and we cannot pin this on him. I can’t say about the hand ball, but that’s part of football—we have to put that behind and attack on. There are a lot of positives which can be taken from the game, but the time has come for these results to turn into results…..

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Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal analysis half by half—— We lose to the Spuds…..
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  1. Qudzy says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  2. Shaun says:

    I was really disappointed with the defence as spurs had so many chances that should have been put away. Song and coquelin were fantastic though but sagna was a bit too attacking against bale. We really need some defensive reinforcements to go forward im just gutted at the result as our attack was not too bad. We need to rethink our play and maybe start with two holding midfielders or play 5 at the back just to maintain a clean sheet against more prominent sides.

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  3. robi milkey says:

    i think ramsey is bad,the gol just a luck….a lot of chances n the pass is bad..

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  4. Barry Man says:

    I am so sad with the outcome of the match. I think we should concentrate on finish on top 4 rather thinking of wining the league. Oh’ God save us.

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  5. roy says:

    RVP need great partner like adebayour. wallcot n gervinho is third and fourth

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  6. genxgunner says:

    Our defence at the moment is worst, going forward we are OK, not great, that ruthlessness misses and i dont know who on earth will convince WENGER to buy TOP quality, today when u see the game other than Persie, there is no TOP quality, so open ur eyes WENGER, we like you but dont test fans patience, it might a job for some people but for us it is a PASSION.Spend our money.. without spending trust me, we are not in TOP 6 either, confidence in shatters.Take some more action to really take team forward..dont wanna see any mediocre players please. once a gooner, always a gooner :)

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1

  7. Long Island Gunner says:

    It’s been the bane of Arsenal for 4 years now…

    “The game is played between the 18 yard boxes

    The game is won inside of them”.

    Concentration for the full 90 minutes as AW has said.

    Ramsey and Gervinho finish gilt edge chances and we control the match much better rather than chasing it.

    RVP was leading the EPL in shots prior to this match – I don’t think he had a shot. Ramsey was God-awful and so sloooooowwwww……

    Theo was completely anonymous and I must say that I hope AW has Ox in the side so that we can get some T-fer $ for the kitty by selling Theo.

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  8. legoon says:

    WE need Wenger out how about some home truths

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  9. nikkogunners says:

    Wenger needs to change the system back to We loose to many chances and get punished for it in such games…

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  10. Okey Onwuagha says:

    From what i saw today, Any Arsenal fan taht expected anything from the game, was not emotionally stable.The truth is that we have been reduced to a below mid-table team. I guess Arsene and the board must be very happy now. It has become a burden to wear Arsenal jersey as a fan.

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  11. Vishnu says:

    Disappointing display once again from arsenal…This was another typical desperate arsenal defending on the show! What is wenger going to do now??????

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

  12. legoon says:

    Yes but ,remember arsenal are the love of our lives it should never be a burden arsenal forever Wenger out

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  13. Prasanna Veeraraghavan says:


    The referee is there to do the job and his job is not deny a handball. Not just the handball but also after scoring the goal Rafael Van Der Vart ran into the crowd which ought to have been punished and he ought to have been sent off!!!

    You can’t say you can’t blame the referee for not performing his job. May be that is the way you people work but I would blame the referee for not performing his job and the linesman for not performing his job.

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    • gary says:

      don’t blame the ref or linesmen, in football dubious goals are given all the time, over a few seasons it will almost average out for all teams.

      The problem is even without Van De Vart’s goal we only scored 1 so it would have been a 1-1 draw. I remember 5-10 years ago when a 1-1 draw at spurs was a bad result. Now it is considered worth aiming at!

      We need to wake up and face the fact we are missing 2 wingers with the end product and a striker to support RVP

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    • gary says:

      I’m an arsenal fan and have been for 25 years. Lets cut the crap.

      Injuries – we always have injuries, so does every other team in the league. Some have less but a strong team capable of winning the league will have a hungry set of back up player who are willing to step up when needed. That is the reason for Man U’s success, the ATTITUDE of the players and staff. Wilshire is a loss of course but was his area of the pitch the weakness today? No! Vermaelen is a loss but the same applies. We are lacking a goal threat unless RVP scores which he cant do every game.

      The Ref – tired excuse, over 2 or 3 seasons we get a lot of bad decisions against us but also a lot for us. It will almost average out. So what if one goal today was a handball – that leaves us clinging to a 1-1 draw instead which I don’t count as a good result.

      We knew the team needed strengthening this season, instead it was WEAKENED.

      Eboue has not been fully replaced by a 6 game league 1 player.

      Nasri has not been fully replaced by Benauyon

      Fabregas has not been fully replaced by Arteta

      Bendtner has been replaced by the equally wasteful gervinho

      Chamberlain is a nice addition for the future but we needed 3 additional premier league quality players, not replacements for last seasons squad because the whole squad last season was strong enough.

      As for our formation it is wrong, it has been exposed as wrong time and time again. You pick a formation based on getting the best out of your players and with a view to capitalising on the opositions weaknesses. Arsene does this the other way round. He has a formation and style he wants to play and tries to fit square pegs into round holes sometimes.

      RVP is not a lone striker, he is a fantastic deep lying striker who could maybe take on the role last filled be the legend D. Bergkamp behind another striker.

      7 games and 7 points – shrewsbury do not count and even in our laboured european ‘victories’ we have looked very vulnerable so far.

      Time for change – responsibility comes from the top down

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

  14. cesc says:

    why does the knobjockey wenger persist with playing one of our best midfielders at centre back. wenger is nothing but a prick. he weakens our midfield just to satisfy his ego.
    he’s obsessed with playing players out of position.
    every man and his dog’s told him he needed to buy two centre backs. 1 month into the season, guess what? we’ve only got one centre back and we’ve just bought him.
    wenger is a complete wa****r.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 6

  15. deeban says:

    it nt wenger or the players..look from all the other we are the only one capable of maintaini a makeshift team..seriusly we are unlucky with injuries..wit vermaeln n wilshere we could have won easy..bt we still need quality in midfield..ramsey is goin down the wrong side of his growth graph…no support 4 v.persie at all..

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 2

  16. deen nigeria says:

    you cant blame d keeper 4 d
    goal ,,gervinho did not track walker…and it
    was a spinning shot .it will require a gud
    punch.D ref MIKE DEAN is a
    tottscum… He has always done it for harry redknapp .guys read his stats for at untold arsenal as 4 ME I NEVA EXPECTED US TO WIN OR EVEN DRAW BECOz OF MIKE DEAN

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  17. Lanreh says:

    God!! What has wenger seen in this ramsey he is always killing our mid field.Why not try arshavin in dat mid field for once

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2

  18. adedayo says:

    wenger should change his formation what is d purpose of buying a player like chu park without using it.

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  19. mccreadie says:

    We need to know Wea our love is for arsenal to get back to winning ways bcoz we are arsenal.as fans we own the club,they can’t run it without us.so Wea is your love to arsenal or to wenger?as a die hard fan I need another defender and a fckn good creative midfielder plus some1 who can really support rvp at the front.change is good so if wenger can’t change his transfer policy then we need to change him.cheap is expensive.

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