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The Arsenal Board are to blame for our trophyless years 2

Posted on August 07, 2015 by admin

The Russian oligarch and Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov believes that the manager Arsene Wenger was seriously handicapped because of the move to the Emirates Stadium.

The Gunners moved to the Emirates in 2006 which strained the club’s finances greatly – so much so that Wenger had to keep his hands in his pocket for long. Usmanov who is the club’s second largest shareholder thinks that the inability of the board members to finance the new stadium had long term repercussions for Arsenal and bit more investment could have seen Wenger win more trophies.

Sid : Usmanov or Kroenke? The best man to take Arsenal forward 7

Posted on May 04, 2013 by Nitesh


After reading reports and checking web stories about how Usmanov will “re-evaluate” his position in regards to Arsenal at the end of the season, I feel compelled to state my views on the matter.

Based on what I’ve read in various posts around the web and at JustArsenal there seem to 3 groups of people:

1. Pro Usmanov – Anti Kroenke (PUAK)

2. Pro Kroenke-Anti Usmanov (PKAU)

3. Anti Kroenke-Anti Usmanov (AKAU)

Is Wenger better at finance than management at Arsenal? 11

Posted on December 07, 2012 by Bob

Hi Gooners. by John Collard

Today I would like to talk to you guys and ask for your opinions about what the hell is going on. Guys I would like to make this clear before you read on, that this is me asking for your views and opinions. I do not seek an argument and those that choose then I have no time at all for. In these times we need to stick together and any view is always welcome. Arsene Wenger is a great manager (Of course) No question. Arsene Wenger is also a phenomenal businessman (Without question), and without shadow of a doubt the worlds best.

Money not platitudes are needed to take Arsenal back to the top-Michael 13

Posted on July 25, 2012 by admin

Who does Wenger think he is fooling when he says that he believes that Arsenal can win the league?

When there was a level playing field Arsenal could proudly boast to being a top team, capable of winning the league and every other competition; but with the arrival of the oligarch to West London and the sheikh to Manchester, everything changed.
Abramovich threw hundreds of millions at his pet project and if something didn’t work he threw it away and started again.

Sheikh Mansour has done exactly the same at Manchester City; the difference being that part of the building process has involved taking some of Arsenal’s best talent.

Steve: Show us how many Arsenal fans want Usmanov? 14

Posted on July 10, 2012 by admin


First of all, a big shout out to you for creating and maintaining a blog for the fans of our football club.

I am, and have always been, a very passionate Arsenal supporter and am becoming increasingly frustrated with the club and its directors.

In response to Alisher Usmanov’s open letter to the current board of directors of Arsenal Holdings plc, in which he acknowledged the power of the voice of the fans through social media sites, I created a simple voting webpage on which the fans of Arsenal can vote on whether or not they would like Usmanov to be given a seat on the board.

Mategyero – Van Persie has given Arsenal fans the facts 11

Posted on July 09, 2012 by admin

Why Robin Loves Arsenal. by Mategyero

A few days ago when Robin van Persie released a statement to the fans about his future at the club, many things have happened. Some fans have been furious, while others asking him for a second chance! In fact, a facebook fan page was created for just that. The aim of the page was to get 20,000 fans to show Robin that we still need him around. The last time I checked, the page had surpassed 12K fans. Incredible isn’t it?

It was love.

Julius: It’s time for Arsenal fans to protest against the Board 22

Posted on July 09, 2012 by Nitesh

Van Persie is proof that the Board are to blame by Julius

Well it seems what I expected to happen at the end of the season occurred. A star player leaves again and Hill-Wood talks utter nonsense. Please bear with me when I say that the evil tides at the club wasn’t bad luck, but pre-determined by people. Van Persie is going (AGAIN) and the board don’t want to change their stand on this growing tide among star players at the club. My opinion is that:

1. They (the board) knew Van Persie was not going to renew his contract. So they barred him from speaking to the press.

Ozzy: Usmanov should be allowed to invest in the Arsenal team! 18

Posted on June 11, 2012 by admin

Somethings got to change by Ozzy AFC

There are a few things to consider here and I (before I start) come from a very Pro Arsene Wenger camp. However as a keen observer of whats been going on at my beloved club I have to say that Wenger and the Arsenal board are entirely profit orientated and have no real interest in running a sucessfull team other than to turn a healthy profit.

Peter: Wenger/Kroenke v Usmanov/Mourinho – Who would you support? 33

Posted on February 17, 2012 by admin

Okay we have now had more than enough time to know that Stan Kroenke has no intention at all of changing Arsene Wenger’s management style, and in fact has had no obvious input into the running of Arsenal.

When ever Kroenke or Gazidis speaks about the club they make it clear that they support the “self-sustaining model” which only sees cash flowing INTO the Arsenal coffers rather than outgoing investment. In fact Kroenke’s first season in charge could see Arsenal failing to make the Top Four for the first time in sixteen years.

Paul: Time for the Arsenal board to embrace Usmanov 11

Posted on October 06, 2011 by Nitesh

I have said many times that supporters should stick together in this difficult period that we are going through at the moment and that still stands. However, after reading that Stan Kroenke has a estimated wealth of £1.85bn and Alisher Usmanov has an estimated wealth of £8bn and that these two billionaires who effectively own our club are in the top ten Football owners in this country it got me thinking— why are they not working together for good of our club.

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