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SV Gunner: Arsenal played a thrilling North London derby, and it’s not all doom and gloom 11

Posted on October 03, 2011 by Nitesh

Another North London derby, another derby loss and, predictably, a load of doom and gloom predictions against Arsenal. If you have read my previous posts, then you will know that I am a largely optimistic supporter. Today, however, I do not feel I am being optimistic but simply realistic.

I was going to write an article midweek about how we should have a reality check. Just as I try not to get too pessimistic after a defeat, I try not to be overly optimistic when we win. Today, however, the doom and gloom foretellers have found their voices again. I find it unbelievable how negative some people can be (I don’t mean Arsenal fans in particular; I’m mainly pointing at the media).

Paul: I’m also disappointed, but Arsenal supporters should not lose their faith so easily 31

Posted on October 03, 2011 by Nitesh

We must keep the faith…..by Paul Dean

Ok, we lost to the Spuds yesterday and now I know there will be quite a few fans and media jumping on the band wagon of ‘Arsene must go’ and ‘the Spuds are better than us’. Well I say that all of it is rubbish. To the people wanting Arsene to go I say, too bad he is not going anywhere and nor should he. If they don’t like it they can piss off and support another team, because I am getting sick of hearing them.

Mike: 3 things that stood out for Arsenal after the North London Derby 23

Posted on October 02, 2011 by Nitesh

Watching the North London derby:- a disappointing result, but 3 things really stood out from the game.

1.) Bringing in Per Mertesacker was a good move by Wenger, but it is still painfully obvious they are still lacking depth in that position and need to strengthen if they are ever going to seriously make another run for an EPL title in the next few years. Alex Song’s creativity and bite in the midfield is missed vastly when Wenger drops him back as a CB and Arsenal seem to give the ball away much more. Arsenal’s goal came from when Song was pushed forward and made an excellent run past the lack-luster VDV to find Ramsey who slotted it home. Hopefully Wenger will make a push to secure Gary Cahill’s signature in the upcoming January Transfer Window to improve their depth and strength in that position.

Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal analysis half by half—— We lose to the Spuds….. 21

Posted on October 02, 2011 by Nitesh

by Nitesh

Arsenal met the Spuds today in a derby looking to cement their superiority in the North London area. This game has never been interesting in the recent past, and the fact that there has only been one 0-0 scoreline in the last 31 games certainly goes to show that. Make that 32 now…

Tottenham v Arsenal team lineups + the extremely late match preview 4

Posted on October 02, 2011 by Nitesh

by Nitesh

The Preview

Well, here we are, another match preview, and a rather late one at that. For it’s Spud-bashing time now!

It’s back to that time of the year, the time when Gooners have to hold their noses and traipse through the garbage which surrounds the White Shit Stadium. Once there, people have to carefully look at their chairs, hoping in vain that they got one where last-night’s drunk didn’t sleep. After that, people will try to enjoy the football on display, and will be looking for another Spud-bashing at their place.

Pat Rice taught Arsene the importance of the North London derby 3

Posted on October 01, 2011 by Nitesh

I know that most of you must already be knowing about this by now, but I just wanted to drill it into your head.

Arsene came out and talked about the importance of every meeting with the Spuds, highlighting the fans and what they want to see from the players. The result of this derby determines the mood on the next day, and sometimes determines if my teacher’s going to get a good essay or I’m gonna be thrown out of the class…..

Anyway, here’s the actual interview…

“I knew after two days because when you see Pat Rice you realise the game is important,” Wenger said.

Nitesh: Instilling the Arsenal and a minor Spuds bashing 2

Posted on October 01, 2011 by Nitesh

Last time around, before the Manure game, I had written an article stating that it won’t be the end of the world whatever the result. I don’t really know what to say now, except that my face was well and truly stuffed with humble pie, with more than a hint of pepper.

Anyway, I can’t really predict the same for the derby. It’s the day that there’s enmity at office, at school, in your workplace, wherever you’re watching the game. Fortunately for the Spuds, it’s a Sunday, so the hammering would be a bit cooled down, but God help the poor idiots when I get to them the day after.

Paul: Will the Spuds finally surpass Arsenal after this North London derby? 17

Posted on September 26, 2011 by Nitesh

Do the Spuds have what it takes to Challenge us??

After Saturday’s win, and especially in the second half, we saw that confidence is slowly returning to our side. It is now time for us to focus on our next two games; the first is in the CL against Olympiacos and even though we shouldn’t underestimate them, I would hope and expect our team to be looking to win this tie with our home advantage and take a step towards qualifying from our group.

Kashmaster: Will the Spuds finish above us in the league ? 8

Posted on September 19, 2011 by Nitesh

Is this the year Spurs finish above us?

I honestly thought that we had turned the corner after Swansea, so to speak. Even against Dortsmund we managed to fight for our draw and it could have easily been a win if it wasn’t for the lucky goal.

Yet here I am today writing an article on how Spurs could very realistically get 4th place this season. Even if we could not win the premier league, Arsenal fans have always prided themselves on the fact that we have always finished above Spurs. Could this effectively be the season where not only do we manage to lose our grip on the top 4 cut but drop below our bitter rivals. It is a devastating reality.

Nitesh: We all know about Arsenal by now, but what about our rivals? 12

Posted on August 03, 2011 by Nitesh

Arsenal’s activity or inactivity in this transfer window, as in the last seasons, has come under intense media speculation in recent times. So much so that we have become the joke of the football industry now. But people seem to have overlooked our rivals’ inactivity in the market too. So lets just distract ourselves from all that’s going on around us and have a look around.

Chelshit FC

Players in: 0

Players out: Michael Mancienne (Hamburg, £3m), Jeffrey Bruma (Hamburg, undisclosed), Jack Cork (Southampton, £750k), Danny Philliskirk (Sheffield United, free), Jan Sebek, Bobby Devyne, Anton Rodgers, Ben Sampayo, Carl Magnay, Michael Woods (all released). Jacopo Sala (Hamburg, undisclosed); Gokhan Tore (Hamburg, undisclosed), Sam Hutchinson (released); Carl Magnay (released); Sam Walker(Northampton, loan)

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