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Mategyero – How long before Arsenal can compete again? 2

Posted on December 22, 2012 by admin

The Arsenal Puzzle; Connecting The Dots (Part Two) by Mategyero. P.S. If you missed part one, catch it here.

Why players leave.
On social networks, especially Facebook, Arsenal fans have turned their anger to players who have left the club calling them Judases and all sorts of names like ‘traitor’. The general perception is that these players lack team spirit. It could be so, it could be otherwise.
In a footballer’s perspective, they would want at the evening of their footballing career to look at hugely successful career especially if they are playing top-flight football for a club with the stature and history of Arsenal. A few medals, titles, and other accolades testify to this. Unfortunately, a player, let us say, who joined Arsenal in 2005 at 21 would have to wait until he is 31 in 2014 – which is an injustice on the part of the this player.

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