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Is Pep Guardiola the answer to Arsenal’s problems? 21

Posted on February 22, 2012 by admin

Pros and Cons of Having Pep Guardiola as Arsenal Manager by Sooraj

In recent times, Arsenal fans have had very little to cheer about. However, they might be jumping for joy if a particular rumour becomes true. Rumours are rife that Pep Guardiola might replace Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager, while Wenger will move upstairs. Despite the rumor having no credibility or confirmation, it would be interesting to see what happens if this happens. The potential pros and cons of such a move are listed below.

Biswajeet: When will Arsene Wenger finally leave Arsenal? 18

Posted on January 17, 2012 by Nitesh

The enigma called “Arsenal”

As I lay in bed that night after witnessing the meek surrender at the Liberty Stadium, I felt a sense of betrayal. I am sure millions of gooners the world over felt the same! You cannot take away anything from Swansea’s performance, as it seemed that Swansea were a premier league force and that Arsenal were the newly promoted ones. The lack of desire and intent on our part was a tough one to swallow. Wenger recently was quoted saying “it would be stupid for us to drop points for not having a natural fullback”. Halfway through the January transfer window, we are as close to a fullback as we are to any silverware. And then Wenger goes on to say that the January transfer window should be scrapped.

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