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More Arsenal selfies please – but with trophies! 2

Posted on August 03, 2015 by Pat

Roy Keane chose to revoke his old rivalry with Arsenal when he proclaimed that the Gunners will not win the Premier league this season. The former Manchester United midfielder says that the North London club has too many players who are “more interested in selfies and six-packs”.

The former Ireland international enjoyed a fierce rivalry with the Gunners during his playing days. More often remembered for his tiffs with his counterpart at Arsenal, Patrick Vieira, Keane was always at the forefront of tussles with Arsenal.

Why Podolski Has No Future at Arsenal! 0

Posted on April 01, 2015 by admin

There is certainly no doubt that every Arsenal fan and his dog loves Lukas Podolski, not only for his talents on the football pitch but also for his faultless character, gritty attitude and also his great sense of humour. Despite moving on loan to Inter Milan in January, The German international is on the good books of most Arsenal fans and has also claimed recently that there is a chance that he will play for Arsenal again. But will he?

Arsenal fans not happy with Ozil will NEVER be happy 5

Posted on September 03, 2013 by Bob

Wenger is a genius by The Nigerian Gooner

Hello happy gunners all over the world, with the deadline signing And the best signing of the window in the form of Mesut Ozil to Arsenal, Every Arsenal fan should be happy with the club and Wenger, for the value for money and class shown in one window, Yet!! Some fans are still complaining.

How can Arsenal cope for 10 weeks without Podolski? 1

Posted on August 29, 2013 by Bob

Lukas Podolski has been told he won’t be able to return from injury for up to 10 weeks. For those of you who don’t know, he picked up the injury in our last game which was a 2-0 win against Turkish side Fenerbache in the Champions League play off second leg.

This injury is a massive blow for the team. He and Aaron Ramsey have been the two stand-out players so far this season but we have lost the German for a very long time now. This situation is made even worse by the fact that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is also out injured for a long time which means we are going into uncharted territory on our left wing.

Amit- How would Arsenal line up with Suarez? 6

Posted on August 02, 2013 by Bob

There have been a number of different rumours linking Liverpool’s badass hitman Luis Suarez with a move to Arsenal. I would be more than happy to have the striker join Arsenal, even with his reputation and extra baggage he carries but some will disagree with me. But if he does join Arsenal, who will get extra time sitting on the bench.

I would like to see a 4-1-3-2 formation (let’s say Suarez does come)


Kash – Unimpressive Podolski should be relegated to the Arsenal bench 6

Posted on July 02, 2013 by admin

Lukas Podolski was on the lips of many Arsenal fans during the 2011-2012 season as someone who could play on the wing as well as being a player who could fill in Van Persie if he were injured. However, it transpired during the summer that Podolski wouldn’t replace the Dutchman as striker when he was destined to leave our great club. But even with the departure of Van Persie, Podolski would still be second fiddle in the striker position to newly acquired Frenchman Olivier Giroud and would play out most of his games as a left winger.

AK – What Lewandowski wish shows Arsenal fans about Podolski 3

Posted on June 22, 2013 by Bob

What Podolski’s go get Lewandowski plea means By AondoaverK

The report that Lukas Podolski has expressed a desire to see Robert Lewandowski at Arsenal says a lot about him and what Arsenal really needs at this point. First, Lukas’ statement is a show of great loyalty before it is any other thing. It also reveals that he is an unselfish player who is happy to see another person take the central striking role every forward seems to desire. A plea to get Lewandowski is a clear desire on his part to stay and help Arsenal to succeed.

Adrian: Why Arsenal will win a trophy next season – and who will leave this summer? 11

Posted on April 29, 2013 by admin

Why Arsenal Will Mount A Title Challenge For The 2013/2014 Season: A Complete Analysis by Adrian SR

John Collard – Are Arsenal now a Laughing Stock? 10

Posted on December 12, 2012 by Bob

Hi gooners

I feel your pain and where do we start. Yesterday in my 32 years of being a Arsenal fan was without a shadow of a doubt one of the most embarrassing moments I’ve ever witnessed. Man Utd 8-2 is up there as just another one of the famous games that is great for the neutral fan but for us another dark day in the shadows.

John – Podolski should be Arsenal’s centre-forward from NOW! 17

Posted on November 30, 2012 by admin


Hello fellow gooners.

It’s been a while so I thought I’d write a small blog on a matter that’s been bugging me for a while now. WHY is Podolski being given the Arshavin treatment and being played out wide. Yes I’m sure there is a lot of you Theo fans that will have your say. But to me this is a wasted touch of class. Podolski has one of the best left foots in the game and the guy has now stated he is not the classic winger. I hate to question Wenger as I believe he without question is one of the greatest football managers of all time. But again like Arshavin why is Podolski being used in this way. He has been very ineffective at times out wide unless he starts to drift in like he did against Montpellier and Spurs. Any doubters on here trust me he is a classy little player. At times I get so angry because if I can see it, why cant others that know the game better than myself.

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