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S.H. – Why Arsenal will remain successful for decades to come 16

Posted on January 17, 2012 by admin

Adversity does two things; it either separates people or unites them. Regardless of opinions, we are all Arsenal supporters and love our club equally even though we may share mixed thoughts and views of how the club should operate. One should not question another’s loyalty as there are valid points for debate on either side. We need to understand that ANY professional team has the highest goal in surviving and prolonging its history. That means, not only competing at the highest levels, but ensuring the club’s name lives until this world reaches its inevitable demise. This could be hundreds, thousands or even millions of years to come. We don’t know, but what we are sure of, is that we need to pass this tradition, custom and heritage on to future generations, to enjoy what we had in our lifetime. Like any organism, entity or business, all have life cycles and these phases are usually variegated with fortuity and opportunity costs. Everything goes through its highs and lows as nature will always find a way to balance itself through karmic magnetism or fated universal equilibrium if you will.

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