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Weslee: Has Henry just filled the missing link at Arsenal? 8

Posted on January 10, 2012 by Nitesh

It was an interesting game to watch. Not terribly exciting watching Leeds try to do what most lower (down the table) teams do when faced with Arsenal’s passing game. I watched as the passing game played out very well. No scoring but the passing was easy on the eye. I paid close attention to Chamak to see how he would do and in this game he was really pushing hard but he did not have the service he needed. It seemed that there is no teammate who can kick the ball towards his head. I have seen this done in many other teams but not with this Arsenal side. I still say that he should be played with Van Persie. This would open up the opposition a lot more. A lonely Van Persie patrolling the enemy line gives him few chances to score. Give Van Persie credit, he has the ability to use those chances with success. What I would like to see is that Van Persie gets lots more chances by having the opposition worry about Chamak heading in the ball. I believe that Chamak should be utilized when he returns from the Nations Cup competition. How many corners must go wanting ? It has to be resolved. No team that I have recently seen has worried about any of the Arsenal players heading the ball into the net. Look at how often the opposition give away the corners and don’t look worried.

Paul: Why should Arsenal settle for second-best? 6

Posted on October 27, 2011 by Nitesh

I would like everyone to know that this is just a personal opinion on what I expect for the club, and I am sure people won’t agree. However, over the last few games now we have been improving, steadily moving up the table and doing rather nicely in other competitions. And now we have one of our key players back from injury and obviously we will have a couple of other players back at the turn of the year. I have been thinking about the above; as I have stated before, there is still a long way to go in this season and anything can happen so let’s start with the league. Do I think we can win it ??? Hell yes, why not ?! Alright, we have made it very difficult for ourselves, being 12 points behind. However, I am the eternal optimist and think we could overturn that deficit. Does anybody really believe that City won’t drop points? Or any of the other teams above us for that matter?

Nitesh: Why should we concentrate on just one cup ?! 8

Posted on September 13, 2011 by Nitesh

A lot of people have been throwing a theory out there. They feel that we have absolutely no chance of getting the Champions League, and it would be futile to waste our energy in going after something that isn’t in reach. They tell Arsenal to concentrate on just the Carling Cup and/or the FA Cup, something which is well ‘within touching distance’.

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