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Arsenal CAN and MUST improve title odds by standing up to Everton 0

Posted on August 23, 2014 by Bob

Just like last season, most of the pundits are writing off the chances of Arsenal winning the Premier League title before we have even got started. And the likes of Michael Owen, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher are using the same old reasons to back up their predictions. Namely, that Arsenal have not the power and fighting qualities we need to stand up to the likes of Chelsea and Man City.

Arsenal fans should ignore the odds and believe! 0

Posted on March 21, 2014 by Bob

There is a theory that the bookies are always right, but if that was true, Arsenal would be around mid-table and out of the FA cup by now. The media and so-called football experts have been predicting doom and disaster for Arsenal since the season began, but they also predicted that Tottenham would rule north London this season and knock us out of the Champions League places, so what do they know?

Arsenal captain expects great Gunners response v Liverpool – A.H. 0

Posted on November 01, 2013 by Bob

Vermaelen confident ahead of the Liverpool game!

Arsenal will this week face a visit from Liverpool in a Premier League match which sees two of the top three teams currently in England come head to head at the Emirates Stadium. With two defeats coming in similar fashion to both Chelsea and Dortmund in the past week and a half, Arsenal only have a 2-0 victory against Crystal Palace to settle their worries, however going into this game it seems as if confidence is still high in the Arsenal dressing room, even if it isn’t with the fans.

Arsenal’s league cup exit is blessing in disguise!! – A.H. 2

Posted on October 31, 2013 by Bob

Arsenal and Arsene Wenger have always been quick to deny that there is a long standing problem that is preventing the club from achieving success and for many years people have been quick to blame Wenger himself. Then it quickly became apparent that it might have something to do with majority shareholder Stan Kroenke, or even now ex chairman Peter Hill-Wood, but in fact I don’t think it’s anything to do with this.

AH – Who will be Arsenal’s main rivals this season? 2

Posted on August 17, 2013 by Bob

Whilst researching for an article today, I was looking at some of Wenger’s latest quotes and pushing all the delusion and controversy that angers Arsenal fans so much, to one side, I read between the lines and expanded on one of the sentences in Wenger’s quote.

When asked once again about the latest transfer situation at Arsenal, Wenger was quick to give out the usual rubbish in which he normally says: “we are looking to sign someone” or “it is not easy”. And on the back of that he was also quick to point out to the reporters that a few of the other top clubs in England have also failed to sign players this summer, most notably his much loved Chelsea and Manchester United, in which he got to compare them to us again!

AH – Wilshere echoes wishes of Arsenal fans everywhere 2

Posted on July 18, 2013 by Bob

Jack Wilshere is already a fan favourite at Arsenal, not just because of his talent and fantastic ability but also because of his professionalism and true passion and love for the club. And he certainly didn’t damage that relationship with the Arsenal fans by his recent comments, as the young English international has basically come out and said what we are all thinking.

The club is currently on its pre-season tour of Asia, however many people are still focusing about the transfers surrounding Arsenal, especially those potential top players joining the club. Knowing who is actually on the club’s wish list isn’t an easy task and it’s certainly a rarity for the Arsenal management to give any indications to who they are looking at, so much so that not even the players themselves know.

Maddy – Why Arsenal should try and sign Fernando Torres! 8

Posted on July 06, 2013 by admin


I know most people will think I am crazy when i say that Arsenal must buy the Chelsea striker Fernando Torres. I know most of us (or i guess all of us!) make fun of our friends who support Chelsea whenever we see Torres in action for the Blues. I know he has fallen quite a lot from what he was…from a striker we all feared – to a striker who never stops making mistakes.

Forget Rooney – Arsenal should be going for Juan Mata! 16

Posted on June 23, 2013 by admin


Since the end of season ARSENAL have been linked very very strongly with HIGUAIN and FELLIANI .. Athough i dont believe that these are DONE DEALS as quoted by various websites i would like to throw some light on a third signing ARSENAL should be considering ..

Arsene wenger has 70m to spend this summer is a widely accepted valuation of his warchest. Considering the above two mentioned deals are on track, then the total amount spent is 22(m) + 23(m) = 45(m). I have included those two names because even if they are hijacked (which i hope they wont be) it may be different names rather than cost as far as higher end is concerned.. So it leaves us with 25m to spend…

Adam – Chelsea can have Jovetic, he is not Arsenal Quality 2

Posted on June 11, 2013 by admin

Jovetic no miss! by Adam

With the possibility of losing out to Juventus with the transfer of Fiorentina Stefan Jovetic, claims have also arisen that Premier League rivals Chelsea are also keen on the Montenegrin. However missing out on the 23 year old may not be as bad as it may seem.

Of course its ridiculous to think it’s okay that the club should just allow a another team to swoop in for a long term target and take the player virtually from under our noses, especially when this other team is possibly a main rival, however with Jovetic, it’s a different story.

Is Walcott Right about Arsenal lacking belief? 1

Posted on January 23, 2013 by Bob

Theo Walcott has just signed a new Arsenal contract and has called on his team-mates to show more confidence between now and the rest of the season.

Arsenal supporters have often seen Theo Walcott lack confidence when it comes to putting the ball in the net, although the England winger-cum-forward has issued a rallying call this week and claims that the Gunners need to believe in themselves more.

Chelsea ran Arsenal ragged for the first half of Sunday’s match at Stamford Bridge before the visitors came right back into the game thanks to Walcott’s goal although they were unable to score an equaliser despite lots of pressure.

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