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AD – What’s your best Arsenal game in recent years? 8

Posted on June 29, 2013 by Bob

I was thinking about the Gunners and our long wait for a trophy, but at least with Arsenal we are blessed with fluent and attractive football. With that in mind I invite you tell us what has been, for you, the best game of Arsenal in the last few years.

As we know Arsenal is a club known for its elegant passing, swift counter attacks and passionate link up play. According to me, a match that had all of these things and the best game I saw, was the 2nd leg of the first knockout round against AC Milan in the Champions League at the Emirates last March.

Eric- Time for Arsenal to stand up and be counted 1

Posted on May 09, 2013 by Bob

Stand Up You Gunners by EUE

The time is now for Arsenal to show the stuff we are really capable of achieving. We have our destiny in our own hands and only ourselves to blame should we fail. God forbid.

Let’s forget about the little boys down the lane and instead concentrate on gaining the six points we need to be counted among the elite next season and maybe the boys down the lane will learn a trick or two from us.

Vinay – How Arsenal can beat Bayern Munich ! 3

Posted on February 11, 2013 by admin

How do you beat the best team in the world? by Vinay

Yes Arsenal have this daunting task of taking on arguably the best team in the world across all positions and try to win their tie against Bayern Munich.

When the draw happened in Zurich, there was collective gasps and some sort of relief that we didn’t draw Barca but i think that was more psychological than anything else, The actual realization will be felt when the Bavarians line up against the Gunners in the first leg of the Champions league at the Emirates.

Nitesh: The West Brom game is bigger than a cup final for Arsenal! 8

Posted on May 11, 2012 by Nitesh

Approaching the last weekend of Premier League action, Arsenal fans may be taking it a bit easy. Third place is now in our hands, and against a team like this, Arsenal would be expected to have an easy game.

But I want to just emphasize on some points. I’m not a whiner, I’m one of the most positive Gooners out there, but I wanted to just drill it into someone’s head just how big this game is for Arsenal as a football club. What would be the possible repercussions if we don’t end up in third place, and Chelsea wins the Champions League. What would be the consequences of not playing in the premier competition of Europe next season?

Weslee: What does Barcelona’s loss tell us Arsenal fans? 38

Posted on April 25, 2012 by Nitesh

First I must congratulate Chelsea for their gutsy performance. Second, the only thing that I can say about John Terry is this “Stupid is what Stupid does”. Third, Arsenal should celebrate Chelsea’s win because they will not win the Champions League and we will maintain our place in the standings. Fourth, Chelsea should thank Real Madrid for pushing Barcelona to exhaustion, by selling them Fernando Torres for one dollar. Fifth, we will finish in third. Sixth, Barcelona is on a downward spiral and will have to deal with their aging squad’s egos thus creating more opportunities for other clubs. Seventh, Fabregas does not look like he is having a great time as he says he is. He was frigging subbed off. Never would have happened at Arsenal during such very very important games. Eighth, their youth system is producing and the mix looks interesting but not invincible. Ninth, I want refree Cakir to refree all of Arsenal vs Barcelona’s games. Heck, all of the games versus the big clubs in the Premier League. He was a big part of why Chelsea won. He was fair. Tenth, Sir Robin of Arsenal won trophies so he should stay at Arsenal. Congratulations Sir Robin, it is much deserved. We need the Gurkas to protect him from Man City, Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid and god knows which other club you could think of. The Gurkas can stop any offers being handed to him in a brown envelope.

Kyle – The consequences of Arsenal finishing out of Top Four? 28

Posted on February 19, 2012 by admin

What will happen to Arsenal if they fail to make the Champions league this season? – By Kyle Greenstein

Well, as you all know Arsenal looked like the Junior Gunners as they were defeated 4-0 at the hands of AC Milan, which epitomizes how we’ve played all season – crumbling against big teams, and destroying any momentum we were carrying.

This was proven in our 2-0 loss to Sunderland, a team who we would have beaten thoroughly a few years ago, now completely outplaying us. In this form, I don’t see how we can keep our top 4 position, let alone top 5, and I don’t think winning the Champions League is a possibility after our thrashing in Milan.

Mategyero: Two things that caught my eye in AC Milan – Arsenal 10

Posted on February 18, 2012 by Nitesh

Two things that caught my eye in the mid-week UCL tie.

Often times in football matches when the winner takes the day with an incredible margin – like AC Milan did, then you do two things; you either credit the winner or you demean the loser – in other words it is the winner that is so good or the loser that is so horrible.

Of the two scenarios, I would choose the second. Not that great!

Weslee: Was Arsenal’s loss to AC Milan really that big a surprise? 11

Posted on February 16, 2012 by Nitesh

Sorry gooners, but this result does not surprise me. Just the amount of goals surprised me. If you paid attention to the players on Saturday and how they were moving, you would have seen the tremendous strain that their bodies were under. I have played with my friends on a muddy field and it takes a toll on the body. This normally takes a while to heal unless there are physio intervention to massage and help relax the muscles.

Weslee: Arsenal may suffer long term because of the Sunderland pitch 2

Posted on February 13, 2012 by Nitesh

It is with great dismay that i watched the players play on the pitch at Sunderland. The Stadium of Lightweight pitch, was a mess from beginning to end of the game. Why am I so concerned with the condition of the pitch ? It is hard on the player’s body. It pushes your muscles to work harder and it involves the ligaments of all the joints to work harder to keep the player moving. Mertesacker’s injury was unfortunate but from the beginning of the game, I felt that someone would get injured. However, as I watched the players move, there was a cautiousness from the Arsenal’s players that was very warranted. Theo and OXO were both treading carefully and therefore their runs into the box was not “gung ho” but “careful lads”. The Sunderland players seemed to have a better grasp of the pitch and were not too bothered by it. Their game was to punt the ball forward and chase it while sticking like glue to all of the Arsenal attackers. This all took its toll on the players who will certainly have to find that inner desire to win when they play AC Milan.

Nitesh: Arsenal right back in race for fourth place after Chelsea are robbed 7

Posted on February 05, 2012 by Nitesh

Seeing Manchester United draw with Chelsea last night, I can’t believe how Howard Webb is still allowed to officiate in United games. I shouldn’t have to go into much depth here, for we all know that there are other forces at work here, forces which pay no heed to the calls by the footballing community.

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