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John Collard: The Arsenal Board of Directors – are they the makers of the Arsenal divide? 68

Posted on March 13, 2012 by Nitesh

Dear Gooners,  just a short blog today day from myself as I feel this is needed to get across. Also due to the fact there are many opinions regarding the way our club is being run at this moment in time, be it the Board or the Manager. Maybe even both and also the way the fans have been pointing out their strong beliefs at this time.

Paul: When are the players to blame for bad results at Arsenal? 20

Posted on October 13, 2011 by Nitesh

I know that when things are bad, people are very quick to jump on the manager’s back and say he is not doing this or that. However, I was thinking— isn’t it about time the players shared the blame because as much as the manager may be telling them to do certain things before the game, they are the ones who go out there on the field and play.

Keller: No one is without blame, but everyone and everything can be useful ! 9

Posted on July 21, 2011 by Nitesh

I am pleased to introduce a new guest writer, Keller, from Nigeria. He has been reading the other fan posts (and comments) for a long time now and has now taken the time out to write out his own.

Almost everyone is at fault and things we need to do…..by Keller

Eddie: Don’t blame Wenger for our lack of activity – Blame Fabregas! 13

Posted on July 09, 2011 by admin

Patience is a virtue by Eddie Bingham

I have spent much of the last month reading numerical articles from fans with an apocalyptic view of Arsenal. They believe that we will cease to remain as one of the big four next season due to the ‘fact’ that we lack the financial backing required to purchase ‘quality’ players and if we do, Arsene Wenger is too miserly to spend the funds sufficiently.

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