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John Collard: Why would Arsenal want Cesc when we’ve got Jack? 27

Posted on September 07, 2012 by admin

Hello fellow gooners. by John Collard

Today I would like to talk about one of the finest talents to come out of England in a long time. But first to people that will come on here and say don’t put pressure on the young lad (Well that’s a joke) Jack Wilshere thrives on pressure and he did that night when we beat Barcalona and the likes of Iniesta and Xavi couldn’t cope with the lad from Hitchin. The media and his fellow football professionals has set the bar for him already so my little blog im sure will not add any more on his shoulders. Jack Wilshere is absolute class and Liam Brady, one of Arsenals finest ever midfield players, has come out very open and said we have something very special here.

John Collard: Would Arsenal fans take Fabregas back? 44

Posted on September 05, 2012 by admin

Cesc Fabregas (a move forward or backward) by John Collard

‘There’s no such thing as a great substitute in the world of football – I couldn’t tell you what makes a great substitute,’ Fabregas told Marca.

‘I always wish my team-mates well and put a happy face on. If I have to take my unhappy face home then so be it, but I would never let my team-mates or manager see it.’

‘I’ve always said that I play for the best team in the world, but I came here to compete, to learn and enjoy, not to sit wracking my brains.’

Ozzy: So what is the point of having Stan Kroenke at Arsenal? 24

Posted on September 05, 2012 by admin

Finally some truth from the Emirates ………but not actually said in a truth full way by OzzyAFC

Well, well, well Finally we get some truth emerging from the Club we all love so much, From the horses mouth no less and directededy at ALL the dissenters, and those who question the policies of the board and really anyone who’d like to see the club do better in the trophy stakes…at last we start to see the clearer picture.

The chairman himself Mr Peter Hill Wood has, in an oblique way told us all how it really is and for my money there’s far more to read into what he’s said that what he said, if that makes sense?

The players that Arsenal still need to ensure success 18

Posted on September 04, 2012 by admin

A Fine Line Between Arsenal and Success? by Abdul

After having a look at Arsenal’s squad last season and this season, it is evident there are a few minor changes Arsenal need in order to become the formidable force they once were. The defensive errors and costly mistakes at the back have been eradicated to some extent, with all the praise going to Steve Bould. It has been great seeing Arsenal play in a way where we can feel confident we dont have to score 4 goals in one game in order to get a feeling that Arsenal may come away with 3 points from a game. The good old 1-0 to the Arsenal phase seems to have returned and with Arsenal’s proven ability of scoring goals, there are some promising signs ahead for us Arsenal fans.

James: A few worrying questions for Arsenal fans…. 4

Posted on September 01, 2012 by admin

Worrying times for Arsenal fans ? by James H

As you all know Arsenal have not won a trophy for 7 years and the fans are starting to get impatient, every year top players seem to leave the club I could name all the players but I would be here for a while so will only name a few: Fabregas, Nasri, song, and rvp. They are just the recent ones and many names have left before.

Arsenal don’t need Yann M’Vila! 18

Posted on August 26, 2012 by admin

Why Arsenal Do Not Need Yann M’Vila by Adnan

Yann M’Vila – a French lad who we seem to have been linked with since the beginning of time. The youngster has been labeled the new Patrick Viera due to the fact they both play in the defensive midfield role, they are both French and not much else! Put his attitude problem aside he has got everything going for him. He’s only 21 and has got international caps for France under his belt and is undoubtedly talented. However the fact of the matter is that we do not need him.

Vinay: Time for Arsenal Fans to move on and be positive! 9

Posted on August 17, 2012 by admin

For Once Be Our Arsenal by Vinay

Alright its over, lets move on shall we. He has gone and it is good riddance in every sense of the word. The one thing that I sincerely wished was for someone, if not everyone, from the manager to the staff and the players was to come out and say something like this- “We dont speak about our ex players”, such a simple yet such a classy statement.

The Board, Arsene Wenger, Van Persie and Alex Song …Smoke and mirrors! 19

Posted on August 16, 2012 by admin

Where does the real truth Lay?? by OzzyAFC

We all knew it would happen, Most didn’t want it to Happen and No one wanted it to happen this way but it has Robin Van Persie no longer scores when he wants…at least not in an Arsenal shirt any more . Now while a great many of us pause to reflect on what has happened here I have to admit that I am relieved it’s over even if the outcome has made me sick to my stomach.

Srini: Analysis of Arsenal’s new signings (plus videos) 2

Posted on August 15, 2012 by admin

What can we expect from our three latest signings? by Srini

With the new season round the corner it’s time for football fans to get thrilled and for us the Arsenal fans; it’s a season which promises us a lot. We might be on the verge of losing our captain who was our best player last season but the three new signings offer us a ray of hope.

Now let us dig deep and see what our new signings can offer.


Vinay – Can Arsenal win the League? (An analysis of our opponents) 4

Posted on August 13, 2012 by admin

Who will win the premier league? by Vinay

Its the Premier League all over again, its staring at our face and it all starts this weekend. Two and half months of waiting, endless media speculation of who is coming and who is going, 3 great signings and one waiting to leave, whatever be the case, its that time of the year to clear your throats and shout- “Come on Arsenal”.

Lets look at potentially how the league will span out for the next 10 months and analyze in brief who has the best chance of winning the league.

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