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As Just Arsenal Fans has been solely created for the readers and writers who support the Gunners, we would be delighted if you would provide us with any suggestions or complaints related with the site. Your insights are always valuable in the functionality of our site and making your Gooner life that much better. Just leave your answer in the comments section or contact us at justarsenal@hotmail.co.uk or nitesh.justarsenal@gmail.com

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  1. maina says:

    Please arrange to send any new news to arsenal fans through their emails if it is possible. Thank you

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    • Nitesh says:

      That’s a good suggestion, but what exactly would you mean and like as new news?
      Would that be like the ‘Official Arsenal Weekly Newsletter’ or notifications about any new post uploaded on our site?

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    • ComedyGuy says:

      Arsenal fans will enjoy this, thought I’d share!

      ARSENAL EXCLUSIVE Scouting with Arsene Wenger: http://t.co/7KYwEuDjiy

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  2. Hannington says:

    I would love to get notifications to my email about Arsenal’s progress on transfers, injuries, results, and any other news if posible. i would also love this suggestion column be put direct and read by the Arsenal board and if they can see our complaints especially about Wenger not buying players then may be they would fore him to do it or else he resigns! Sometimes there are players on market and in our reach and affordable but wqe keep gambling about the same players and at the end iof it all they get taken up by other clubs before we get finalise our long time bergaining policy which i see as Wenger’s weekiness. Forinstance we have just lost on Mata for no reason because he is young, talented, and worth 17 or 18 milion of his asking price. we can afford Samba,Mertsacker, Cissokho, Joe Barton, and a keepper like Stekelnberg but i wonder why we can buy them! And these are the players that can fill what arsenal is lacking apparently. For the past years we have had problems with our defence and lacked aq good keeper but surprisingly we have not bought any one atleast to fill those loose areas !!!
    To me i think if Wenger doesnt change his ways of complicency, then he should leave our club. His buying of young tallents is ok but the team can not only depend on kids. And i think he should make a strategy of bringing strong and energetic young guys other than weak boys who are atmost times outplayed due to the EPL tactics of strength and roughness.

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  3. Aminu sunday says:

    To me arsenal is my best team ever,but wenger is not helping this club at all.buy young players is not the best,we need trophy.or else he should leave arsenal

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    • oma says:

      i don’t think wenger is the problem here, the arsenal board has lost focus on what arsenal is all about, we used to be a threat to most big teams and now we r just survivors. u r right that youth policy doesn’t work on its own we need experienced players and we shld be willin to pay for them, so i mostly blame the board for poorly running arsenal, and being to tight with the pocket, if we can’t guarantee a future for our own players how can we buy quality players

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  4. I think Wenger should use the money at his disposal a get us some hard bodied defenders as well as a holding midfielder. We need players to withstand the physical nature of the game in the EPL if we want to win trophies again. it has been recurrent that when teams meet arsenal recently, they seek to make their game very physical because they know the players we have can not stand the force. We must get some hard rock bodied players and even some brutal ones if we must win tyrophies again.

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  5. melaku says:

    hi arsenal is becoming worse and worse in transfer news i don’t know what to do next pls wenger u r the best coach and be champion this year by transferring experienced players

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  6. MULUALEM says:

    i think i don’t know what winger making on his team……..
    is that enjoying/teasing on his fan

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  7. MULUALEM says:

    please send latest news in my e-mail address

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  8. Saton says:

    I think you should have a button where you can link Justarsenal to JustArsnalfans and back so you dont have to keep typing it in at the top.Thanks

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    • Nitesh says:

      That’s a brilliant idea mate, and exactly the kind of idea I was looking for when I made this page.
      We’ll try and get down to it as fast as we can.

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  9. Saton says:

    I don’t think you will be able to do this but anyway…

    Can you get rid of the advertisements on the side and maybe with articles you could add more pictures/videos.

    Also how is the linking from justarsenal to justarsenalfans coming along?

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    • Nitesh says:

      We are working on the linking. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time.
      The advertisements are a whole different issue. They are controlled by Google, and are completely random depending on your location and your computer history.
      We could add more pictures and videos if you would like it :)

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  10. saton81 says:



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    • admin says:

      Hi mate, I have recently added a JustArsenalFans button to the top of the JustArsenal.com pages to remind everyone.
      I will also try and get more visitors in other ways

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  11. Saton81 says:

    Yeah maybe you could write a article about it on justarsenal like you done in the past?

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  12. Awopegba dele says:

    Arsenal is getting worse.please do something….wenger and board members.thanks

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  13. arsenaltruefan says:

    Always compared with Barcelona…

    Listen Wenger Barcelona always keep their best players…

    That’s why they success…But u failed to do that….

    Look at Xavi, Iniesta, Messi,Pique, Dani Alves…How long they have been with them…. That’s why they can get the touches very well…

    Nasri, Fabregas, Toure, All Leaving… And u never replace them ….That’s y u got punished yesterday against man utd.

    Think Wenger & Board…Arsenal is not of your two peoples…

    Arsenal got worldwide fans…don’t cheat & threat them like this…

    It’s really horrible….what’s wrong if we spend and then when we won back..we will got the money back…

    It’s silly we don;t have a right player at the right time… Arsenal is a huge club…. We need someone to be partner with RvP… we need a right footed striker… someone like rooney, higuain, benzema, david villa….

    Untill now…Arsenal never replace henry, viera, adams,,,

    It’s really make hates against arsenal to watch them now…

    I’m true Arsenal Fans….COME ON ARSENAL…only major changes can bring trophies to Arsenal….

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  14. Joel.mwangi says:

    Olivier giroud is a good replacement for robin.dis issue of tranfre has killed robin,his heart is no longer in arsenal.let him go.

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  15. ajith says:

    dear stan kroenke..if u cant bring it players to win trophies pls leave arsenal..to alisher usmanov……let the club go to its glory years..as ur makin it worse

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  16. allan says:

    furthermore: our midfield is non existance..since fabregas

    ramsey is ot good enough and aso ..our mid is tired..not enough good midfiels players..

    when injuries com.. and they do the 2half of the seaon..we must scrape the barrel to find them.. that happens every year.. why because not good enough backup and and also making space for yoinger players in the teamm..not good not good..

    but it has happened every after 2005..go check..wenger’s embedded policy

    please help help ..alan ball mcclintock.bergkamp nigel, adams oleay,samsom,keown,henry, jennings, shilton, seamon,wright,parlour, woodcock, edu…overmars,eptite..dixon

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  17. i dont think i can find any happy arsenal fan at the moment.if wenger doesnt want to buy defensive players and a world class striker then i think we r going no where. many people talk about buying a defender and a defensive midfielder to me i think we have just two defenders i.e koscielny and debuchy. gibbs should be a second choice for a team competing for titles as such.if we can get players like coentrao,vlaar and morgan schneiderlin i think we would be a matured team and also get a striker like cavani or gignac then we would be contenders for all we go for. i dont think we are serious yet. i love arsenal.

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