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Sid: Right now Arsenal fans want Wenger to be pensioned off…

Posted on December 12, 2012 by admin

Breakup with Wenger. It’s time to move on. by Siddharth

What do you do when a good pair of studs that you scored many goals with get torn? You throw them away. You don’t keep using them just because they were once the best you ever had. Same is the case, I would say, with one Mr. Arsene Wenger, who is slowly but surely coverting all ‘In Arsene We Trust’s to ‘In Arsene We Rust’s. You don’t just support a manager because he did great things 8 years ago. Clearly, he has lost the plot.

Football has changed. The financial side of football has changed drastically in the past 4 years. Thing is, Wenger hasn’t. In the past few years, Arsenal lost all their invincible and cheap substitutes were bought in their place. The team has gone from the likes of Viera, Fabregas, Bergkamp, Henry to Ramsey (keeps possession for the opposition), Gervinho (could be better used as a mirror), Vermaelen (too many errors), Chamakh (does he know which club he plays for?).

Till last year, the one thing which Gooners were latching onto was the Arsenal style of play. If not trophies, atleast that was a valued asset which compared us to Barcelona. Arsenal don’t even have that anymore. The football is pathetic, the players seem to have no passion and manager doesn’t seem to be overly concerned.

One man made the difference last season. Robin van Persie. I would say the last of ‘world class’ players to play for Arsenal. The difference one man can make. A gutty manager would have kept such a player even though he wouldn’t sign a contract. But Wenger and the board seem to be more interested in making money that taking the club places. And he was sold to, of all clubs, Manchester United. No wonder Sir Alex likes Wenger and keeps supporting him.

All this would be a tad acceptable if Wenger had the guts to accept the situation. But reading comments like ‘We were outplayed by a better team’, “I believe we stil have the quality’ and judge us at the end of the season just make my blood boil. The road to recovery starts from acceptance. But I do not see that happening, looking at the current scenario.

Many Gooners say that replacing Wenger would not necessarily mean taking a step in the right direction, that the condition could get worse. Fair point. But if you never try, you’ll never know.

“A fear of the unknown keeps a lot of people from leaving bad situations” (Kathie Lee Gifford-I don’t who she is, but I’m pretty sure she would have converted Gervinho’s missed opportunity). It’s high time. Thank you for your services Mr. Arsene Wenger. But it’s time to decide your pension plan.

-Siddharth Gopujkar

Sid: Right now Arsenal fans want Wenger to be pensioned off…
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6 to “Sid: Right now Arsenal fans want Wenger to be pensioned off…”

  1. Frank says:

    The Arsenal way of playing football used to give us top 4 spot…but now we have become just like any other mid table team. Wenger’s refusal to be ruthless with mediocrity just like ferguson has done over the years means Arsenal will continue to struggle as long as Wenger is in charge. Look at Nani for instance…he is a good player but a lack of form has made him to warm the bench courtesy of Ferguson’s ruthlessness. Wenger on the other hand will never bench Gervinho or Ramsey even at gun point and this simply means we as fans will continue to see mediocre performances week in week out. My heart cannot take it anymore…..so i have decided to stay away from Arsenal matches for the time being.

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  2. neill fcl says:

    Gazidis also has to be sack !

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  3. nickw says:

    The team has been getting steadily worse under Wenger for years. He’s had enough time to put it right but he just makes it worse. Enough is enough he should do the right thing and resign.
    Anyone who has ever seen Gervinho play can clearly see he is a terrible footballer what on earth made wenger think he was worth spending 10 million on. You couldn’t give him or chamakh away to another premier league team it’s beyond a joke.

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    • John Collard says:

      One thing is for certain Nick. I cant disagree. The team is getting worse. That not one person can argue with you anymore. Who to blame i cant say.

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  4. David says:

    Wenger, we need our Arsenal back

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