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Should Arsenal get back Henry on loan?

Posted on December 22, 2011 by Nitesh

Dear Gooners just a quick blog to wish you a very happy Xmas and new year.

But I would love to hear what you all think on the possibility of a true legend returning to Arsenal. And of course by that I mean Henry. For me, I believe a month’s loan would be great for the morale of the team and would push us forward and also help Robin Van Persie out. Henry in my opinion can only be a good signing; Cham and Park are not cutting it so far and Gervinho is on his way to the African cup, as is Cham. Yes, I believe we must move on and buy a striker as well, but Henry without a doubt would be a great addition to the team.

I’ve heard comments saying he is too old, which is rubbish. Beckham went to Milan, Raul is still getting goals at Schalke and Seedorf still plays a good game. I would love Podolski and Ribery at Arsenal, but hey, it’s Henry and this is no dream cos he is a football god. So anyone who believes he won’t score goals must be crazy.

So please fellow goners give me your view on the great man and if you would like to see the return of our goal king. Or do some of you believe he is well past his best and would like to move on from the Henry era? To be honest, I’m a dreamer and would love Henry back at the club and I could see him coming off the bench getting the winner against Manchester United in January. Is 34 really too old for a football god? I don’t think so. For me, this is the closest thing to Tony Adams and Dennis Bergkamp, and without a doubt I’m opening my arms wide for him.

Are you?

by John Collard

The MLS will have its break just about now, and players from there are looking to go out on short-term loans to maintain their fitness and get more exposure. Donovan has already returned to Everton on a 2-month loan, and should we get back another?

Thierry Henry was our leading goalscorer for a reason, and that’s because he was bloody dedicated to the cause. He lived Arsenal, he breathed Arsenal and he sure as hell picked up the Arsenal. I don’t know about you, but his coming back on even a short term loan would be marvellous for the team, and will really be a step back into reality for our young stars, many of whom don’t know the feeling of being in a trophy-winning team. He’ll groom our young stars, and he’ll show them the way forwards.

I dont know whether you can call 34 a really old age, but I do know that you don’t need marathon runners against the smaller teams. So we can always play him in the minor games like Wigan and QPR and the rest, teams which shouldn’t threaten us in any way whatsoever. So are you putting in a favourable vote, and should we get in an Invincible again?

by Nitesh

Should Arsenal get Henry on loan?

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Should Arsenal get back Henry on loan?
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5 to “Should Arsenal get back Henry on loan?”

  1. Due to luck of strikers,we can sign him back to complement RVP en also add value to the team

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  2. S.H says:

    King Henry is always welcomed back to his throne and domain of the Arsenal. His leadership and football nobility will no doubt benefit the current knights, but he is better used to point his sword, directing the strategic plays to his men of war, than ride into battle.

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  3. S.H says:

    @ John collard

    Good to see you writing a piece mate.

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  4. john collard says:


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  5. well written john collard, henry was one player i truly admired

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