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Shepherd: If Wenger will not Accept Responsibility at Arsenal then who will?

Posted on January 25, 2012 by Nitesh

I have noted with a great deal of concern as Wenger has lost not just his players, but his fans as well due to his general disregard to any and all criticism as well as his refusal to account to anyone.

We have an endless list of players who left to achieve success elsewhere (Henry, Viera (who we had the chance to resign), Petit, Overmars, Nasri, Fabregas, Cole, Clichy, Adebayor, etc) due to his lack of ambition. Every season any player or fan that seems to criticise his ethos becomes persona non grata even his beloved Bendtner and Gallas felt his wrath after having caused the departure of other more talented and dedicated players from the team (Senderos, Gilberto, Toure and Adebayor).

He has taken all the praise for the glory days and yet he should be above criticism in the bad times?

The fans are frustrated not because of the losses but the manner in which we lost.

Tactical failure

We know we have no wingbacks and Djourou has been consistently poor in that position, but we have not seen any changes or innovation from Wenger Knows All to address that problem.

Ramsay has slowed down every counter-attack in the past 5 games and does not seem to know how to pass the ball forward. Could he be tired from playing almost every single game this season? Ashravin has shown flashes of brilliance playing behind the striker but Wenger seems to think he will find his form only on the wing. In AA23’s defense the formation and his position just do not suit his skill. Just as with Reyes, Wenger has found a way of destroying another attacking talent.

4-3-3, need I say more? There are so many things wrong with the formation when you consider the capabilities of the players on the pitch.

His defensive organization has failed completely and is not worth discussing at any length.

Player Rotation

We have some of the most exciting young talents at our disposal who only seem to be used in case of emergency regardless of the situation in the senior team (Yennaris, Henderson, Miquel, Lansbury, Sanchez, Oxlade, Ryo, Afobe, even Park).

Forget the full backs, it seems that we can only win with one lineup (Scz, Sagna, Kol, TV5, Santos, Arteta, Rambo, Song, Gervinho, Walcott, RVP) losing any of these players automatically results in a loss and yet Wenger has insisted he has enough depth in all areas (we can not wait for the injured players to come back).

Interestingly, apart from Park he has played all the players brought in on the transfer deadline in 90% of the games that they have been available to play. What are the odds that he would not do the same if he brought in one of the players that the fans have been clamouring for (vertoghen, Gotze, ….)?

He has refused to listen to;

His players
Even ex-players

The question everyone is asking is “what is the plan?”

It’s definitely not youth because he will not play any of them unless the fans are totally against him.
He doesn’t want to win trophies because 4th is good enough
He will not spend on players because they are too expensive even though he is the fourth highest paid coach (ironic)
We know the players can do it, but it’s difficult when the coach seems to get every substitution wrong.

Wenger, please let us know what your plan is for the club.

by Shepherd

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Shepherd: If Wenger will not Accept Responsibility at Arsenal then who will?
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14 to “Shepherd: If Wenger will not Accept Responsibility at Arsenal then who will?”

  1. john collard says:

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  2. adedayo says:

    he had lost is ability to coach anymore.

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    • john collard says:

      U my friend have lost the abilty to support a club just because it does not come in first place all the time. Lucky u dont bet on the horses my friend.

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  3. Olaolokun. says:

    What an article.@ John nice comment. I have a question for the writer. What responsibilty do you want Wenger to take. What responsibilty???. He doesn”t own the club. He is merely and employee. If the fans want trophy so bad then we should all attack the right people and not Wenger.As far as i am concerned he is the reason we are all still supporting arsenal. He is doin a good job with low budget. Employ another coach with the same people as board members then arsenal can keep top four goodbye. I believe we all know those that are responsible so we should go after them. We should all becareful of what we are wishing for because Real Madrid is watching.

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    • Todd says:

      But as the voice of the club he should explain to the paying fan, this is what we hope for, not we’ll win the league but never really try. Is it youth that will propell this team instead of paying millions for quality? Will he sell Jack, Ox, Theo for the profit the club will make? Is Arsenal just a feeder team hanging around the 5-8 spots each year? No BS tell it like it is, all the hurt players are not coming back at once to save 4th spot, not going to happen. Read on one blog that the French pipeline he tapped each year is now dry due to PSG and their $. Now what? Please just explain the club’s logic without getting upset. If the fans pay his salary, they have the right to know what direction he is going in. Arsenal for life!.

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  4. Oligo says:

    Actually he accept his mistake in front the board when they are held a private meeting..Managers will never show his weakness in front of their fans and particularly in front press. It is a basic thing managers will do. We all are working people for sure, do our company managers admit his fault in font of us if something not going on his way…NO!!!!! But he admit in front or Boards or any higher position than him. We are not Boards or someone who is better position than him.

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  5. cesar says:

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  6. Lanreh says:

    I 100% support u wrhte up

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  7. no AWgoggles says:

    my god…i really believe the world has gone mad now!!!.
    do you AKBs also believe that the great mohammed ali is still good enough to be world champion again?
    Wenger is more past-it than a slab of cheese left out for weeks in the hot sun!

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  8. mic says:

    This article is way out of order. The players you mentioned left arsenal for success elsewhere,how many can be counted to ve been more successful than when they where at arsenal? Have we not seen games where ferguson,mourinho made tactical mistakes? Is it because of the hate for arshavin,that wenger’s is been blown out of proportion? From the team you mentioned,sagna and santos ve been out for months and we’ve been winning games,so your stmt is out of order. You can’t wait for injured players to come back,so wenger should buy about 8players(thats about the number we ve out injured)? When the injured ones come back,what then happens? You say he doesn’t play young players but we ve seen the likes of wilshere,jerkinson,frimpong,coquelin,ramsey. So when a player miss a sitter we blame the formation used. Was RVP a centre forward? Did kolo start football as a defender? Was henry a striker? Was bale a winger? Is fabregas not used as a striker at barca? What happenned to adaptation? So it has been peers,players,ex players,fans that ve been behind the decisions of ferguson,guardiola,mourinho? Its suprising to see fans who know more, just by going to watch these players once or twice in a week,than the manager who is with them almost everyday. Sherperd, maybe you should be arsenal’s next manager after wenger.

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  9. nickw says:

    There doesn’t appear to be a plan and until we get rid of Kronke I don’t we will get one. Wenger could be doing a better job if you ask me but without investment from the owners then I don’t think it matters who is in charge we will still be unable to compete for a top 4 place. I say this not to be negative but because there are too many clubs out there that are ambitious and do have a plan and a supportive board.
    Kronke is not a fan of Arsenal he’s not even a fan of football, he doesn’t attend matches and bottom line he just doesn’t care.

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  10. D.Bergkamp says:

    these akbs are mad as wenga. Gr8 post exactly the point.

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  11. AidanGooner says:

    Most of our youngsters aren’t even nearly as good as the hype would suggest. At the moment, the club is just run to maximise profits with little consideration to success on the pitch, they are happy not having the best team around, so long as they carry on making money. I am getting fed up of it. Henry coming back has just reminded me of the team we had then, different gravy to our team now completely.

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  12. Tasos says:

    Is this really the best you can come up with?

    “Wenger has lost his players” “He doesn’t want to win trophies” “He is the forth highest paid coach”

    I could go on but what’s the point.

    Unsubstantiated bosh.

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