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Seth – Arsenal MUST keep RVP and Song if we want trophies

Posted on August 09, 2012 by admin

Will Wenger undo all the good work? by Seth

It’s been a surreal summer for Arsenal fans so far and I know most of us are really waiting for the season to start while some Gooners are waiting for this Sunday’s match against Koln to catch a glimpse of the new look Arsenal squad. Either way, both dates can’t come soon enough.

On that marvelous night when Arsenal beat Barcelona at the Emirates, I remember telling a friend of mine that we were just 3-4 players away from being able to compete for and actually win silverwares. The season ended and the not so surprising story of Cesc leaving for Barcelona broke out. It was a major loss but we just needed to replace him and fix major defensive crisis and we would have been better. Instead of that, we got rid of Nasri too (who I must agree deserved to be sold but not to City). We lost two really good players and brought in some half decent players as replacements. We all know how the season ended. Fast forward that to this summer.

With the addition of Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla to the squad (which includes RvP and Alex Song), Arsenal have perhaps the best attacking force in the premiership right now (no disrespect to Man City). The imminent loan deal for Nuri Sahin will add some unbelievable depth to the squad but we still need adequate cover for Sagna. AFC fans think that we need a defensive midfielder and I quite agree with them but I think Cazorla’s arrival would make Song actually sit back and do his job better. The signing of these top players would also enable the young players like Chamberlain, Coquelin et al to blossom just like Cesc did while in the midst of great players like Pires, Henry, Bergkamp to mention a few.

With Arsene and Arsenal, there is always an exception!

I am inclined to believe that Arsene Wenger will undo all the good work of this summer by selling both RvP and Song to Man-U and Barca respectively. It’s just so silly to sell your star player who is in his prime to your arch rival. Where is the ambition in selling him to United? Right now, Arsenal has a better squad than Man Utd and therefore has the edge but selling Robin to them or City takes that extra class away from the team. If we can’t sell the idea of the latest project we are starting now to him, then let’s sell him outside of England.

Next up is Alex Song.

Song’s is one of our best defensive and creative players and we can’t afford to lose him. The significance of the additions to the squad is greater if we can keep the best core of the present team and lesser if we sell the best core of the present squad.

Our new additions will find it easier to hit the ground running if we manage to keep our star players but will find it harder if the immediate burden of moving the club forward is placed on their heads alone.

Please Arsene, I believe RvP wants to stay. Let’s forgive him and keep him. And do not let the issue of Song’s transfer even be up for discussion at all. Also, you already know that Sagna won’t be starting the season. Get adequate cover for him.

I believe this is our season. North London is forever red. Cheers

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Seth – Arsenal MUST keep RVP and Song if we want trophies
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17 to “Seth – Arsenal MUST keep RVP and Song if we want trophies”

  1. Ankeet Sinha says:

    Relax Man! Be Positive :)

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    • Mick says:

      For God’s sake, how about a bit of optimism. What makes you so sure Song will be sold apart from your pessimistic outlook. RVP han’t gone yet either! I think you are one of those people who believes every rumour you read in the press.

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  2. mark says:

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    • jasper fernandez says:

      Did you just say song doesn’t matter, you must be a joke. Alex song is arsenal’s best midfielder last season and for you to put dat useless toddler who can’t tell his right from his left(Ramsey) ahead of Song, shows how clueless you are about wats gud 4 arsenal

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  3. Suki Dhillon says:

    Best article I’ve read so far post Arsenal signings also believe we hav a tile wining squad which I better than Man Utd but imperative to keep RVP and Song otherwise we will back to square one and just a top 4 challenger! Keep RVP to the last year of his contract unless Man Utd come up with an obscene bid of 25m which they would be bonkers to do and watch this team go they will scare the shit out if defences and dominate the midfield! Just need to get rid of the deadwood i.e Chamakh, Arshavin, Djorou, Bendnter, Park, Fabianski and bring in a quality RB and back up goalkeeper and possibly a potential world class DM in M’Villa – best Side since the invinsibiles!

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  4. Goonerbeall says:

    What a joy to read this Heart warming article. Thanks mate.
    Selling both RvP and Song is Bad both for team spirit and experience
    of the new players. Acquisition injects new energy but old pillars are crucial for stability and continuity so please lets build not destroy our basis. We are inching up and steadily creeping forward. Youngsters like Wilshere, Ramsey Coquelin will slot occasionally and take their chances whenever its given and I think Oxo will flourish without being overused.Arsenal will be back where we belong.

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  5. Aikhuemelo,Osa says:

    i quite agree we should not sell RVP, Fergie is playing dirty game, he knows Arsenal right now is stronger than MAN U so he is looking to disorganize Arsenal by bidding for RVP,If we stay this way ( with RVP) and one or 2 more signings, say a right back and a defensive midfielder, we shall only be competing with MAN City for the title.

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  6. Dave Highbury says:

    Seth MUST understand that no player is bigger than Arsenal

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  7. Z Gunner says:

    RVP has NO APOLOGIZING to do..

    He is doing the club he loves (Arsenal) a huge favor by exerting pressure on the board.

    I know a bluff when I see one.

    As for Song.. I like to believe he doesn’t want to leave the squad and that Arsenal is in his DNA.. besides… he is contracted till 2015 – so both he and the club have time. I don’t see it happening considering the positive buzz from the dressing we are witnessing.

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  8. ken says:

    If robin had. Agreed 2 sign. We would have 3 newplayers.

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  9. calw says:

    Please, vote for the #Arsenal-Sunderland match to be televised on Polish TV Canal +. Help us winning it: http://www.canalplus.pl/sport/oferta-sportowa

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  10. Silas Gwamna says:

    If God will give me wings today and say fly, i won’t fly along i will pick you and ask God to bless you before i bring you back to the world for pleading with Wenger to keep RVP and not to even start discussion about Song. In fact with what is on ground now, Arsenal is great but defensive problem. Please if this text can get across to Wenger will be the must happiest man on earth, let him keep the two players and look for a way forward by signing a defender or two to bust RVP staying but should forgive him as you pleaded with him, i promise and pray not only EPL but CL we will lift up this season. Long live fans across the globe, long live just arsenal news, long Arsenal players, Long live Arsenal, long live Wenger, long live management. Big thumb to all. I love you.

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    • Gooner N4 says:

      We finished 19 points behind the two Manchester clubs last season .And the first 16 minutes away to Milan in the champs league was an embarrasment against a side not in our class. The 2nd leg proved that.You really need to slow down mate.
      I will keep saying it…..Until we learn to defend and not be so naive, we will not win the league title again.
      Just jumping on the bandwagon and saying this stuff is simply hot air.
      We have never won a trophy in our history without a sound defence.
      Only the manager can solve this problem so lets hope he allows Steve Bould the freedom to work on it.
      Wenger is a very stubborn man and in the last 7 years good things have happened when he has been pressured into it.
      Bouldy’s voice must be louder than the great Pat Rice.
      The invincibles earned the right to play and they rolled their sleeves up away from home.All the attacking players in the world will not win trophies.

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  11. M says:

    Manchester United are Aresenals biggest stumbling block to winning the Premier League. Barcelona are our biggest stumbling block in winning the Champions League.

    “Are our board stupid or are our board VERY STUPID?” I’m only asking an innocent question here!

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  12. metal says:

    maybe RVP
    definitly not song

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  13. Hay says:

    i disagree completely. Song fair enough we have to keep hold of him. He puts in a lot of hard graft and effort, consistent majority of the time. But van Persie?can I remind every1 he is 29 and only had the 1 good season…. He is injury prone and obviously feels he can do better. I feel def keep song and sell Persie now.

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  14. Gooner N4 says:

    It’s true that RVP has had injuries over the years.
    But what i cannot understand is how many people have the ability to predict his future injuries.
    It seems he will get injured as soon as he leaves. but he won’t if he stays.

    Strange one that!!!

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