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Peter: Why Man City’s win is good for Arsenal

Posted on May 01, 2012 by admin

Now that Manchester City have shocked Alex Ferguson by retaking the lead in the Premiership, it looks like the race for the title is going to go down to the last day of the season, and this can only be good news for Arsenal.

I must admit I was very worried that if Man City had nothing left to play for by next weekend then Newcastle would be in for an easy ride and easily take the three points. City are now hot favourites to win the title (if you want to bet on that don’t forget to use the Stan James promo code to get a signing on bonus)

It’s okay saying that Arsenal simply have to win their last two games to ensure Third Place, but after just gaining two points from the Gunners last three matches it by no means going to be easy.

Chelsea will also be desperate to get fourth place just in case they don’t win the Champions League and will certainly be trying hard to beat Newcastle on Wednesday, but if Alan Pardew’s side win that one then they must be considered as Arsenal’s biggest rivals for Third Place.

Now I am feeling much more confident that Arsenal will make it because Newcastle will have to take on a determined Man City side next Sunday at St. James Park.

Come on you Gunners!

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Peter: Why Man City’s win is good for Arsenal
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12 to “Peter: Why Man City’s win is good for Arsenal”

  1. nicky says:

    Man Citeh were worthy winners last night. A yard quicker and fitter than United and the will to win was better.
    Rooney was a continual whiner at the ref who, for once, wasn’t to be conned. If the guy isn’t diving, he’s complaining every time he’s touched. Grow up, Rooney, it’s a man’s game.
    And then there was the ludicrous picture of Ferguson, of all people, confronting Mancini over an alleged dodgy tackle. The words pot, kettle and black come readily to mind. The guy has always been a poor loser.

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  2. thegreat says:

    What about 5:3spurs, do they have a chance? They’re silent now days. are they comfortable with europa?
    Some one update.

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  3. r2bees says:

    anyhow all i knw is dat arsenal will finish third place

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  4. 49Unbeaten says:

    I’m glad City won last night but I’d still prefer United to win the league overall. Anything to stop Nasri gloating about being right in moving to City to win trophies….

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  5. Ade David, a Nigerian Gooner says:

    My thinking is that with 4 points in the remaining two matches will be enough for us to secure the 3rd spot. Is calculation correct?

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  6. shakabula gooner says:

    Arsenal’s biggest rival for the 3rd
    position is still Tottenham – unless they blow it in one of their remaining games which seems to be the easiest in comparison with the remaining games of Chelsea and Newcastle.
    Nonetheless, I trust that Arsenal will hold its nerve and win its last two games.

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  7. UMOH EKWO says:

    Arsenal must not be waiting for dead men’s shoes. This is the time to show character. Win the remaining two matches and no mater what happens else where, third place is ours.

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  8. Angelito says:

    If we play well, third spot is ours. I want us to finish third and not forth for two reasons. Chelsea winning the CL is always there, but specifically, it would be nothing short of magnificent, if we finished third despite the dreadful start and the way Fabregas and Nasri parted ways from Arsenal last summer. It would be very positive for us to finish a place higher than we did last season.

    Also, it’s important we aren’t stuck in the play-offs for CL group stages because those are two more games and that’s the last I’d want for Arsenal. We can concentrate on our CL campaign right from the start and plan accordingly for the summer.

    It won’t be easy against Norwich but van Persie will get the job done. The away trip to WBA is the tricky one for us.

    I’m not expecting any favors from others quite frankly. I do believe Newcastle have what it takes to beat Chelsea mid-week because even they would know that beating City–who are on course for their first League Title in 40 years–would be an uphill task, even if they are at home. On the other match, Reebok isn’t quite a fortress for Spurs. All in all, I don’t think Spurs will come out with a point, much less three from the Reebok Stadium. Even so, Spurs are favorites for the forth spot because they have much simpler games compared to Chelsea and Newcastle.

    For Newcastle, assuming they beat Chelsea, they still have City and Everton. You don’t want to go to Goodison Park on the last day of the season–wanting the win. Unfortunately for them, they have a very tricky set of games awaiting.

    As for Chelsea, they too have Newcastle and most significantly Liverpool at Anfield.

    It all points to Spurs finishing forth behind us, but we do need to keep calm and finish off the season on a positive note and WITHOUT any more injuries. If we remain positive, we will see this through.

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  9. Adam says:

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  10. me says:

    nonsense post mancity would still have beaten newcastle

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  11. Uche Edochie says:

    Newcastle is toast as far as fourth spot is concerned. They cannot beat chelsea, city or everton. If they are lucky, they will finish 6th. Spurs is whom we should all be worried about in the event we do not win all of our remaining games. I am not saying that spurs will win all their games, but they have the easiest fixtures.

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  12. There is no 2ways about whether Arsenal or who finish 3rd, this is a clear cut that is if u realy want to look at it statistically u ‘ll then knw that Arsenal has 3rd place at hands, i dn’t care who finish to fourth, thats their bizness up Gunners!.

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