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Paul: When do you say enough is enough for Arsene and Arsenal ?

Posted on September 22, 2011 by Nitesh

So the dust has settled on a couple of dreadful Arsenal away results, and equally dreadful defensive displays. Obviously, I’m talking about the 8-2 and 4-3 defeats. There have been a lot of people coming out of the woodwork in recent days in the media and people on blogs and even on this site, using these results as ammunition to have a pop at the manager and also to give their opinion on the direction this club needs to go. I have stated before that I am a Wenger supporter and I do get annoyed when others feel the only way forward is to get rid of him. I would be lying if I said I’m happy with the way things are at the moment.

So, my question to you is this:- At what point does the recent decline in Arsenal fortunes have to get to before you say enough is enough?


For me, I am nowhere that point, and I am hoping and believe too that Arsene has the fight left in him to turn this situation around. We are probably at the lowest I have witnessed since Arsene took over 15 years ago– the fans are divided, the team is unfamiliar, and the performances are poor. Who’s to blame for this recent downturn in fortunes, I don’t know. But, what I do know is that Arsene cannot and should not take all the flak.

Is it his fault that Chelsea, Man City and Man United have been able to find Billionaire sugar daddies and thus price us out of the market? NO

Is it his fault that his best players have decided to chase the dollar rather than try to build another legacy with Arsenal? NOT REALLY

Is it his fault that so many of the clubs’ key players get injured during important parts of the season? I DOUBT IT

So would it be right of the club to get rid of a man who has done so much for them?

Personally, I believe the achievements made by this man give him the right to leave the club on his own terms. He is the greatest manager this club has ever seen, or will see in my opinion and should be given the respect he deserves. I have seen people writing comments on blogs such as ‘this man is a disgrace to Arsenal’ and ‘Arsene is ruining this club’. Well, I’m sorry, but what a crock of shit!!! And it’s bloody offensive to this man’s legacy.

I have written in the past about what he has achieved and where I think we would be if he hadn’t taken over, so I won’t go over that again. But for some reason or the other some of the fans seem to forget that Arsene loves this club just as much as you and me. He is not here for the money, or to enhance his career. After all, he could walk into any job in world football getting paid twice as much as he gets now. He is here because he wants this club to be the best in the world. He is a fan, just like you and me.

Now, I am not so blinkered that I don’t realise that things aren’t going well at the moment, and if things do continue on this downward spiral, then there has to be a time when the manager must be changed. But, given what Arsene has done for this club, I believe it should be his choice. He is smart enough to know when he can take this club no further, and I trust that he will make the step into the boardroom when the time is right. Until then, please can we show this man some respect.

Paul: When do you say enough is enough for Arsene and Arsenal ?
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  1. LittleScratch says:

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  2. Nickw says:

    A great question and from reading the comments on this site I would say that almost everyone has a different answer. I thinks it’s important that it’s asked otherwise we just seem to be caught up in a never ending cycle of procrastination about what we should expect from the team and when we should expect it. Personally I no-longer have faith that Wenger can build a team capable of mounting a title challenge as I think he has consistently failed to address defensive issues. Not over the last 5 or 16 games but over the last 3-4 years. We are now entering the 7th season since we last won something that’s half the total time Wenger has been at the club, at what point do we say you can’t keep living off your past success and judge you on more recent performance. However I totally agree that he should be treated with respect as he has more than earned it.
    So in answer to your question, if we don’t show signs of progress over this season then I thinks that it’s time to bring someone new in. We may not have the money to compete with the likes of the Manchester clubs and Chelsea but we do to compete with Spurs, Villa and Liverpool.

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  3. Salami says:

    I agree with ur update..bt the question is.what is the problem of Arsenal Fc?

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  4. antarchile says:


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  5. Arsene Wenger says:

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  6. wankerwengermustgo says:

    If a CEO should be respected and therefore kept in charge indefinitely because of his/her successes dating back 7 years or so then we should have kept Margret Thatcher and Sven Goran Eriksson and Dominique Strauss-Kahn and …. a whole host of people who enjoyed success but then began to fail in all sorts of ways! Sentimental horse-shit from you! When it becomes obvious that your CEO/manager is the problem for the steady decline of your country/company/NGO/club – what do you do?? Get rid of him/her! Simple!

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    • Paul Dean says:

      Sentimental or not I think as I have said he has earned the right to try and turn things around.

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  7. It seems u’re too lame to know what Arsenal’s problems are.Its shameful that u want Arsenal relegated b/4 action is taken.I sometimes wonder if u’not spuds fan…

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  8. WC says:

    And how much time do we grant him to “turn things around”? He’s had 6 years, another 6? Another 14? He’s had the chance(s) and has shown that the squad is actually getting worse.

    To counter your points as well he plays a role in players going elsewhere for better pay. He has made little effort in reforming the wage structure. The pay our top performers get was far above average 10-15 years ago but they’re middle of the road for the qualty of player nowadays. We’re overpaying crap players like Diaby, Djourou and Denilson and underpaid players like Cesc and Nasri. The wage band needs adjusting and has needed it for a while. How can terrible players be earning 50-60k a week? While some of our best players only get 75-80k?

    Yes it’s his fault players are getting injured. It’s been a trend and even more so since Gary Lewin left and it seems no one has investigated why. Other clubs don’t have as much problems – is it a problem with our staff or is Wenger buying soft players? Either way it’s not some magical curse, you can bet your house on our injury list happening. It’s a phenomenon that seems to be more specific to Arsenal compared to most other clubs so it must be a problem that’s localized.

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    • Paul Dean says:

      To be fair this the first season when we are struggling, and to counter you Cesc didin’t leave becauise he wanted more money and also even if our top wage was 150k that still wouldn’t be enough to keep Nasri. And also i think it is bloody stupid to say it his fault players get injured, was his fault Eduardo, Diaby breaking thier legs??
      Maybe he could take a look on why players are getting injured but i doubt even he able to stop someone pulling a hamstring.

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      • WC says:

        Yes Eduardo, Diaby and Ramsey had their legs broken, now how about the other 20-30 players that haven’t? How is it that it’s the start of the season and yet we had 8 starters out for the Man Utd game? There was no WC or Euro and yet the players were out within the first 3-4 games. Maybe Wenger’s regimen is poor. Why don’t Chelsea or United have 8 starters out in the first month of the season?

        This isn’t the first season we’ve been struggling, it’s simply the final accumulation of 6 years of decline. Ever since The Invincibles were broken up it’s been obvious that we wouldn’t be winning the league for some time because Wenger explicitly stated that he wanted to take on a youth project. How long are fans expected to pay the highest ticket prices in football for a mediocre show?

        Wenger did a poor job of convincing his best players that Arsenal is where they should be. He cannot use the “lack of funds” excuse anymore after he spent 50M this summer and continually boast about millions in club profit. He made a fortune off of transfer sales in the past 4-5 years so why wasn’t that re-invested in similar quality instead of 10-12M for kids who have not achieved anything as yet?

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  9. Gooners says:

    Bolton game is the line….lose or draw …then Wenger should resign..honourably.Period.

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  10. Shepherd says:

    Everyone is measured on current results.

    Past achievements are great but do nothing to address the current situation. And currently, AW is not delivering despite glaring problems in defense he has not addressed that in years.

    Everyone knew Fab would leave but he kept building everything around him. We all knew getting rid of Eboue & Clichy without a decent replacement would be a disaster. Everyone cried for a decent CF, DM & CB and he only bought the CB when we were pulverised by Man utd.

    Well the bubble has burst and he needs to deliver or leave just like everyone else with a job to do. Enough is enough now.

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