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Paul: Time for the Arsenal board to embrace Usmanov

Posted on October 06, 2011 by Nitesh

I have said many times that supporters should stick together in this difficult period that we are going through at the moment and that still stands. However, after reading that Stan Kroenke has a estimated wealth of £1.85bn and Alisher Usmanov has an estimated wealth of £8bn and that these two billionaires who effectively own our club are in the top ten Football owners in this country it got me thinking— why are they not working together for good of our club.

Now it seems to me that Kroenke and current Arsenal board have a problem with Usmanov and obviously I don’t know the ins and outs of what the actual problem is. Maybe it is Usmanov’s association with David Dein that is the issue, but to be quite honest with you, I don’t really care. I think it is about time that the Arsenal board embraces Usmanov into the fold and starts to utilize his ideas for the club but more importantly use his money to maybe increase the wage budget and to help Arsene to build a squad capable of challenging for everything.

I know it is not all about money but it would help for us and Arsene to know that we are on least on an even playing field when it comes to transfers and wages.

All of us supporters want the best for Arsenal and I think maybe having Usmanov on the Arsenal board would take the club on a different direction instead of just treading water, which we seem to be doing at the moment. And maybe we could also get David Dein back involved because we have missed him and I also think it would be good for Arsene to have him back at the club.

I know that Arsene doesn’t like to spend big money on players, but I think it is time he is at least given the option to spend big if he wants to without restrictions. He has done brilliantly with the limited funds he has had to spend and I think with more funds he would be able to attract so much more quality to our club and I think he has earned the right. So I say to Kroenke and the Arsenal board— sort out your differences with Usmanov and let’s get our club back where it should be challenging the top prizes, not only in this country but in Europe as well.

by Paul Dean

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Paul: Time for the Arsenal board to embrace Usmanov
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  1. aju says:

    i completely agree. Arsene is our man . . . . Nd at d moment he is doing too much david dein knws hw to get players nd do tk burden of 4m arsene. . . . I m gooner nd wil b a gooner. . . . So come arsenal board spark a light we need to b at d top . . . .

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  2. john collard says:

    Iv been saying it on every bloody post. Its the board not Wenger. Cant see how no 1 can see that. He is buying wat he can with wat he is given. The tight arxx baxxxxxs only gave him some cash because we lost 8-2. Dein we need back. And keep Wenger.

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  3. anthony says:

    I totally agree, the Eton educated bunch should make room for Usmanov and get back Dein! Too much is being placed on Wenger’s shoulders and anyone is bound to buckle under the pressure

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  4. nickw says:

    I couldn’t agree more, these 2 should be working together for the good of the club not freezing the each other out like little kids. It shows a real arrogance by the current board that they haven’t invited a man who own 30% of the shares and is worth more than Abramovich, onto the board. It seems at last that the fans are all united on this one so lets hope the boards takes note.

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  5. oj says:

    What is the point of bring in a rich russian if finical fair play comes in next year and do you really want your club to be bank rolled. Yes, these are tough times for arsenal fans, but those who have supported the club long enough can remember tough times in the years before AW. We will come through the other side as a club in a strong position, keep the faith!

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  6. Arsenal1Again says:

    That’s a refreshing perspective compared with stuff I’ve read from elsewhere which calls for Usmanov to replace Kroenke.

    They could be like Hicks and that other guy who were at Liverpool like you suggest.I doubt Kroenke has a problem with David Dein since it was he who introduced the American to the club, unless at some point Kroenke wanted to buy Dein’s shares prior to the sale to Usmanov.

    You keep mentioning the board making a decision. The final decisions now will be by Kroenke alone. The board may discuss things and plan things, but today any decisions are going to effect Kroenke’s finances, effect his investment, so ideas will be run by Kroenke first via satellite link or phone and will need his approval.

    The other board members are no longer shareholders – they have no invested interest for making successful and profitable decisions, they incur no risk to their pockets – so they won’t be trusted to make decisions which effect Kroenke’s shares, his business.

    What would be the incentive for Usmanov to invest his millions with no ownership rights, no control over rewards or profits, etc.

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  7. WC says:

    first of all I’ll tell you why Kroenke and Usmanov won’t work together – rich people like control. As the single largest shareholder, Kroenke doesn’t have to answer to anyone. Start a partnership and then you lose that because you’ll have to compromise and businessmen don’t like to do that if they can avoid it. How do you think they get and stay rich in the first place? They have their way that works and they don’t want others to encroach on it.

    Secondly, while the board doesn’t help in the transfer situation, Wenger spend 50M in one day which just goes to show you that he has more resources available than he lets on about, he’s just picking the wrong players. He’s also reluctant to let dead end players go. Diaby, Squidface, Denilson, Almunia – why are we still paying them wages? So you can point fingers at the board all you want but Wenger isn’t free of blame.

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  8. ash says:

    Every time when transfer windows open the board and even wenger hom self said it with his own mouth the money is available but stabon wenger dosnt spend it.face it wenger don’t like spending why do u think u have such a thin squad.

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  9. Pete says:

    Usmanov in, wenger/board out!!

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  10. Pissofffan says:

    Arsene will make Arsenal dominant again provided the board is fully supportive of him. I do suspect Arsene inability of buying certain key players to make Arsenal more formidable is totally restricted by the board. Arsene has done a good job so far but we cannit let Arsenal slip furthur down the pack. We just need to replace a few get a few great ones will do. Simple. The rest is up to Arsene to do what he does best. Arsenal if got it right, anyday Arsenal can beat almost any club.

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  11. JJ says:

    AGREED! The board is placing restrictions on Wenger. Thats why Mata and a couple of other deals fell through!


    Gazidis out! I don’t trust this guy!!!! He is not a gooner!

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