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Paul: Robin van Persie not considered for the Ballon D’Or ?!

Posted on November 01, 2011 by Nitesh

This is a disgrace!!!

Arsenal striker RVP has been snubbed on the shortlist for the World Player of the Year award….

The Ballon d’Or is a who’s who of the best players from across the world and is supposed to be, correct me if I am wrong, based on players performances in the Calendar year. Barcelona playmaker Messi and Real Madrid superstar Ronaldo are amongst the contenders to claim the coveted prize. Whilst RVP would be unlikely to win the award ahead of such esteemed opposition, (let’s face it, Messi will win it again), not to be included amongst the top 23 is a bloody disgrace and an insult to our intelligence.

Eight players from the Spanish and European Champions make the list, and whilst it’s hard to argue against the majority, Fabregas’s inclusion is laughable. Don’t get me wrong, he is a fabulous player but let’s be honest, he missed a large chunk of 2011 through injury and when he did play his performances weren’t as good as in previous years. So he makes the list after completing his move to the Barcelona in the summer transfer window. What a joke, how is that possible??

So despite injury playing a significant part in his efforts during 2010, RVP has scored 33 goals in 37 matches this calendar year, and domestically has 28 goals in 27 games. That record places the striker second across all of Europe’s top leagues, behind Ronaldo in terms of goals-per-game ratio. Now, I may be biased but I think that alone should have been good enough to get him on the shortlist.

Manure winger Nani also gets the nod over RVP! Again how?! Whilst the Portuguese player’s performances have drastically improved over the past year at Old Trafford, not many would pick him as the better player in the last 12 months. Going through the list of contenders, an argument could be made for RVP to be ahead of five other players on this list – Abidal, Benzema, Alvez, Rooney and Schweinsteiger. None of these players had a better year than RVP, have they??

Rooney is the only Englishman on the list which I don’t have a problem with. The Manure striker has scored 19 goals in 27 Barclays Premier League games in 2011, and two goals in five games for England after one in 11 last year. RVP has 11 goals in 19 games for the two years with Holland, and also helped his country to a World Cup final yet still can’t make the list. Whilst goals aren’t everything, it’s hard to see how eight strikers (including Ronaldo) make the list ahead of RVP. Quite simply, his omission is wrong and a major error on the part of FIFA, who should be ashamed and embarrassed by their decision to not include RVP.

by Paul Dean

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Paul: Robin van Persie not considered for the Ballon D’Or ?!
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8 to “Paul: Robin van Persie not considered for the Ballon D’Or ?!”

  1. SATON says:

    Completely Agree. lets just hope his confidence dont drop because of this disgrace.

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  2. Tomgunner says:

    Very disgrace!!! Even Henry too did not make it

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  3. The Don says:

    that is shocking

    nani over v perise :S
    33 goals in 37 matches even messi and ronald will find it hard in the premier league to score that many.

    its just sad and disgraceful that a player has been world class for 40 games and he dose not even get on a short list.

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  4. goonergooner says:

    lol ballon D’Or is retarded anyways,cant take it seriously henry never won it it means nothing

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  5. dutchgunner says:

    the number of barca players on the list just shows how much of a joke the award is. It’s just another way to brown nose to the Catalan c***s

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  6. gunner says:

    van persie may have got the nod if arsenal had won the title or champions league………….

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  7. machenz says:

    for a player like rvp to be ignored is simply madness cos apart from ronaldo and messi,roony. He is far more better than the rest

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  8. crow says:

    Eight players from Barca being included in the list speaks volumes about what a joke of an award the Ballon d’Or is. Do you now get considered for the award based on your acting skills as well as footballing talent? It’s the only reason I can think of for the drama queens of Catalan being included. Fabregas over Van Persie? Seriously what has he done for Arsenal in 2011? He only joined Barca this summer and he doesn’t even get to start in every match for them. Must be for showing tremendous courage through his ‘kidnapping’ by Arsenal. I have no arguments with Messi being there or even him winning the award, maybe even Xavi and Iniesta deserve to make the list, but the rest just make no sense whatsoever.

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