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Paul: Replace Walcott with another Southampton star who is actually a WINGER ?

Posted on September 16, 2011 by Nitesh


Before I start this article I just want to say this not a Walcott bashing but rather, just a simple question. For the first time in a while, Theo Walcott has a player breathing down his neck for a starting place in the side. And after a long time I am starting to think that maybe it’s time for Theo to have a spell on the bench; just to remind him that he needs to work a bit harder.

Forget his couple of goals and his assists, what about the rest of his game?

I know his pace does a job but he’s not a sprinter training for the Olympic Games. He is, however, a footballer but recently it’s actually become hard to tell if he’s on the pitch or not for most parts of the game. His body language is poor, he’s arguing too much with the officials and he really isn’t getting involved enough in our games so far. Nowadays he seems to be spending a lot of his time talking to the media, telling us he wants to play centrally which by the way I think might be his best position after all. He’s always got something to say about either himself, Arsenal or Englandm which isn’t a bad thing, but I believe he should stop all his talking and start concentrating on his game on the pitch otherwise he might just find himself frozen out.

Breathing down his neck however is a young Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. He’s eighteen years old and has just put in two great performances for the England under 21’s, following them with another outstanding display for the reserves on Tuesday night.

In the England friendly against Israel, Pearce’s side were 1-0 down at half-time and Chamberlain was introduced at the beginning of the second half, a second half in which he created all the goals in a comprehensive 4-1 victory! Which at any level of football is pretty good, added to the fact that Alex is actually a winger, something that Theo is not.

Having watched him play it is quite clear to see that he will be able to take on defenders and deliver a cross; which, for many of us who watch Arsenal and Theo, feel he does not do enough of in this position. For Theo, I think it wouldn’t hurt to maybe give him a kick up the backside to make him realise that he has real competition for his place. And there is no better way to learn that than spending a couple of games on the sidelines.

If Theo Walcott has it in him to really improve, he will fight for his place back and the best way to do that is to work hard and perform on match days, not go missing for 50 or 60 minutes in a game. At the present time we cannot afford to carry players- we need everyone to give 100%. But at the moment, as much as I like Theo, I don’t feel he is giving us that. However Chamberlain just might…

Paul: Replace Walcott with another Southampton star who is actually a WINGER ?
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  1. Rooney says:

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  2. terry Poulter says:

    I couldn’t egree with you more ,and also i’m not slagging off Theo ,but it is time to give someone else a little go at the right side of midfield.Theo becomes seems to have lost what little confidense he had and OXO is busting a gut to have a start ,bringing players on for the last five minutes is a complete waste of time,better off starting OXO and give him his reigns ,I think we might all be supprised ,the only problem is what will Arsene do if he is a success.Hmmmmmm

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  3. Lenson Chilling says:

    This is a good one,Walcott has had enough of starting line up.Its high time he starts struggling for 1st team shirt.

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  4. i think walcoot shouldnt be put on the bench but merly put though another position chamberlain and him on the pitch at the same time could do alot of damage due to alex being able to keep up with him in pacem van persie intends to slow down play abit and not going direct enough when picking the ball up in deep positions and allowing the opposition to regroup this is killing of our counter attacking style abit something to think about……………….

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  5. bradster says:

    I don’t think Walcott is much of a striker either. He is not strong enough to hold the ball up. From what I’ve seen his control is poor and unless he has just had a poor spell, his shooting on target is very poor too. I also doubt he will ever score a headed goal either.

    Perhaps rest him this game and see what he can do upfront in the carling cup.

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  6. Vinay says:

    Been telling the same from a long time, theo except for a few odd occasions has not done anything worthwhile. His best position is upfront as a striker which wenger wont play him at. The best thing for Arsenal is to have him on the bench as an impact sub and start with either chamberlain or miyachi who are natural wingers.

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  7. Stants says:

    I believe the problem Theo has got has a winger is that he hasn`t got the ability to get the ball down and take a player on and get to the by-line.The only time he looks like doing this is when he plays a give and go looking to utilize the space behind the full back.If he had this in his locker it would give the team another dimension going forward.
    It seems like he`s starting to beleive in the hype..
    So summarizing I agree totally with your comments

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  8. eldiablo says:

    I like Theo Walcott, yes he has not been at his best in the last few games…but i would also like to see Chamberlain in the team even if it’s for a couple of games just to see what he can do. If Walcott gets played in a more central position i think he should play behind RvP (quite obvious)but he would have to work very hard to defend too, i think he might just need a rest…will see what Walcott and chamberlain can bring to Arsenal this season and let’s not forget Ryo !!

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  9. cesar says:

    I agree with walcott not a winger, But alex needs to get some experience either and the best solution:

    Gervinho Van persie




    Santos Kos Met Sagna


    A team with experience that can compete to win the league
    Van persie does incredible things for Holland in that position and we still have verminator when he is ready

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    • Paul Dean says:

      Yes I agree that Alex needs experience and the only way he will get that is play games and I think he should be given a chane to show what he can do.

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  10. UMOH EKWO says:

    I just did a similar post some minutes ago. I think Wenger needs to try out these talented new signings for a change. After all, why did he purchase them? Pele started playing for Brazil at 18 so what is the problem?

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  11. Ray says:

    It is about time that these genuine concens are voiced.
    Time and again Theo just stands around not kowing what to do or where to go. We cannot afford to carry him any longer and Wenger needs to introduce more passion and workrate which Theo cannot provide. All this talk of him now being a senior player, just rubbish. Bring on Alex.

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  12. debz says:

    I still think we need walcott in the starting XI, he is a kind of impact player, with his pace he can always keep the opposition defenders on their toes, thus making space for RVP( or PARK)…and ya, Wenger can actually give him an oppurtunity upfront, lets see how he shapes up…

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  13. elvi says:

    wallcot is not the problem.the problem is at the back….

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  14. gunner says:

    i felt walcotts performance was gud enuf last-few games.y disturb dat kind of rythm jus 4 d sake of it.wat if it hits his confidence.am ok as long as he plays with his heart out …….

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  15. Steve says:

    Seriously we need to drop an experienced england international for an unproven 18 yo. What have yall been smoking.

    We have 4 points from 4 games, this is not the time for blooding our youngsters. This is the time to use the best we have available at each given moment to bring us out of the position we are in. OxO is an exciting talent for sure but theo for now is the proven number one and until that changes he must play every week

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  16. Sammy says:

    Walcott has the most explosive speed terrorizing defenders but he lacks finishing skill. With his speed, he should take the ball to the center of the box where his chance of scoring increases to 80% but he consistently tends to drift to the corners and shooting from a narrow angle where his chance of scoring drops to 5%. When he plays right wing, his cross rarely reaches his team mate and that costs the team usable scoring chances. Chamberlain is a very cleaver player; he created the goal scoring chances for England under-21 game for all 4 goals of the game. Wenger should start Chamberlain and bring in Theo during the second half, so he could benefit from his speed against the tiered opponent defenders. Wenger should not wait too long to use these new signings, bring them in at least for 20-25 minutes, so they could have a feel for the game. Play Santos as a starter not Gibbs, he is not ready yet, play yong, miyachi, chamberlin, what is he waiting on?

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  17. homebakedgoods says:

    1. You’re right, Walcott can’t provide. For all his pace he can’t make space for himself to put in a decent cross.
    2. The Ox is a bit undercooked at the moment. He may have delivered for the reserves, and the U21s, but he isn’t ready to deal with premier league football. Obviously he has great potential. He wouldn’t be our biggest investment otherwise. But I don’t think he is ready to fit into the team just yet. You need finishers at the other end.
    3. We don’t have anyone to put away that cross in the first place. Park? Maybe. Chamakh? Maybe this time last season. Not anymore. In fact the team as a whole don’t make enough runs into the area.
    4. Why haven’t you brought up Ryo? He played first team football in the Dutch league for a season. He’s obviously a talented winger. He’s more or less the same development level as AOC.
    5. Should Walcott be a striker? Well I might agree with that though I have to say that RVP needs a strike partner. Walcott, like every other Arsenal striker since Adebayor, can’t do the lone striker role any justice. I would love to see a strike pairing of Theo & Van Persie.

    6.You said that AOC created all the goals, but actually he just won a penalty. The other 2 assists that he did have in the game were exceptional finishing, and later, an indirect assist of sorts. He does bring something, but it’s not the real deal yet.

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  18. elvi says:

    wenger should do more in training session.

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