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Paul: Praising the Arsenal stars- Van Persie and Walcott

Posted on October 31, 2011 by Nitesh

In Praise of Theo and RVP

I have done a few articles criticising Theo Walcott for his ineffectiveness at times, for not being able to play as winger for the club. But after his brilliant performance on the wing on Saturday I thought it would be only fitting to praise him. I would like to say that I’m still not convinced that its his best position. However, on Saturday he was up against Cashley Cole; and it pains me to say this as this bloke is a complete tosser, but he’s probably the best left back in Europe if not the world.  But Theo gave him a complete roasting the likes of which I haven’t seen in a long time. I don’t think Cole has been given such a hard one by anybody in let’s say, the last 5 yearsm and that is saying something. He just couldn’t handle Walcott’s pace and directness and some really clever play on Theo’s part. This was especially in the first half where Theo used his pace to really good effect in order to get behind Cole, who was struggling to keep up, and then he put in the sort of crosses you want him to do week in week out. He put the ball on a plate for first Gervinho and then for RVP, which I thought both should have scored.

And in the second half he again gave Cole a torrid time, and then scored what can only be described as a quite brilliant individual goal. It appeared that he had fallen over his own feet, only to get up and dance past two Chelski defenders and smash the ball past Cech for Arsenal’s third goal of the game. I only hope this was not a false dawn for Theo, because it looked like on Saturday he had finally grown up. Long may it continue, because if he can keep this sort of performance up left backs all over the EPL and Europe will be worried. Nice one Theo keep it up.

Now to praise the Captain. The words World Class are bandied cheaply all over the place, but not in the case of RVP; he is truly world class and I don’t think there is a more valuable player in the EPL than him. His hat-trick on Saturday was first class, and each goal was taken with real calm. People will say we are a one man team but that is simply not the case. If you look at the goals on Saturday, the first was great play from firstly Ramsey for his fantastic pass to Gervinho and secondly to the afore mentioned to have the presence of mind to square the ball for RVP for a tap in. His second was pressure on the ball from the whole team in forcing the Chelski defence to go back towards their own goal, which leads to England’s current captain falling down on all fours and RVP nipping in and scoring. And for the third, it was great play on the break which lead to Arteta playing the final pass to RVP, who smashed the ball into the Chelski net. RVP in my opinion is the best striker in the EPL, if not in Europe, and has been on fire since the turn of the year. He is, without a doubt, brilliant.

by Paul Dean

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Paul: Praising the Arsenal stars- Van Persie and Walcott
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5 to “Paul: Praising the Arsenal stars- Van Persie and Walcott”

  1. stan says:

    I always thought walcott was a natural born winger… Maybe he has been frustrated because of that but he kept on working hard, with lower moments but who wouldn’t understand? He’s still really young!
    I really can’t see him as a center forward… as well as I always thought chamakh had nothing to do in afc. I’m not telling I’m always right (I really like diaby…) but I think it’s quiet obvious.
    Now walcott should focus on becoming the best winger in the world instead of squinting on van persie’s place.
    So let me ask you this question, and don’t misunderstand me because I really rate him as a player. So is afc the right club for him?
    Everyone diserves to blossom and follow their dream. If walcott has the feeling he should be a cf just like his idol thierry henry, is afc the right place for him to be? Maybe the reason why he sometimes disappoints is a psychological one… just like fabregas when he thought his place was in barcelona… Doubt is a poison for the mind and the body follows. In my opinion, there are two possibilities: the best is that his commitment and love for afc make him accept the situation as a matter of fact. The other solution is that he leaves arsenal for a greener pasture…
    I’d chose the first option, but if he leaves someone will take his place, end of it. I wouldn’t disrespect him if that’s his will.
    Anyway I wish the best for arsenal we deserve a trophy, players staff and fans we deserve it!!!
    Come on gunners!

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  2. peter says:

    Well said, Stan

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  3. In this current 2011/12 season Arsenal is still going trophiless unless if they buy enough elegant players during the 2012 January transfer window

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    • john collard says:

      Another happy fan lol jesus. I remember when there was a crisis at this club. If u think we r in trouble now then forget it lol

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  4. Moses Annan says:

    Walcott is good,he should not be sold.But in the 2012 January transfer window; Arsenal should sell its current useless, “potatoes” and injury-prone players including those who are currently on-loan like:Squillaci,Frimpong,Sagna, Denilson,Carlos Vela,Coquelin,Craig Eastmond,Johan Djourou, Koscielny,Rosicky,Aaron Ramsey,Wilshere,Vermaleen,Carl Jenkinson,Fabianski,Mannone,Alex Chamberlain,etc and replace them with a good number of solid,elegant,versatile, talismanic and non-injury prone players during the January 2012 transfer window.

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