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Paul: Only a fool would say Arsenal are still in a crisis!

Posted on October 29, 2011 by Nitesh

We are back!!

Today we have finally seen this new Arsenal team turn the corner and we can rightly say that we are back. We went to Stamford Bridge today and let’s be honest, I bet there were are lot of people including some Arsenal fans that would have thought we had no chance of getting a result. But I am not one of them, and I said in my previous post this week that we would get a result. Even when we went a goal down and went into the interval being 1-2 behind, I still felt we could get something and in the second half we showed some real character to come back and beat Chelski. Make no mistake, this result is one hell of a massive confidence booster for the whole club and supporters, and just maybe it might convince some of the doubters.

I know it wasn’t the best defensively but it is something we can work on and get better. We had a few outstanding performances today; Kos at the back was by far our best defender and I also thought Ramsey and Gervinho were very good. Even Theo, who I have been giving a lot of stick to had a good game but the MOTM was RVP, not only for the goals he scored, but the way he lead the team. And if anybody was in any doubt about his commitment to the club, just watch his celebrations at the end. I can imagine the media will be rubbishing our performance and maybe say it was down to Chelski’s own frailty at the back, but we know that is crap. We made them look bad and the best moment for me was when JT the rascist was left scrambling on the ground like a little baby as RVP waltzed round Cech for our fourth goal.

I think that we can raise our heads up as I believe we have finally banished the poor start to the season. Now I would think we should kick on, not only in the league but the other competitions we are in. Never mind what the doubters think, I know we are back and everybody should realise all the talk of crisis is total bollocks. Even those who want Arsene Wenger out will need to keep quite for now as well because I think he has also proved that he’s still the best manager for this club. So roll on Tuesday and here’s to beating Marseille and qualifying as winners from our CL group. Today is truly a great day to be an Arsenal supporter; we are back and the rest of the league should be weary of us.

by Paul Dean

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Paul: Only a fool would say Arsenal are still in a crisis!
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  1. Clyde says:

    i remember last season after a win vs chelsea @ the emirates we went on a strong run.more of the same boys!nyc post,thanx

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  2. Gooner Fan From S.A says:

    To all the fans who kept on supporting Arsene Wenger and this current Arsenal side: today our loyalty has been rewarded. And I must say it feels damn good to smash Chelsea in there own backyard. I ask that we continue to support our team in the manner that we have.

    To all the fans out there calling for Wenger’s head: today’s performence showed this team is capable of big things. Despite our different views, I would like to ask all of you to support the team. Praise the team when we win games, give constructive criticism, but please don’t drag our team through the mud when things don’t go according to plan.

    Like Le Prof said, “If you’re not united at the top level you have no chance”.

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  3. feetal says:

    i just pray we dont loose rvp to injury. all the boys did well 2day. nw that verm is back theres going to be alot of stiff competition at d back.

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  4. wengernumb says:

    great win and again the brilliance of RVP was there to be seen. As much as i want to get carried away, i cannot…and i suggest that all fans should wait a bit longer before getting euphoric.
    Chelseas defending was the worst ive seen in a long time….and ours wasnt exactly solid either. Rvp is carrying our team. We are playing better and are not in crisis it has to be said…but RVP wont always be able to score a gaol or 3 for us, so when hes missing or off-form then we will see what will happen. Its this over-optimism that makes wenger feel he doesnt need to strengthen….but we do if we are to push on from this great result

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  5. wengernumb says:

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  6. Arsenal1Again says:

    Wengernumb you say “Rvp is carrying our team.”

    I say Van Persie is A PART of the team. He’s just a cog. Every single goal he has scored this season was created by the team behind him. Every game won has been equally because we conceded less than the opposition.

    Had Arshavin, Park or Gervinho been in the same spot as Van Persie when the goals were scored, they too would have scored. No way is Van Persie carrying the team. Even Thierry Henry attributed every goal HE scored to THE TEAM.

    Van Persie is a lone striker in the formation we play. Any lobe striker who is in place will get the same service and opportunities.

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    • Abhi says:

      Very true.. RVP is doing what was said of arsenal strikers all along past years. Had ade-ba-whore converted all the chances that were created for him by people behind i bet media ( including some fans ) would have never said he is carrying our team. people who say RVP is carrying the team undermine the efforts of others like rambo, arteta, Kos et all..

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  7. jay says:

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  8. Abdul slowman says:

    Gunner fans let be realistic, though i did not watch the match but i heard it was a fluke win for us. the star of luck has shine on us today maybe it will shine on man city in the league cup who knows.

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    • Duke Fama says:

      No wonder your name ends with slowman. You are really slow! Fluke win! Shocking!!!!!!!!

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  9. amde shogun says:

    you fake fans need to move on, no matter what we achieve its always crap coming out your mouth

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  10. Zinc says:

    I think we’re in danger of finishing outside the top four this year but all the talk of us being relegated or finishing outside the top ten was hilariously silly and I hope our current run has put all the haters to bed.

    I recon 5th is quite realistic, currently we don’t have the depth in our squad required to compete in all 4 competitions over a season without issues, plus we’re still displaying scary defensive frailties which should have been fixed ages ago. However what was hugely encouraging once again today was how the attacking side of our game is starting to get back towards where we want to be, the players are beginning to gel and we’re seeing promising stuff in the middle and final third of the pitch, howeber the best bit for me was our fighting spirit, we never gave up, despite going down a goal and having our lead wiped out repeatedly – we kept on fighting and always tried to score. Great attitude on display and I’m proud of the boys and proud to be a gooner.

    Don’t get me wrong, we have a long way to go to get back to our best, we need a few quality signings (yeah right!) and more time to work on the technical side of our game but we’ve been moving in the right direction, let’s just hope Vermalen is the catalyst for our defensive solutions!

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  11. Zinc says:

    On the point about Arsenal being a one man team – how often do you hear pundits saying of top notch forwards that

    ‘they weren’t getting the service they deserved, no one was getting the ball to them, they were stranded, etc’

    It’s a double standard, he’s just been our main goal scoring outlet and doing his job perfectly, but for him to score it has meant other players are doing their jobs well too.

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  12. Alex says:

    Lets hope the gunners can maintain this level of intensity until the January transfer window. I’m hoping the club can offload the underperformers such as Almunia, Diaby, Squillaci and Chamakh and bring in some players that will truly bolster the side. M’vila? Jovetic? Marin? Montollivo? That said, I am very happy with the way that the current side is gelling and it seems that we finally have relative strength in depth!!

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  13. wengernumb says:

    many fans need to understand how a top quality player can be virtually a one-man team. True there will always be an assist, (except from a set piece) but look at the goals RVP has scored and he has done most of the work himself, the goals are not put on a plate for him most of the time.
    Imagine he wasnt playing…could chamakh have rounded the keeper or lashed one in from the edge of the box????? NO
    get real, before you end the season in tears. the belief in wenger is laughable…..look at mertsacker as a prime example of wenger’s judgement….he is even worse than cygan and definately worse than senderos.
    i agree with the fans that have praised ramsey in particular…the lad is a future captain of arsenal.
    Up the gunners, dont give me any wenger bullshint!!!!

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