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Paul: Jenkinson for Arsenal right-back this season? And Chamberlain on Sunday?

Posted on October 14, 2011 by Nitesh

Jenkinson,Koscielny, Djourou ?? AND SHOULD AOC START?

Now looking ahead to Sunday’s game against Sunderland and in the right back situation, it now that appears that the manager is not going with my choice of Coquelin to replace Sagna. Shame, cos I think that would have worked out really well. Anyhow, with him almost certain to go with one of the above I thought I would open it up for debate—- who would you choose?? I know I have already written something similar but now we know for sure it will be one of these players.

I think for me it has to be Jenkinson. I know he wasn’t my first choice as even though he was bought for this situation, he is young and he has been a bit shaky, and it has been a bit too much of a step up for him. But now he has the chance to play a few games and maybe get more confidence in the role. He has some huge shoes to fill because Sagna is probably the best right back in the EPL at the present time and has been brilliant for us. Anyway I hope that Jenkinson can do the job and I also hope that the experience players in the team help him out.

I want Kos to play as centre back with Mertesacker because they seem to be forming a good partnership together and I would to see that continue until Vermaelen is fully fit. As for Djourou, I don’t think he should be in the team because his performances have just not been good enough so he may be best served being used as a sub.

Now my other question—– should AOC start on Sunday??I know we have to be careful with our young players but I would love to see him start I have said before I think he ready and he is in form and it also wouldn’t hurt to give Theo a kick up the backside to think he is not assured of his place in the team and he has some real competition.

by Paul Dean

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4 to “Paul: Jenkinson for Arsenal right-back this season? And Chamberlain on Sunday?”

  1. john collard says:

    Negative post is by no means me. Which u all know. But in no way shape or form Is Carl Jenkinson ready for premier leauge football. He come on against Spurs and looked so out of depth. Bale roasted him every time. And Utd he was murdered. I admire the lad he is a try hard merchant and a life long Arsenal fan. His dad has a season ticket also. I wont knock the lad he works so hard. But Carl Jenk is not ready. (im sorry)

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  2. firstly djourou can’t play RB he was eaten in 20 mins against rovers n jenkison is not yet ready so koscielny should be at RB n SSong can continue at CB as Coquelin is doing a good job in the DM position n may be give Alex Chamberlain a start

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  3. nickw says:

    I think you have to trust the manager on team selection I agree Jenkinson looks raw but if Wenger thought there was a better option on the bench I think he would play him. I agree about Djourou he seems to have gone backwards. This time last year I was singing his praises so I don’t know what’s gone wrong. Anyway I’m looking forward to the game as I have a ticket (surprisingly easy to get hold of these days) so lets hope for a winning performance.

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