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Paul: It’s not about one man, it’s about supporting Arsenal

Posted on October 07, 2011 by Nitesh

I have been supporting Arsenal for a very long time now. But I have to say, we seem to have many fans, a lot of whom are active on this site, who think that just because some of us choose to carry on believing in Arsene that we are somehow confused and think that he is Arsenal. That is just not the case; we are supporters who love our club and want the best for it and at the moment, the best thing for the club is Arsene Wenger and we believe he will get us out the mess we are in now. I know there will be a lot of people out there saying “You blindly follow one man” but that is not the case. Well, at least not for me.

I know we haven’t won a trophy in six years and I know that 2 of our best players left in the summer. And believe me, I too wish that Arsene had bought players earlier in the window, and the fact is that at this time we are struggling. So we have 2 choices—— curse and moan or stick by the club and take notice. I said club; that means to me the manager, the players, supporters, whoever if they are a part of Arsenal. We need to stick together and not be hurling abuses at the manager, giving stick to the players or back-biting with other supporters. There are more than enough people who don’t really care about this club already doing that, don’t you think?

Now I know some people reading this will say “We want Wenger out now and we want the board out and we want whatever”, but you need to face facts—- those things those are not going to happen. Listen, I love Arsenal and it gives me no pleasure in seeing us struggle. Add to that the media giving us stick at every opportunity and even ex players sticking the boot in. And if people think I am bloody happy we got our arses kicked at Old Trafford I’m not, or that we got beat by Blackburn I’m not, or even worse that we got beat by the Spuds I’m not, but as I have said I am not going to turn my back on the club just because times are hard. We must all believe that things will change for the better and if we don’t believe in that then what is the point? I want Arsenal to the best club side in the world; it’s maybe a pipe dream but that is what I want. So even if Arsene walks or gets sacked or we lose our next ten games or we get relegated, I will still be supporting Arsenal Football Club until I die, because it is the club that I love and nothing will ever change that.

by Paul Dean

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Paul: It’s not about one man, it’s about supporting Arsenal
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20 to “Paul: It’s not about one man, it’s about supporting Arsenal”

  1. Gunnersfan! says:

    you need to stop your pro wenger propaganda articles. you write one almost every day. it is rubbish and getting really old.

    just for your info, a lot of us have also been supporting Arsenal for a very long time as well – even before AW arrived at the club. ARSENAL was there before he came and will remain when he leaves!

    and you say “the best thing for the club is Arsene Wenger and we believe he will get us out the mess we are in now.”
    are you kidding me? HE GOT ARSENAL IN THIS MESS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! And you can be assured that the fans have the power to do anything! Just look at what Liverpool fans/ blackburn fans have done.

    AW and AKBs OUT!!!

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    • Paul Dean says:

      If you don’t like it dont read them but just like you i am entitled to my opinion.

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      • Paul says:

        Paul, we have an opinion, yours is given to you so you can’t say it’s your own.

        Message to all akb’s – start looking for a new day job.

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    • john collard says:

      Paul u tell the idiot. I couldnt agree with u more. He claims i dont go 2 games and calls me a cxxt. The bloke is a complete tool and hardly ne 1 agrees with his posts

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      • Gunnersfan! says:


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        • john collard says:

          Nitesh 2 be fair my friend this guy gives abuse 2 many. He is a bully. But i respect wat u say

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          • Gunnersfan! says:

            stop trying to justify yourself. you have paul dean instigating fires by telling people to go support another team just because they have their own opinions. Then we have you who calls people all kinds of distasteful words like “k**b”, “2bob” etc etc etc after i just told you to “p*ss off”.

            Nitesh, this guy is 30 years old. Please tell him to behave like a mature adult. Thanks.

            (For once, i agree with both parties at once. I like to hear what you both say, but I’m sorry, this name-calling cannot continue. Gunnersfan! and John, remember why you came here in the first place. It was your love for Arsenal, and whatever you may want, everyone loves what is theirs in different ways. So please, let’s just respect each other’s opinion, and remember that even we want what’s best for our club.——Nitesh)

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          • Gunnersfan! says:

            For sure Nitesh. I understand.

            Can you just clarify something. How is it that you allow Paul Dean to publish articles which include statements such as “they can piss off and support another team” or “they can also do one”. This is in his article headlined “Paul: I’m also disappointed, but Arsenal supporters should not lose their faith so easily”.

            Are his articles not proof read? This is not normal as opposed to your articles, which are well written without these abusive remarks.

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          • john collard says:

            Wat a min u called me a cxxt
            and said i dont go 2 games when i do. So please mate knock it on the head. No more abuse ill be happy 2 meet u at the ground 4 a chat just let me no when u get a ticket

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          • Gunnersfan! says:

            John Collard, do you even want to go there? You called me a “k**b” first mate. And saying you don’t go to games is not vulgar at all, just for your info. Anyway, Nitesh here is the evidence where John Collard of age 30 years started the name calling first (PLEASE notice the time of the post):

            john collard says:


            October 7, 2011 at 4:11 pm

            Gunnersfan! says:


            October 7, 2011 at 7:55 pm

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          • Gunnersfan! says:

            and John Collard, who cares if we got season tickets or not! That doesn’t anyone else like Nitesh who lives in another country a lesser fan. or do you disagree?

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          • John Collard says:

            Wait one minute. Why are most of your comments on here got thumbs down Gunnnernot. You speak 2 people like Paul and others like complete trash. As for Nitesh if i must be removed thats his choice i will speak 2 him. But dont back track and make out 2 every 1 on here butter wouldnt melt in your mouth. And 30 or not who cares. How old r u 2. The comments u say 2 wards are greatest manager will anger people. People dont like that its harsh and wrong. And the protest i will c because when i go to the game on sunday im sure u will be there then slagging off Wenger and others. Gunnerwatevauare. Just drop it u clearly also like the last word being the complete bully u r and it hurts u that more people stay faithful than yourself. U dont like Wenger i do end of. And the name calling was started by u calling us idiots and i believe Pxxx off John u said. U started the fire my friend. So hey u do wat u got 2 do. But i wont lay down. Id love 2 meet u at the ground would great 4 me. N e way Nitesh will do wat he sees right im sure. And if its me in the wrong ill take it on the chin and wont bother u again.

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  2. WC says:

    Explain to me why we as fans cannot facilitate change? This is one of the reasons we are in the situation we’re in. supporters who think that criticism of the club means you;re not a loyal fan. Fandom is not blind faith, it’s wanting what’s best for the club and the board and Wenger’s current plan isn’t doing it. This doesn’t mean either of them should go but it does mean something is not working and why can’t we demand change?

    Those who mistake the blind faith as club loyalty are the same ones who have made Wenger unsackable and complacent. They’re given him far too much praise and ensured him and the club personnel that he is untouchable. Nobody is untouchable, nobody should be untouchable. Everybody needs to be grounded and improvement must be demanded of them.

    When Fergie went 3 years with no trophy, the United fans went rampant for his head. One of the most successful managers in the world and his own supporters were asking for his head when they went dry for that period. Fergie almost retired because of it but he took it upon himself to find the motivation to win again. What happened after that? A CL trophy, 3 straight league titles, FA Cup, Carling Cup, 3 CL finals in 4 years.

    Wenger has forgotten what it’s like to win things and he doesn’t seem like he wants to find it again otherwise he’d have realized that 6 years with no trophy and a weaker team every year is not the right direction.

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  3. Tfv says:

    You remind of wenger!

    Now I’m not against the manager anx your article is more up my street then most but this article should have been written last January … Or two summers ago.

    Your just too late!

    It’s not that we arme going through a rough patch it is that we have literally become a mid table tean … Our attack is not good and our defense is poor, we are losing star players every window, injuries are getting worse, the team look terrified to take to the pitch and mentally weak and there is a serious lack of investment in this team

    Top it of gazadis says we don’t need champions league and the manager writes off our league challenge!

    Not good enough and we demand 1. Consequences for this situation, whose fault is it and where is their punishment and 2. An improvement ! that’s there job, to improve the club – why is it not happening

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  4. Dave says:

    Another dull, nonsense article.

    We all love and support arsenal as much as you do. That’s why we want a change in manager.

    Look at the league table.

    Look at our form over the last 20 games.

    Look at the embarrassing car crash of a summer transfer window.

    We haven’t won a thing in 7 years and repeatedly failed with the same pathetic excuses and causes my cat could solve.

    Something has to change, let’s start with the manager.

    We a aknowledge that Wenger had transformed the club, we are eternally grateful.

    It doesn’t mean we can’t recognise when a change is needed.

    Take your head out of the sand.

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  5. Red DB 10 says:

    We are not saying you are not entitled your opinion. We just don’t agree with it.
    Any other club with a bad run as long as ours that spans into two seasons would mean people getting fired. and that’s a fact.
    My grandchildren in a few months will be fourth generation gooners spanning over sixty years.
    I love this club like you can’t imagine I have memories both good and heartbreaking. But one thing that we have always had is innovation and progression.
    With Gazidis and AW progression has stopped.
    Time for change before it’s too late.

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  6. nickw says:

    For me the club has lost all its ambition. All we hear these days are excuses for failure and statements from Gazidis preparing us for more failure like its a good thing. To top it off we have some fans telling us that we have no right to expect success or demand success and if we don’t like it we should go and support Man City or Chelsea. Well I’ve supported Arsenal since the mid 70’s and regularly attend matches and in all that time I don’t remember ever having accept that we had no right to expect more from our team or our manager. We have have been shite at times but at least we were always trying to get better and if we actually got worse we changed the manager. In other words we had hope, something we are being robbed of by the current regime.

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    • Gunnersfan! says:

      Well said Nickw! Nobody has a right to tell us which team to go and support just because we have a difference in opinions.

      More so, when people like Paul Dean writes in one of his articles statements like “they can piss off and support another team”. You have already told him ONCE before that that statement is bound to ruffle a few feathers.

      AND then he has the audacity to repeat that statement again in a newer post where he said “Maybe those greedy fans should jump ship on go the man City train maybe that will make them happy”

      It seems he never learns. John Collard, your good friend Paul Dean has also told us to “p*ss off” but I am guessing that it is ok by you. Birds of a feather flock together.

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  7. ash says:

    Cos the moderators are akbs them self.

    (Yes, I’m an open AKB, but everyone on this site knows that I have never ‘moderated’ any anti-AKB comment. I encourage each opinion, and as long as there is no abuse involved, it’s all fine with me—–Nitesh)

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  8. Nitesh says:

    Ohkay now, my final words here.
    I don’t really care who started what, and who said what now. These words have somehow been blotted out, so no harm done for now.
    It’s not normal for me to ever agree 100% with anyone, people WILL have their differences, but we need to respect each other and their opinions apiece. We all know why we are here in the first place, and honestly, i dont care where someone sits, and what they shout out, as long as its not abusive to the players/manager/club and it’s because they love the club.
    I’m going to ban anyone as such off the site, simply because it would hurt me more than you, to keep off fellow Gooners from a fan site! But please do refrain from the abusive words in future, and try to respect each other’s opinions.

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