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Nitesh: Should Arsenal get Yossi Benayoun on a permanent deal ? [Poll]

Posted on April 23, 2012 by Nitesh

Sorry for not having been active on the site recently. A broken finger goes a long way to absolutely stop your life, and I couldn’t even play Mobile Blackjack on my phone, never mind hold my laptop. So now I’m back, poor you will have to listen to my amateur take on football and all that’s been going on in this topsy-turvy world.

And I’ll return with the most basic of questions, should Arsenal sign Yossi Benayoun on a permanent deal from Chelsea once the season is up? For me, the answer has got to be a; Hell Yeah! Not because he has a good-looking wife, but because he actually does know his football!

Against Chelsea, one of the biggest flaws in Arsenal’s play was that there was absolutely no support for Robin van Persie. He was playing a rather lone striker role, and it seemed to get a little bit TOO lonely at times! He needs someone with whom he can play the one-two’s and gallop away for a clear shot on goal. Rosicky does his main work in the middle of the pitch near the centre-circle, and he’s more of a playmaker, not a support man. He’ll move the ball on quickly to the frontmen and connect the whole team together, but he won’t go after RVP looking for a shot on goal himself.

Here, I believe, Benayoun stands out. In the few matches I’ve seen him start on the left wing, we’ve got nearly a 100% win record if my useless memory holds me well. He combines well with the midfield, drifts inside to draw the men and open up space for others, but in my opinion the best thing he does is his chemistry with Robin van Persie. He plays the quick first-touches, drifts inside to open up space for the Dutchman to work in and moreover just seems to get the best out of RVP. Whenever RVP gets the ball, he always seems to have Yossi available, so that the ball can be moved FORWARDS. Against Chelsea, RVP had to do most of his work with his back to goal, and that’s never a good sign.

But then again, you have to see that Yossi is past 30 years of age, and isn’t exactly a young spring chicken anymore. But then, so is Rosicky, and he just got a new contract. Surely Yossi’s performances also warrant him a chance to shine again in Arsenal colours, and play his part in bringing glory back to the Emirates?

Should Yossi Benayoun be signed on a permanent deal?

By Nitesh

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Nitesh: Should Arsenal get Yossi Benayoun on a permanent deal ? [Poll]
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9 to “Nitesh: Should Arsenal get Yossi Benayoun on a permanent deal ? [Poll]”

  1. undisclosed says:

    How much? cos last summer we was quoted £5m add that to his £75k a week salary and i would have to say i am not sure it is worth it for a player who is 32 in may

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  2. Candid gunner says:

    If he’s going to be occupying a space for a younger, more vibrant player, why allow him take up that slot? IMO, it’s a waste of resource, please don’t get me wrong, Benayoun is a very good player and a very important one,, he’ll be 32 in the summer, so why tie down a space with a player that’s past his hay days in football? A critical gunner will object to that- especially, with the 25 senior player in the EPL! COYG!!

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  3. Icemann says:

    Would love to keep him but for the 25-man EPL squad rule…. We defintely need a few old, loyal and experienced players in the 25-man squad next season and that’ll be RVP/Rosicky/Sagna/Arteta… no space for Benayoun unfortunately.

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  4. John Collard says:

    Nitesh glad to see you back. HOW DID YOU REALLY DO THAT FINGER (lol) Yep i think he would be a good squad player. 20 mins coming on for whoever.

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  5. sunday says:

    yes wenger should pls sign him on a parmanent basis.because his better than that of useless ramsey.pls tell wenger to get rid of ramsey 4 next season.we arsenal fans need trophy.sign benayoun

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  6. Kia says:

    Whats the point of getting rid of Ramsey who is a youngster for Benayoun who is 32 in a couple of days? Makes no sense…

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  7. Angelito says:

    I was thinking Gourcuff would be ideal for us. So, I’d want us to sign him. Benayoun does provide us more than Ramsey does though.

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  8. Pat Rice says:

    I say HELL NO, what about Miyaichi, Ox, Campbell etc. We have players who are slowly breaking in…..

    I’m sorry for going off the topic a bit, but I’m worried that Gervinho is turning out to be another Chamakh, players with class don’t slump like this and show no utter effectiveness when they’re low on confidence.

    I would like us to atleast give him next season and if he stays the same we sell him.

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  9. Dan Parkin says:

    His experiance is a valuable weapon, and has been used this season. Bring him in on a pay-as-you-play deal?

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