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Nitesh: Respect to Tottenham fans and Howard Webb for cheering life above football

Posted on March 19, 2012 by Nitesh

The footballing world was shocked by the sudden collapse of Fabrice Muamba on Saturday in an FA Cup match against Tottenham at White Hart Lane. According to Sky Sports, Fabrice Muamba’s heart is now beating without medication and his arms & legs have shown movement.

But all this rather brings things into perspective. Absolutely nothing is above life, and even football has to take a backseat at times. Sure, football is the dream for some people, but sometimes these dreams have got to be put on the backburner for more important things to happen. And these more important things include your life and your family.

At this point of time, I do really want to draw attention to Howard Webb and the Tottenham fans. Say what you will about the English ref, you have to admit that he conducted the situation remarkably and performed his duties well. He consulted both the managers on the touchline and led the players off when it was apparent that the game couldn’t continue. A great display by the referee, and I applaud him for the same.

Muamba is a former Arsenal player, coming through the Academy before joining Birmingham City and then Bolton. So it was a heartening gesture by the Tottenham fans to sing his name as he was down on the pitch, and give him a standing ovation as he was being carried off. This is football, the beautiful game. Life should be the first priority for anyone, and for a young man all of 23 years to be struck down like this really doesn’t sound fair. May the whole world’s wishes spur him onto the path to recovery, and that he returns to do what he loves.

Sorry for not having come back with an article on Arsenal today. But life really is the most important thing, and I just wanted to emphasize on that.
Ciao :)

by Nitesh

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6 to “Nitesh: Respect to Tottenham fans and Howard Webb for cheering life above football”

  1. @Tagel says:

    I have respect for all foot ball players. Because they have sweet heart andalso l love football and players too much that is the right love. Anyway i pray 4 Muanba. I sure, he will play football in Jesus name.!

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  2. FinnGun says:

    I say, respect to Nitesh. But some thing are above life. Or is there nothing you’d be willing to sacrifice your life for? Like say… justice?

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  3. Hassan says:

    I wish to pray for Abidal and Muamba to get well soon, we missed them and may the lord be with them. they are a great players, Muamba is a great player for Bolton likewise Abidal to Becelona. i wish that they get well soon. cos we arsenal fans missed them a alot.

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  4. Shabin Abdul says:

    Misfortune is something inevitable that can happen 2 any humanbeing, its a trial of how strong ur faith is & ifu can appriciat what God give u in ur life so lets put God first in everything we do & pray 4 our bro fabrice 2 get wel soon 2 resume his duties lov u boy quick recovery.

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  5. John collard says:

    Nitesh mate great blog. Yes spurs and all fans across the globe have shown full support. This boy muamba is a fighter he hears our prayers and feels the love. My main concern this week in football will not be at goodison park it will be the recovery of a true hero fabrice muamba.

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  6. ash says:

    Yes spurs fans earned my respect that day.

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