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Nitesh: No one can say that Arsenal is a soft team now

Posted on March 15, 2012 by Nitesh

Over the last few years, there has been a common complaint against this young Arsenal team. A lot of people have said that they lack the winning mentality, that Gunners cave in under pressure. But if there’s one thing that I’ve learn from the last month or so, it’s that our Gunner life is going to change soon enough….

Let’s just take a look game by game. First the North London derby against the Spuds, when the diving c*nt in Bale came to town hoping to cheat us out of another comfortable win. When we went down by two goals, Gooners could have been forgiven that it was going to be another lost cause. But it was never meant to be, was it? Arsenal players stood up together, pissed in the face of the scum from the darker part of town, and really rammed the win home. Rammed it hard too.

And then we travelled straightaway next week to Anfield, which was never going to be an easy game. I do hate Liverpool as much as the next Gooner, but sometimes, you have to admire Gerrard’s team in making their home ground a fortress. But I guess the fortress days were long past, and that there is only so much far you can get by buying off refs. And there, we confronted the bigger c*nt than Bale in Suarez. I’ll just repeat a stat from that match, I just like driving it in!

Luis Suarez: 7 dives, 6 screams, 9 floor-rolls, 15 gestures to ref, 5 big teeth, 0 goals

And so we went down to an own goal, and nothing whatsoever creative play from them. Arsenal held on till the end, didn’t concede any more goals, and then hit them with a killer punch deep into injury time. Haven’t Manchester United being praised for that very fact, the ability of scoring late goals to win games when it really mattered? Then I can’t understand how not even a single commentator, pundit or whoever didn’t praise Arsenal in this regard. On top of that, there’s a show over here in India called the Monday Night Verdict, where they ‘analyze’ the weekend’s matches. Out of all the pundits that they have, one is a Liverpool fan, one is a Spud fan, one is a Manure fan, and the only one who speaks sense in there isn’t allowed to give his opinion. And of all the points that they could have pondered upon, they chose:-

–> With a defence like that, Arsenal can never hope to win any trophy in the forseeable future.

–> Though Arsenal look good going forward, they always look like a bomb waiting to explode when they give away the ball.

–> Arsenal has no visible second-string anywhere near to being able to coming in and covering for the first team when they can’t play.

I won’t even respond to those points now. I’ve become sick of defending Arsenal against idiotic accusations like these time and again. But it really feels idiotic to me that there are no better pundits available. And the thing which really pissed me off was that I didn’t hear the word ‘dive’ even ONCE in the Liverpool and Tottenham games….

And then against Newcastle. We had all the possession, we created all the chances, but we were just unlucky not to win it a bit more comfortably. We went behind to a good goal by Ben Arfa, but not a single head dropped. And by god, our goal was good! A couple of great one-time passes between Rosicky and Sagna, then Rosicky finds Walcott’s run into space with a perfect through ball, the Englishman squares it to RVP and he does the honours. We didn’t stay behind for even a minute, and that showed champions’ qualities. We kept on going till the end and always threw bodies forward, looking for the goal that would win us the game against a supremely parked bus.

I won’t go on now, but I want your opinions on this. Have Arsenal finally learned to possess the spirits of champions, the will to succeed, at all costs whatsoever?

by Nitesh

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Nitesh: No one can say that Arsenal is a soft team now
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  1. Lari says:

    Yes! This time Arsenal have got that mentality which they lacked last year in the crucial games at the end of the season…they are now more confident and with all our full backs fully fit they are looking to rip teams apart…if newcastle had an attacking game we could have easily won it…but they chose to sit back n defend n waste time…if it was manu,chelsea,etc we wud have won easily bcoz our defence is nw really well balanced and our midfield n wings r really great…n wit RVP in front we will kick anyone’s ass…Even Milan could nt handle this newly rejuvenated Arsenal squad!! So COYG!! Show the world what you can really do!

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  2. Yeah says:

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  3. John Collard says:

    I think they have done a great job to even get into this position after the poor start. Shows great belief to all. The crap are manager and the players have had to deal with. Spurs have had a so called great season and now only two points behind them and 3 infront of Chelsea. And some say we a club in crisis lol. Well if this is a crisis its a result over all. Wait till we lose again and see all the negative take me downs. Win or lose always get behind your team.Not one person likes losing but hey thats football. Are team has come strong and to get back so well in the hunt,hats of to the players and more so Wenger.

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  4. Poovan Raj (Malaysia) says:

    Well done so far to come out of the dooldrums. I shall keep my fingers crossed that we get the correct line-up everytime and keep winning and hope for the best. I am very happy AW had turned the team around successfully except for one thing. Actually it erks me to see Chamakh’s name in the list even as a substitute. He is NO GOOD. Why is Arsene persistantly naming him? He shouldn’t be seen even as a reserve. When he came on at the 75th min for the 2nd leg against AC Milan we practically stopped attacking. We should have had Park Ju Yong sent in instead, and changed to a 4-4-2 formation with Park partnering RvP. It was a big blunder on the part of AW. Again he had left out Park and named Chamakh for the Newcastle game. It’s unacceptable because Park is a proven regular goal scorer. Hope AW will open his eyes.

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  5. zdzis says:

    Well, essentially the accusations you mention are true – the only problem is they are still leveled when Arsenal evidently overcome these deficiencies. Also, what people tend to overlook is that, Man City and perhaps Chelsea aside, every other team from the upper floors of the EPL has serious squad issues. Neither ManU nor Tottenham actually have better subs than Arsenal, they prevailed through good attitude and minor help from the referees.
    This season, which began as sheer nightmare, is fast becoming a fairytale. The ugly duckling that lost 2-8 to the evil dark witch from the North is turning into a beautiful swan before our very eyes. If only it was still REALLY possible to contend for the title, Americans would probably make a movie of it, starring Russell Crowe as Wenger (the frown!), Keanu Reeves as RVP, Will Smith as Theo and Hugo Weaving as Howard Webb. Brad Pitt would star as Scott Parker (square jaw, boyish look), his highlight being that pliant wail at the end: “Arsene, why didn’t you take me!!!”
    Seriously, if Arsenal get more spirit, someone call Ghostbusters!

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  6. WC says:

    We will be tested by an in-form Everton at Goodison. To be honest this is a game that could go either way because the Toffees have been shrugging off some stiff competition at home but we NEED to take their scalp. We breached the typically impermeable Anfield, let’s do the same at Goodison.

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    • John Collard says:

      I dont see a problem. We are now in a prime attacking position. We will beat Everton and i believe Chelsea will draw at Man City. The gap then could be four point after that Chelsea face Spurs and we play Aston Villa at home. Its in our hands and i think champions leauge is ours. The next away game is QPR.COME ON U GOONERS

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  7. Akhil says:

    I hate those pundits…especially Shebby Singh…he talks utter shit..no wonder he supports Spuds.Steve McMahon is another example of being biased as a pundit…gosh he never finds a good thing to speak about Arsenal !! I prefer C2K on Ten Action…atleast ‘pundits’ there dont take sides..Carlton Palmer speaks sense sometimes !
    And agreed..Arsenal are no more a soft team,but we’ve got to prove this the whole season..not just 4 matches.

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  8. Pat Rice says:

    I’ll take it a game at a time and at this moment in time we aint soft.

    Another thing is that at this moment in time there’s a real team spirit within the team and we owe a lot of that team spirit from RVP’s form and for both the team and RVP believing in it.

    Another thing the team have taken notice of is that they fully realise that when they play the ball fast. and make a lot of darting runs(thanks to rosicky’s form) they WILL eventually score goals and win the game.

    The team is finally listening to wenger’s instructions and believing in themselves,*fingers crossed that players like djourou don’t come into the fold*

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  9. anxious gooner says:

    We seem to have the right mix of experience and youth at the moment . W e have a good defence but we must defend better as a team if we want to push on that third spot and maybe trophies next year…….

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  10. Okamgba from ibadan Nigeria says:

    You have said it all my fellow gunners,what i want to add is this,with what am see our team has come of age atleast days are gone when teams like chelsky, botom,stokfish etc bullied us now we can boast of song,arteta,wilshere,the OX and frimpong in the middle.lets win two more games and 3rd is ours ARSENAL TILL THEY KINDOM COME

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  11. Gooner4life says:

    Yeah to be honest with u, everton really really scare me, they are a potential banana skin because they are very good at home and david moyes will probably drill them especially after liverpool loss and they’ll probably be looking to mess up the pitch to make it even more difficult for us. I just hope that arsenal are well aware of difficult goodison park is and if there’s even half a percent of complacency, then everton will be even more difficult. But, I believe that at the moment they way we are playing and defending is very very good (but gibbs must be very very aware because he been making costly mistakes as from the totenham game but he played well against milan n newcastle apart from the goal conceded in that game). So if all do what we need to do and song supplies rvp with a killer pass and we keep them constantly under pressure, then we will win the game no doubt, but we really really have to be on top of our game and not be complacent because they gona get on our faces. GO GUNNERS!!!

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