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Nitesh: Have Arsenal fans become too expectant?

Posted on October 13, 2011 by Nitesh

Arsene Wenger has now been at the club for 15 years, the last 6 and a half being a barren trophyless run. With the dust settling down in our cabinets and a lot of fans turning on the manager, it isn’t really the right time to ask, but have Arsenal fans grown to expecting much more from the club and a manager as would normally have been the trend?

There has been a lot of abuse against the Gaffer. Much of this abuse, while not presented in the least candid of ways, have all been in the right context. They are also words from true Gooners, individuals who love the club as much as the others do. There have been some mistakes during Arsene’s reign, and I would always be the first one to point out any disappointments in his system. But to say that he’s lost the plot, as it were, would be one of the biggest discredits to a man who should now be at the peak of his coaching prowess.

The soft-spoken Frenchman initialised a mini-revolution of sorts at the club when he arrived in 1996, and since then, he has passed every other man to become the most successful manager in the club’s history. Long time Gooners would remember the days when we were never considered among the elite at the time, forever pushed to the side, and title-contention would be considered a dream come true. Arsene’s won a lot with Arsenal, he could have won a lot AWAY from Arsenal, but he’s carried on with a system which we all easily excepted when the first team was winning, but has now come under heavy pressure with the starting lineup in such disarray.

Have Arsenal fans become too expecting of a man and a club, both never considered up there 2 decades back? Do Arsenal fans have to be reminded why they got to that certain level of expectation, and just try to imagine where the club would have been had Arsene not been. My imagination is shite, and I’m not exactly the most favoured of people to comment on this topic, so I’ll just shut up now.

But at the end, I can’t help but repeat….again…..

Have Arsenal fans become too expectant?

by Nitesh

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Nitesh: Have Arsenal fans become too expectant?
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17 to “Nitesh: Have Arsenal fans become too expectant?”

  1. Mike says:

    100% agree with your apparent philosophy behind Arsene and the Gooners. Problem with us is, that apparently we’re too considerate for the big picture and what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future. Instead of being part of the proletariat minded folk who can only seem to think in the here and now. Just to reiterate your bottom line, quit hating on the man who has made Arsenal and start showing your undying love and support at a time when both club and manager need it most. Gooner till I die!

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    • john collard says:

      Yes the fans have become bloody greedy. Wenger spoilt the brats. And now the well is dry they want to chuck him in the gutter. A complete disgrace and in my opinion and me only i believe they are not a true fan. Wenger dont get the money and who ever come into this club wouldnt make ne change. The board have no interest but to line their pockets.

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  2. Mohamed Zubairu says:

    It is very obvious that Arsenal was not one of the power houses of football in England let alone Europe before Wenger’s arrival. If we are considered a power house in Europe today and ranked second only to Barcelona in the art of beautiful football, it is all credit to Wenger. If for any reason things are not at the level we have become used to, we should rather proffer solutions to the problem rather than turn on the very one that brought the good times. Arsenal was known as boring, boring Arsenal before the Wenger Era. Besides his past achievements, his management has helped to afford us a stadium and facilities that will help us compete with the biggest clubs in the long run. We also have a financial stability to expect a bright future. Our academy has started to churn out products that are the envy of other clubs. It beats my wildest imagination and I think it borders on ingratitude to be calling for the sack of the manager who has brought us so much.
    You may call me an AKB if you wish but Wenger is not lacking for options in case he gets fired. I am sure many big clubs will be queuing up to secure his services.
    With regards to the question, I don’t think that the fans are expecting too much. I think we are only reveling in the glory that we have enjoyed in the past. We should however not forget that Wenger is pivotal in bringing that glory. If we lose him, we might head back to where we are coming from. It will definitely cost us far more than it has cost us under Wenger to maintain the level we are used to now.

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  3. Aussie Jack says:

    `Expectancy` goes with the legend of Arsenal and dates back to the golden years of the 1930`s when they were an inspiration in the seemingly hopeless world of `The Great Depression`. When Arsenal were on top so were the poor souls who were suffering destitution. As a boy at the end of the war I too had my dark days and it was a visit to Highbury ,maybe twice a month, that made life worth while.

    So yes! there is a level of expectancy from Arsenal and lying 15th in the table does absolutely nothing for the hundreds of thousands of fans who still base much of their lives around `The Gunners`.

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  4. nicky says:

    One of the reasons why Arsenal fans have become too expectant is the fact that since the 1930’s the Club has provided the media with a never-ending, fascinating source of news. Record signings,7 players in the England XI, Tube Stations named after the Club, films about the team and a host of triumphs and disasters in equal measure. Even today, when the team is in some trouble, the position is newsworthy. A crisis is being made out of a drama.
    I would like to quote one example how the media has transformed a simple situation into an attemted panic.
    Robin Van Persie is approaching the end of his contract and has decided, quite understandably, to delay any extension talks until next Summer, preferring to concentrate on his football. The media have seized on this with a frenzy of speculation, reporting that he will be joining Man Cty for £30m in January, he has just sold his house etc, etc.
    There is little doubt that the Arsenal Board welcome news, good or bad, about the Club rather than no news at all.
    Nevertheless it will always be necessary for we fans to try to disseminate between what is true or false in what is fed to us by the media. In that way we can be selective in our expectancy!

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  5. Rana Dutta says:

    2 wins in 7 matches, 8-2 thrashing by ManU, and 15th in the table, are good enough reasons to be concerned. It’s not only the quality of some players but also the way they are used are a cause for concern. The management of the defensive system has been ignored for too long. 60 to 70% possession of the ball without scoring enough goals is also a big concern. These weaknesses have been around for several years but there seem to be a lack of urgency to address them. If the current management team don’t have an answer, they must look elsewhere for the answer.

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  6. Iniez says:

    I dont think its about expectancy, I mean I expect a lot from my club and I do expect them to challenge for all titles. But I dont go crazy every time someone misses a pass and curse the club for everything they are. Yes we’ve had disappointments, some big ones. But for gods sake some people need to remember they support this club. Some take their comments waay too far, just way way too far. The problem is this stupid war going on between arsenal fans. Its gotten to the point where arsenal is no longer a safe haven for arsenal fans. I mean its just crazy..after a disappointment your supposed to go to the people who would most know how you feel and you get comfort knowing your not alone. But now look at what happens, we lose and start tearing into each other and the club. We win and we still fight..its madness. And these fights just start out of nothing. Like right now I’m just writing about all of us getting along, but someone will come along and start saying that wenger is stupid and I’m blind, even though I didn’t even mention my position on the wenger subject. Some just catch the smell of akb and go berserk, I don’t even have to say anything they disagree with but the fact that I’m being positive makes me an akb, and being an akb makes me the enemy. And yes I pretty much am an AKB, but we’re not any better. If anything we’re even more annoying. All we do is tell people they aren’t arsenal fans and to go support another club. No one has the right to do that. And we don’t change our minds either, we have as much of a siege mentality as those against wenger. Both sides spark these fights and I feel its just getting too much. All I’m trying to say is we all need to calm down, take a step back, and realize we’re all on the same team. We all have opinions, so lets be civil and have a normal discussion for once without someone coming on and starting a fight. There will always be good times and bad times, but for those bad times we only have each other

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  7. ymoolababy says:

    Nitesh you are right but expectaions always go up. eg you get an a in a exam and then the next one you get an e.you expect to get the a again. Arsene had his replacement for fabregas and it was nasri. He left arsene in a mess as arsene said you cant convince the fans youre a big club if you sell your best players. hopefully the current crop will sort it out and prove critics wrong but the gunners are a long way off title contenders

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  8. Z Gunner says:

    Arsenal fans need to remember what Arsene Wenger has done for Arsenal and believe that he can do it again. They need to show support and gratitude to a man that could have easily been the manager at Real Madrid, Barcelona, both Milans. He bleeds Arsenal and the 8-2 defeat, the Blackburn defeat, player departures, and booing fans hurt him as much as they hurt those that boo.

    Show the man some love for the HISTORY he has with Arsenal and for constantly finding solutions. How many times has Arsene turned things around. Some Arsenal fans can be a dull crowd.

    Arsene Knows the problems and he is fixing them. Arsene also knows, as anyone who’s in football, that it takes time.

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  9. ash says:

    Dont know why all those akb have backward mentality.yes wenger made arsenal a top European team,yes wenger made arsenal wat it is today but doesn’t mean he should make us a midtable team again.people get education n work experience to better their life,thats wat wenger did with our club 6 years ago.nw arsenal should be winning trophys not challenging for 4th spot.why do u think top players wana leave cos they know arsenal wont win anything n the manager is not addressing the issue.fans are frustrated years after years we see the same problem but the manager doesn’t see it,every year wenger lies and tel us he will buy world class player but never happens.fed up of kids and potentials.it doesn’t help when u pay the highest ticket price n u see same ur team get hammered 8.2 n ur top rival overtake ur club.

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  10. John says:

    Ash, well go use your money and pay for cheaper tickets at other clubs. Have fun and ciao:)!

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  11. Vinay says:

    Arsene Wenger’s success is what has made him be considered a failure now. He made a historical club go on to be the best football playing team in the league. He made the team go unbeaten, he made them win and compete consistently without compromising on the style of play. He made superstars out of good players, he showed the world how to run a club successfully in every aspect,he even developed a youth model which almost worked in a money driven game. The whole world wants him to fail because he will go against defined convictions, how can a frenchman come and win the league unbeaten, how can he make players who previously were unknown to be stars, how can he ensure the club moves to a world class stadium and then start repaying most of the debts within such a short period of time, how can he almost win the league with kids???? Wenger is god gift to Arsenal, we should be privileged that he managed us and dint leave us through thick and thin.

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  12. Morris shine says:

    Gooners change your ways,i mean your ways of negative thinking about Arsene Wenger cos he is a living LEGEND in the world of football. “The best coach of the decade”.

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  13. Youssef says:

    Arsene Wenger is the person who brought the good football to Arsenal, and he enable us to get a new stadium and a lot of other things. That’s for sure and no one can say the opposit !
    OK, so what. Now it’s another day and we are facing new challenges. and as all of you know, a person can’t be the man of all the situations. He has been the man for 15 years and Yes I agree he can help by managing the club and By getting another position in the club’s hierarchy but I strongly belive that it’s time to bring in a new blood as manager and also Keeping Wenger in another position (I repeat my self)
    That’s my point of view.
    And, Yes I expect and will expect more from Arsenal because Arsene brought us glory and He’s responsible of keeping it like that

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  14. nickw says:

    We have the second biggest gates in the country, we have the fourth highest wage bill and we charge the most for season tickets. After Man U and Liverpool we have won the most league titles in the history of the league. If this doesn’t make us a big club I don’t know what does and as a big club you are expected to perform. To talk about high expectation levels is just another attempt to divert blame and excuse failure. We are a big club and with that comes expectation.

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  15. ash says:

    John u mupet grow up,such typical akb licker attitude.just cos i dnt agree with ur akb licking opinion doesnt mean i should support another team.un like u muppet i support arsenal n u support akb mre then the club.u clueless idiot im not teling u to agree with me im just saying how i feel.i hate akbs opinion that dosent give me right to say go n support another team

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