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Nitesh: Contract talks begin with Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott

Posted on March 20, 2012 by Nitesh

Arsenal is now left with all of 10 matches to go this season, but the manager isn’t taking his attention away from the field at the moment. There’s no such thing as an easy run-in and the race for third spot is going to go the distance. We haven’t finished below the Spuds in God knows how long, and we wouldn’t want that to suddenly change now, would we?

We have been crying out for Robin van Persie to go through a season without sustaining a long-term injury, and it seems that the miracle is going to happen now. It has always been said that if he stays uninjured for a year, he would be right up there with the best in the world, and that’s showing through now. 33 goals this season alone in all competitions, currently top of the goal-scorers chart in the Premier League with 26 goals, he has shown the whole world that he’s one of the best strikers in the world at the moment, if not all-time. His contract runs down at the end of next season, so it is important that we tie him down to another long-term deal if the club is to move in the forward direction.

He had rightly refused to comment on this situation at the start of the season, citing that he wanted to delay it till the summer when they could all sit down and decide on what was best for the future. I believe that he may be convinced to stay if the board makes funds available to Wenger and if Arsene goes out and signs a couple of world-class players, signaling Arsenal’s decision to go for it all next season. But selling Robin van Persie and buying Podolski isn’t moving forward, its two steps backwards. We don’t need cover at this moment of time, we need to strengthen the squad rather than letting it be torn apart. Sit down with him Arsene, offer him as much as he wants, even if it is £200,000 a week, just tie him down to a good healthy 4-year contract.

Talks have also started with Theo Walcott, and it shows good signs of progressing in a positive direction for the player at Arsenal. The English winger has had a lot of critics on his back who have slammed him time and again for not being consistent enough. But people need to realize that he is still a young player, and at 23 he has his whole career ahead of him. Taking him to the World Cup at only 16 years of age raised a lot of unwarranted expectations from him, and he has been struggling to live up to them ever since. Furthermore, I believe that it was down to the lack of options at Arsenal that he has played so much from such a young age. Look at Sturridge over at Stamford Bridge; he’s slowly being incorporated into English football at 22 years of age, going to Bolton on loan last season, and his performances have been splendid for that. Walcott isn’t like Jack Wilshere, he isn’t the next breakout star, but all that people expect from him really is extraordinary. If we succeed in tying him down to a good long contract, I’m sure we’re going to see him at his best, because it’s only now that he’s entering the ripe age for wingers.

Arsenal travel to Goodison Park tomorrow hoping for a good result against Arteta’s old team. Everton are currently 10th in the league, and have shown solid performances in their last few games. The return fixture saw Robin van Persie scoring the magnificent volley from Alex Song’s pass to give Arsenal a 1-0 victory in the anniversary game. More along the same lines please?

by Nitesh

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Nitesh: Contract talks begin with Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott
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  1. Bradster says:

    I agree that we should be trying to get RVP to extend his contract with us but I’m glad to see that Wenger is looking for the “just in case” rather than lose good players like he did this season and not replace them.
    I agree that Walcott needed the time to develop instead of the hype just because he’s promising and English. That’s where AOC has benefited as a result of what happened to Walcott and Wilshere in the past, being played too much too soon.
    I hope all the pundits are right that Walcott will develop his game and he has time because right now it depends on his speed and that defence splitting pass

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  2. John Collard says:

    Dont know why all this talk is a worry with Robin. Van Persie will be a Arsenal player next season. I have no doubt in my mind he will play for Arsenal next year. I will place a bet with any friend on here. 100 per cent Robin is a gooner.

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  3. undisclosed says:

    We need to explain to walcott that he is not a winger he is merelya forward who plays on the right of a three and occassionally switches to the left. people say that this formation does nit suit him but im telling you it is far better than 442 as for theo he just would not fit into that formation.

    we are so very close to having the best bank of forwards and midfielders in the epl. add hazard podolski and hoilett to walcott rvp gervinho and chamberlain afobe miyaichi and we will have 9 forwards the envy of any team.

    add holtby and mvila to song coquelin arteta wilshire ramsey rosicky and diaby frimpong lansbury eisfeld and we will have 12 midfielders as good as anyones. those 5 signings along with isla and vertonghen will complete our outfield signings this summer. handanovic and butland will also join. almunia fabianski mannone mcdermott hoyte squillaci brislen-hall denilson benayoun eastmond arshavin watt murphy park chamakh bendtner and vela will be the players leaving.

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  4. Shabin Abdul says:

    Arsanel is a big club but its run by gluttons who are only foughting for there interest & how much money they get, not knowing what the fans who pay huge a mount money are feeling the board shld came 2gether & make van highest paid player & splash the money 2 boost the squad instead of weakening by selling top players its disappointing a big club like arsanel hv become market centre for other clubs i’m not supprised when were run 7yrs widout trophy.

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  5. Shabin Abdul says:

    John my friend don’t be too sure van wil stay coz henry left when we needed him, so who is van 2 stay

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    • John Collard says:

      Trust me my fellow gooner.You read it here first. I am 100per cent sure. If im wrong then hammer me.

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  6. sauce says:

    undisclosed pls dont mention players Wenger ought to buy or he should be sacked and you named the interim boss for atleast for 6months,then we would see if you would not face the Sack!period.


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  7. nicw says:

    I thinks if we finish outside the top 4 he will definitely leave and that about is 50:50 if you ask me. I know I shall be slated for this but I also think there is a fair chance he will leave even if we do qualify for the champions league. We have to show that we are capable of challenging for trophies not just runner up spots. If this wasn’t true then why would he refuse to discuss a new contract until the end of the season? I know no one wants to hear this but then no one wanted to hear about, flamini, Fabregas, Hleb and Nasri leaving but it didn’t stop it happening. This is very similar except we are even further behind the leaders now than we were then, in terms of league position and wages on offer.

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    • John Collard says:

      Mate can always count on you for a good old negative with this Arsenal side. Ok fancy a friendly wage bet.

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  8. John Collard says:

    Ps we will be in the top four. No question.

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    • nicw says:

      If he’s so keen to sign a new deal then why won’t he even discuss a new contract. Surely that means he has big reservation about staying.

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  9. Shabin Abdul says:

    If we are consistent & hv the fighting spirit we showed lately then we can finish top 4 or even 3 starting wid everton as for john be sure 2 be hammered by fellow gooners when ven leaves

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    • John Collard says:

      I will take all u bring my friend ) LOL. Chill Robin will stay. Nic we shall see

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  10. Shabin Abdul says:

    Hahaha john keep on dreaming ur moral is high hope he woun’t let u down nice day

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  11. John Collard says:

    My friend. Im right on this one trust me. lol

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  12. Shabin Abdul says:

    Ok my friend if u insist but lets hope we beat everton & be above spurs how do u see that

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    • John Collard says:

      I see 3rd my friend. Look out for my blog 2 moro dude. Give me some feed back. I think we shall beat Everton,Chelsea will lose to City and Spurs will draw or beat Stoke. Ps thats a huge fxxxing guess lol

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      • John Collard says:

        Ps my blogs are like jigsaws lol Or so iv been told but love learning the trade. Hope u enjoy. My grammer is like Sebastian Squillaci defending lol.

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  13. anxious gooner says:

    Rvp owes afc .. Think everton will be tough , potental banana skin , hope im wrong , not predicting an easy night at all…

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