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Nitesh: Analyzing Stan’s comments- Not so silent anymore !

Posted on September 12, 2011 by Nitesh

Silent Stan is a nickname which has become synonymous while discussing the new Arsenal major shareholder, Stan Kroenke. After his takeover towards the end of last season, the Gooner faithful were hopeful that he would bring a strict firmness to the rather placid-looking boardroom and come down hard on any non-performers. But so far, most people have been disappointed with his rather meek role in the running of the team, and his non-action in the wake of the recent disappointing results.

But now, he has finally come out and given a few choice words in an interview which is as good as one could have hoped for.

There’s a risk of going backwards if you overreact and start throwing money around in an attempt to solve your problems.

Signing a bunch of free agents wasn’t the answer. It set things back, and it took us a while to dig out of it.

The above lines are with respect to his earlier approach at Derby, where he had tried the wheeler-dealer approach, getting in players quickly and shipping out anyone who he found not worthy enough. He realized it was never going to work after the club sank in the table and barely got through his reign.

But I was disappointed in the fact that nowhere did he refer to ARSENAL’s plight. I don’t say plight in a negative sense, but I would have expected to hear words about the club he owns, rather than the club he used to own and didn’t work out. But one thing he did do was to show that Arsene had his support, which can only be a good thing in my opinion. Arsene’s reign has come to its judgement point; this is the season which he will always be remembered by.

Kroenke owns a lot of different clubs and teams around the world, and his teams have always been known for remaining competitive throughout, come what may. We can only hope that Arsenal go the same way, and that he plays a positive part in that direction. Of course, we also need a few trophies along the way, but that is something which he cannot come out and talk to the press about. I can only hope that he’s working silently behind the scenes, dictating what needs to be done to everyone, and clamping down on any offenders of the system.

Silent Stan needs to wake up; he just came out of his daydream, now he needs to really wake up and smell the coffee. Owning a club at the highest level is no kid’s play, and he needs to really buck up and get things in order.

[CORRECTION – Sorry for the major error in this article. It wasn’t Derby, but was one of his American ventures, the St. Louis Rams that he was talking about. Well, that rather sends my reputaion down the drain, but anyway, you get the point!——Nitesh ]

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Nitesh: Analyzing Stan’s comments- Not so silent anymore !
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  1. wengernumb says:

    agreed he needs to be much more ambitious…we are arsenal and with respect not derby!…..he needs to have a workable intelligent wage policy….perhaps with incentive bonuses to bring us more in line with chelsea and man city…or at least some way closer.He seems overly cautious to the point of going backwards..which is indeed where we are heading. The transfer glut 2 weeks ago is not the making of arsenal…..some good players but under realistic scrutiny not top class players and not players that will force us into the top 4. i hope stan understands the fans burning desire for any kind of silverware and he begins to set in place workable financial strategies to attract top players and to keep them here;the exact opposite to what has happened

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    does he not refer to st louise rams?

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  3. dean says:

    Keep reading about Stan’s earlier approach with ‘Derby’ but he was quoted as saying ‘Rams’ in the original interview. I’m guessing he is talking about the Gridiron football team, St. Louis Rams.

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  4. Ant says:

    Kroenke was talking about St. Louis Rams, not Derby County Rams.

    He never owned Derby County – That was Robert Maxwell I think you are thinking of

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  5. jax gunner says:

    Kronke is not talking about Derby County, he is talking about the St Louis Rams and NFL team

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  6. Paul says:

    Sell to Usmanov, it’s the only way forward/upward.

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  7. Archimedes says:

    Rams is NOT Derby, it is the American Football team he is referring to! Read the original interview!

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  8. And_Arsene_Said... says:

    I’am embarresed for you. Rams…Derby County???

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  9. And_Arsene_Said... says:

    And even embarresed.

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  10. And_Arsene_Said... says:


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