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Mategyero – How long before Arsenal can compete again?

Posted on December 22, 2012 by admin

The Arsenal Puzzle; Connecting The Dots (Part Two) by Mategyero. P.S. If you missed part one, catch it here.

Why players leave.
On social networks, especially Facebook, Arsenal fans have turned their anger to players who have left the club calling them Judases and all sorts of names like ‘traitor’. The general perception is that these players lack team spirit. It could be so, it could be otherwise.
In a footballer’s perspective, they would want at the evening of their footballing career to look at hugely successful career especially if they are playing top-flight football for a club with the stature and history of Arsenal. A few medals, titles, and other accolades testify to this. Unfortunately, a player, let us say, who joined Arsenal in 2005 at 21 would have to wait until he is 31 in 2014 – which is an injustice on the part of the this player.

Therefore, players have left for at least two reasons: one, the club’s lack of ambition, and two, the footballers’ overwhelming but inherent ambition. Those who preferred a memorable career to look back at went to make it elsewhere, while those who wanted to do it with the club were silenced. Gallas was stripped off the captain’s arm band for such reasons as questioning the way things are done at the club.

Can they hold onto the scheme?
AW gave himself in to be the smoke-screen in all this. For the past seven years, he has felt the daring effects of offering yourself as a punching bag. He cannot contain the situation. It is getting out of hand. Fans went results and players like Sagna want assurance that the club is up to something better than a Champions League finish.

That is not all. The scheme has two more years to go. As a man so good at working under pressure, am sure AW will contain the pressure for these two years. But will the fans do the same? It doesn’t seem so.

It was not possible to tell the fans to wait for 10 years to win a title. And they had to lie to us. Due to the pressure on the club directors, they have come out to ask for two more years after which the club will have capacity to compete with the likes of United, City, Barca, Bayern, etc. They did this because they thought that saying ‘give us two more years’ would sound better in a fan’s ear than ‘give us eight more years’.
At the moment when fans are asking awkward questions like, why can’t we win titles? Why are we competing with Spuds? Why do we drop out of all competitions in eight days? Why do we drop vital points against weak opponents? And many more questions. Some fans loyal to the manager have come out to console others telling them to ‘keep the faith’, while others are puzzled. They cannot understand what is going on at Arsenal. Not even BBC can tell.

My take [and yours].
I think we will not compete for any title soon [I know many Arsenal fans don’t want to hear this]. We will just take part in them. Also, at least two more big name players are exiting the club before 2014. Even in 2014 season, winning a title, and even competing will be hard because it needs more than a good squad – of which needs to be build for at least three years. Instilling character in that team is another challenge – this is what AW should be doing now.

The team will need time to reinstate the fading glory. And trust me; many things have to change at the club [including management if conditions deem it].

Over to you. What do you think and what do you want to see change at the club?
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Mategyero – How long before Arsenal can compete again?
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2 to “Mategyero – How long before Arsenal can compete again?”

  1. owens says:

    Am certain most arsenal fans want kroenke and gazidis out..and dats wat i equally want..but the question is “what is the possibility that usmanov is not also a money grabbing flock”?

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  2. Mategyero says:

    @Owens non of us can tell, we have to wait and see what he’s got.

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