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Mategyero – Arsenal’s philosophy is supported by lies

Posted on December 22, 2012 by admin

The Arsenal Puzzle; Connecting The Dots (Part One). by Mategyero

The best description of the state at Arsenal is ‘lack of ambition’. Nothing more. Seven years and counting but the team seems not to want any titles yet. I have been pondering on this issue for a while now – looking for someone to blame for the mess at the club, and am glad I got him (them) – the club directors who constitute the governing board of the club.

The Philosophy that never was.
Am more concerned of the deceptive ways of these guys – championed by AW. How could they lie to millions of fans around the world? I keep wondering. For seven years, they had what they call a philosophy but was, in real terms, a ‘money gathering scheme’. Just this season, three club officials including the manager have come out to say that the club will be able to compete in two years time!

If it is in two years time, then I suppose they are talking about 2014. If so, then it makes it exactly 10 years since Arsenal last won a league title in 2004. This, according to my thought process, means that the ‘money gathering scheme’ which did not spare the club’s ambition at all was [and still is] a ten-year project – dressed in new and colorful clothes of the ‘glorious youth policy ’– as a philosophy.

These guys had not the guts to tell the fans that the wait would be a tiresome one, i.e 2004 -2014. No! Instead, they engaged us in a funny ping pong-like game. First they dispose off players who would question the diminishing ambition of the invincible like captain Patrick Vieira.

Deceit in Motion.
Since 2005, the club has sold its big names for hefty sums of money. Eg Henry, Vieira, Flamini, Hleb, RVP, Fabregas, Nasri (even Adebayor!). others like Sagna and Walcott are on their way out.

But why?
Initially, the loan servicing model of the Emirates Stadium was in a way that the club – not the shareholders – part of this loan. Thence the mega sales you have been seeing, the most recent being RVP and Alex Song. In return the club would scout, largely, cheap players who lack in them the fire in them to play the Arsenal game.

At first, young stars came from the youth wing like Fabregas, Clichy, Owusu, the Hoyte Brothers, Larsson, Muamba, Pennant etc. most of these did not make the grade, so the club reaped not much from them. Then the policy was adjusted to buy ‘some established’ players. But what skips the minds of many of Arsenal fans is that these players came in as replacements for the sold stars.

Fabregas for Vieira,
Eduardo for Henry,
Rosicky for Pires,
Hleb for Edu,
Arteta for Fabregas,
Gervinho for Adebayor,
Giroud for RVP, Etc.

All these were just replacements which never added any depth to the squad. All this was part of the new philosophy – the club directors kept on lying to the fans all this long as they deprived the club of both home and European glory while their dividends shot up as the Forbes lists show that the club is among the top six richest clubs on earth.

Watch out for Part Two in an hour or so…..

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Mategyero – Arsenal’s philosophy is supported by lies
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3 to “Mategyero – Arsenal’s philosophy is supported by lies”

  1. Dave Highbury says:

    NONE of these “BIG” players were big when they came to Arsenal, ONLY when they left.
    Fabs for Viera?
    Giroud for RVP? pffft They are completely different players. You haven’t got a clue.

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  2. mario says:

    Example of this ‘glorious youth policy’- only just recently Jenkinson became shell shocked against Swansea and started running with the ball towards his own goal and Oops!And even more recently Gibbs neatly passed the ball to the opposition viz. Reading and again Oops!And the Ox keeps running like a mad thing into blind alleys with no end product.Walcott much the same.Only Wilshire seems top class.The rest are crap.As for Ramsey he is worse than the lot.And if you add all the foreign crap like Chamakh,Gervinho,Park,Bentdner,Squillaci,Santos,Flapski,Djouro etc.etc.it makes one hell of a CRAP team.Thats whats become of Arsenal F.C.

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  3. Tumwine Richard says:

    Hello bro u are now talking and i like the scrutiny but to me i think the club shud be sold off

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