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Maddy- Arsenal need to give Arshavin a chance to shine!

Posted on February 06, 2013 by Bob


Most of you might think I am crazy….when I call the little Russian a hero, but I am a die hard Andrey Arshavin fan, and Arsenal have seen what an impact he can make if you give him time. This season Arshavin has hardly played at all, and if he did feature it was for about 10 minutes. How can you except a player who has not played all season to perform in 10 minutes??

Most of the Arsenal fans, and Arsene Wenger, are not looking at the Arshavin he could be if given a chance….

He is a player who can tear apart defenses, like he did in his first season. All he needs is time, and he can be more of a new signing than Abou Diaby is to us.

When we play players like Gervinho who are just so unbearable to watch in the starting line up, I wonder why not give the little guy a chance to show us his magic? For me he is one of the most talented players at Arsenal, we just need to give him a few more opportunities.

born a gunner die a gunner..


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  1. Tony says:

    Yeah right! He is dog

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  2. RoughChops says:

    I agree. I think he is terrific. His performance for Russia playing just behind the main striker is his best position. He can use both feet and can provide lethal crosses and through balls. His vision is excellent when played in the middle of the park.

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  3. Steven says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. He looked awesome in the European Championship and I’d much prefer him to be starting than Ramsey or Gervinho. The stats over the seasons don’t lie and Arshavin, even when he’s not at his best, provides many assists.

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  4. Karun says:

    Yeah you’re right bro! Even I’m a die hard fan of both Arsenal and Arshavin. For me he is a gunner’s legend. People talked about his attitude,but he loves to stay at Arsenal declining almost every opportunity of leaving the club. You know what, if we fans get behind him he can become what he once used to be(4-goals vs Liverpool and the goal against Barca). I have a request, Please do watch the following video in utube.

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  5. studz says:

    yes he has talent but the man does not defend its like we playing with another striker thats why he does not get used its because arsenal has a problem defending and he is the worst defences player on the team and yess even worse then andre santos

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  6. Irishgunner says:

    completely agree, the mans an uncelebrated genius. Really pains me to hear arsenal fans speak so poorly off him, they must have short memories.

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    If ashervin looses form,wenger is the cause.i don’t understand the reason why wenger should keep the lucreative player on the bench.wenger should be dismissed before he send arsenal fc into anarchy and doom.

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