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Kashmaster: Why is everyone worried about Arsenal getting 4th?

Posted on October 15, 2011 by Nitesh

Going through the newspapers and I just can’t believe what the media continually spew on a daily basis. “Arsenal will be lucky to get 6th”, “Arsenal have a failed youth system”, “Arsenal need to spend money” and the most ridiculous “Arsenal need a new manager”. Why is it that the media pray for Arsenal’s next blunder? Why is it that when we do something, there is always something wrong with it? Why is the media so anti-Arsenal?

Arsenal has existed for 125 years now and it is definitely supposed to a special year for us. Granted we haven’t started so well in the premier league, but what counts is that there is still another 31 games to go. People and especially the media seem to forget that Arsenal have had a sturdy start in the Carling cup and the best start in the Champions league out of the English clubs.

The main point of this article is to explain why I believe that Arsenal will get at least 4th. Both Tottenham and Liverpool haven’t had the best of starts and vitally the latter have lost points to teams they should absolutely beat if they want to get 4th. Liverpool have spent £114 million since the new year and have lost vital players in Torres and Meireles. Now let’s inspect their best 11.

——————– Reina ————————-

Johnson— Agger —- Carragher — Enrique

Downing— Adam —- Gerrard —– Kuyt

————— Carroll—— Suarez ——————

A very formidable team but hardly a team that will finish above Arsenal. Now who would make our starting 11? Suarez and possibly Gerrard. Now for a team the media religiously stand by as a team that will finish above Arsenal, I can’t see the fuss. It is not even like they have amazing squad depth either. All they have is Henderson, Kelly, Skyrtle, Lucas and Rodriguez. The rest are nobodies really and essentially untested. This is the team I feel will get 6th. They have already lost points against Sunderland and Stoke and I expect them to come away with nothing this weekend against United.

The next team is our bitter rivals, Tottenham. They are the media favourites for the simple reason that they can’t get enough of Arry. The media almost have to big up the prime candidate for the England job next year. I hate to admit it but they have a good team. Their first 11 are as follows:

—————— Freidel ——————

Walker—- Dawson—- King —— Ekkotto

Van der Vaart —- Parker —– Modric

Lennon—— Adebayor ——- Bale

This bunch are much more likely to contend with us for a top 4 place. I am pretty sure that Wenger would be happy to have the likes of Van der Vaart, Modric and Bale at his disposal. However you look at that squad and even their performance against us and we can see that they can easily collapse against any team. The back 4 is the weakest out of top 6 (no matter how many who think Arsenal’s is) and they could easily leak goals. We can also see that the front 6 are very strong but not

stronger than any of the other top 6 teams. Finally we can look at squad depth, where is it? Defoe? Kjankjar? Corluka? It is obvious that if any of the first team get injured which is likely then we could potentially face a very weak Spurs team when they come to the Emirates. However I still put them firm favourites to challenge Arsenal for 4th place.

Now let’s look at the team which has been under constant criticism, scrutinised by the media every day and the team which the media pit as the weakest team for the top 6 place. Let’s look at our beloved Arsenal.

————— ——Scecezny—————————-Sagna ——— Vermaelan— Mertesacker—– Gibbs

Arteta——- Song————– Ramsey

Walcott—— Van Persie ———- Gervinho

Now, I have left out Wilshere simply because he will be out for too long to be factored as an integral part of our premier league campaign. However I still expect him to be eagerly anticipated and this could be the person who prevents our mid-season dive. This 11 I believe is actually an extremely good and unfairly deemed the worst Arsenal side under Wenger. If you look out our team, you can clearly see we are lacking Fabregas and Nasri. Yet Nasri has been easily replaced by Gervinho and if he can be consistent he will be a better asset to us. Fabregas is a harder act to replace. He was the best midfielder in the EPL and he was miles ahead in terms of vision, passing and elegance. We have lost the future best midfielder in the world and we couldn’t do much to stop it. Now if we cast our mind back, Fabregas was not full fitness for a lot of matches and even missed large chunks of the season last year. Arteta is a very competent replacement. He created the 5th most chances on average last season after Fabregas, Giggs, Gerrard and Lampard. He was also at a much weaker team whilst the aforementioned four were in top 4 contending teams.

There is also the point that our team squad depth has increased since last season. We can see the likes of Frimpong, Ramsey, Coquilain, Chamberlain breaking into the first team along with our new purchases. I myself don’t quite buy the hype that we are a much weaker team. No team is made of one or two players, it is made of one unit which is comprised of many players working together for a single cause.

I always like to end articles with a few positive facts regarding our beautiful Arsenal.

We are the 5th Richest club in the world, we have the 4th largest fan base in the world, we have the 2nd biggest Stadium in England, we are the 3rd most successful team in England, we have the 2nd most successful youth system (after Barca) and finally we have the 2nd best manager in the world (after Sir Alex of course).

Support your team, support your Arsenal.

by Kashmaster

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Kashmaster: Why is everyone worried about Arsenal getting 4th?
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19 to “Kashmaster: Why is everyone worried about Arsenal getting 4th?”

  1. T2T says:

    An excellent article! I completely agree with all your main points.

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  2. henockovic says:

    I wish we had many fans as you, fans who can squeez-out the best staffs abt us while we’r even at our worst. 3rd richest club byw.

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  3. Ussy says:

    Is good to read a positive article from a fellow gunner. I say keep the faith and remember the slogon ‘in Arsene we trust’.

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  4. kols says:

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    • Kashmaster says:

      It is people like you that will bring this club down. You are so negative with your criticism. Why don’t you give any positive criticism?

      How can you say that they defend better as a unit? They both have essentially the same defense as last year and as I recall, who finished above them? Arsenal. We have improved since last year with the addition of mertesacker and we will have a fit Vermaelan at our disposal in a couple of weeks.

      Your henderson reference is very weak. They spent 20 million for him. He is their squad depth. The difference is that Coquilain, Chamberlain, Frimpong don’t always make the bench as our squad depth is that much better than Liverpool’s. He will always be gurranteed a spot on the bench whilst our players will have to work for it.

      In what world is Nasri better than Gervinho? If Nasri was that good, why did he disappear in the second half of the season? A player is not only measured by their talent but how often they display it. You think Messi would be the best player in the world if he wasn’t consistent in the way he plays? It is early to judge how effective Gervinho will be for us but I can safely say that he will be more effective than Nasri in the long run.

      Finally, I never said stoke was an easy place to go to but they lost to them whilst Man utd and Chelsea managed to draw.

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  5. alireza fayyazmanesh says:

    even we have lot of problems at the moment, i agree with you we have to support our team now, i am against any kind of demonstration against Wenger now, this is not the way to support our team but make it weaker. i think the problem is, that we all think we are better than Wenger,if Wenger leave arsenal now there is many big clubs, which will has him.

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  6. RostaBoss says:

    Brilliant post mate, finally an Arsenal fan with some sense. I cant believe some of the stuff im reading in the newspapers at the moment and to make it worse 3 quarters of the Arsensl bloggers out there are lapping it up and spreading it onto all their readers!!

    It’s completly ridiculous to think that getting rid of Wenger will make us better, I dont understand how this would work. Who would we get, who is available at the moment that would have at least the same skills as Wenger or better? What he has done for us is amazing, from the bargins he has brought in, to the youth’s he has brought up. From the training grounds he had a massive part in planinng and got us the funds for, (by selling Anelka, plus he had a little let over to purchase a certain Henry!!), to the move to the Grove, which he said would take years to get over. Its ridiculous that people think that getting rid of this man will turn the team around!!

    On to our team!! Yes we are weaker compared to last season no doubt, but give us a break, everyone last season was saying how crap Clichy was and we need a big center back, we sell Clichy and we get a big center back, yet they still complain, we shouldnt of gotten rid of Clichy and Mertasacker is crap. Give the guy a chance he’s played a hand full of games let him settle in!!
    We are weaker in the middle, but only becasue of one player, Fabregas, we can get over Nasri the mercenary, Gervinho will be as good if not better than him, give him a chance only a hand full of games again!! Fabregas was going to be impossible to replace on such short notice, we got in Arteta, we have Ramsey and Wilshere, the 3 of them together can easily take over from Fabregas.

    Next look at the youths we have comming up, all of who have Arsenal DNA in them, Frimpong, Coquelin, Watt, Bartley, Szczesny, Boateng, Gibbs, Aneke. Fair enough Diamonds in the Ruff but all ready to slot into the Arsenal starting 11 just like Wilshere last season, and Frimpong this season, most have been playing the Arsenal way since they were 9 years of age and will when given the chance, play for that Arsenal badge on their chest like all the best players have done!!

    Dont worry about Arsenal we will be fine and anyone who has nothing good to say about the team or who is supporting this protest tomorrow, be sorry for what you wish for mates, cause if it does happen it wont be nice and to me you lot ain’t supporters, you’r fair weather fans, a real supporter supports there team in the good times and the bad times, its all in the word SUPPORTERS!! Its time to stick together get around our team and manager and show them that we will be behind them no matter what and we will be the 12th man no matter what!!

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    • goonercen says:

      well said,,, however ,,with most sheep out there if you say anything long enough people will start believing it!! that is not to say we have some problems but i think the players have put it into their heads that what the media are sprouting is also true! instead of telling the outside world to f off!! i’m afraid that most people out there are vission-less fools,,wenger is not 1 of them!!but this goes for the arsenal fans also!! sucking up the spud driven media circus that is sky, talksport and almost every newpaper in the uk!!! fact!!

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  7. uchenna says:

    kashman,in as much i share ur opinion, i dnt admire attack on pple’s opinion. Allow pple 2 aire their opinion.its realy frustrating supportin arsenal in Nigeria cos of wot we r going tru. I belif nasri is overhyped,n i belif gervinho wil b a beta playa.i pray we hold tit this month cos d month of novemba wil c a different n stronger arsenal. So gunner fans keep d faith. GUNNERS 4VA, NAIJA 4 LIFE

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  8. kols says:

    @Kashmaster u said “Both Tottenham and Liverpool haven’t had the best of starts and vitally the latter have lost points to teams they should absolutely beat if they want to get 4th” Nobody is absolutely guaranteed a win at stoke. And u say my negative criticism will bring d club down, where did my being positive take us to anyways 4 dese 6yrs? While I admire ur positivity nd ur loyalty nd support to Wenger, I have opened my eyes to the reality that this seasons team is not going to do well nd we r going to have a long hard season ahead trust me.We r goin to b lucky to finish 4th wit our inconsistent nature. I don’t mean to be all negative but its hard to see any positive when we’ve gove 4rm a title challenge dis time last year to bottom half with a -6 goal difference with 16 gls conceded dis year.

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  9. diamond dave says:

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  10. Youssef says:

    if we win tomorrow, we will be 10th.
    if we win the next game we will be 9th.
    What I want to say, is that, we still have 31 games to play and it’s too early to be negative.
    If we are 6th by rhe end of the year, we can challenge for a top 4 for sure with the come back of our senior players…
    Yes, Thus year will be harder thatn ever but we must be confident and we should support our team. remember, we will gain 5 places tomorrow if we win the game and, for sure, it will do a massive favor to the players, manager, True suuporters and also false supporters LOL
    Keep the faith, Again 31 games to go 😉

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  11. kiki says:

    uchenna, it is very true it is not easy supporting arsenal here in Nigeria wen ur dad is a manu fan u are arsenal fan it’s never easy.
    But i want to agree with kashmaster, our team is not weak but i believe it’s the media criticism that is affecting our confidence, to hell with whoever we have sold, i want our midfielders to play their own partern to help the team and not to imitate whoever that have left the team because of what the media is saying.

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  12. dawn says:

    blind faith n optimism will bring u nowhere. every year there will be pple like u who comes out n say positives shit, but in the end, its still arsene telling us they were close n they have quality. enough is enough. i am a gooner no matter what. but arsene must go with his failed aides. i dun want afc to be in the lower side of the table to realise the fault n panic. now is the time to act.

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    • Youssef says:

      I told you that we will be 10th.
      and yes, in sport, you should be optimistic, otherwise, you will live a sad year mate :)

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  13. hradidaz says:

    good one mate.we have a good team and a great attitude.its just the understanding between the new players and the old ones to come correct and when it does we are good for challenging trophies and a top 4 finish.there are many anti-arsenal outside and if we all stand together and believe in our team then these anti-arsenal will be arsenal fans in future even though we may consider them in taking as arsenal fans.

    all the best arsenal
    arsenal 4 life

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  14. JJ says:

    All true but I just want to say the following…. Its not about the individuals! Its about playing together and so far this season there hasn’t been a lot of that. I pray that it changes! Come on gunners!

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  15. the font says:

    get behind wenger if you love arsenal

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  16. Ahmed Darma says:

    Best article i have read in weeks. And 2 uchenna, why is it so hard 2 support arsenal in our beloved naija? IT IS D SAME IN D UK

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