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Kashmaster: What happened to Arsenal’s ambition?

Posted on October 28, 2011 by Nitesh

As you all would know, the Arsenal AGM went by and it dawned upon me, ‘Has Arsenal’s ambitions fallen?’

The AGM mainly revolved around our objectives and how we will be competing with the opposition with the next few years. However I felt our objectives revolved around getting the champions league place rather than winning every trophy possible. I haven’t supported Arsenal for long but Wenger has always gone out to win trophies for the 15 years he has been with us. I feel that he would be happy with a top 4 place rather than actually winning anything.

Although many of us know, we are weaker than we were last year. With the loss of Fabregas, we are offensively much weaker and have for once dropped down in the odds to get 4th place never mind win the league. Not only that but the 5 other clubs competing with us have significantly increased their firing power with many marquee signings. Whilst it can be argued that our new signings haven’t quite stepped up to the plate bar Gervinho.

Financially, we are ranked the fifth richest team in the world in terms of revenue and that doesn’t even tap into our sugar daddy, Usamanov. We have the financial power to not only compete with others right now, but to compete within the next 20 years with our sustainable youth policy. Even reading a recent article, Usamanov would be prepared to inject 100 million to spend on new players and he is the sort of person to spend that all in one transfer window. I myself don’t understand why we must drop our ambitions to top 4 places when we are the third most successful team in the premier league. I remember last year were both us and Manchester United were the only title contenders. Now I would be happy with a top 4 place. Even looking at the domestic cups and Champions league, we are unfortunately unlikely to win any of them.

My fundamental statement is: We haven’t won a trophy in 6 years and the media couldn’t get enough of that, there is now a serious threat that we might not get 4th place. The media would lap that up. Could it be that the trophy-less seasons would then turn into Champion league-less season.

I am not a scare monger and neither an anti-Wenger supporter. Those who read my articles regularly will know that I have always been very positive about Arsenal even so during this tough start to the season and I remain to this day, faithful to Wenger. This is not an attack or criticism of Wenger or the players, I am happy with the way we are turning things round however I feel the board could do more to ensure that we were sitting two points off City rather than twelve. If we have the financial backing of individuals like Usamanov who is in fact richer than Abramovich. I dont understand why we can’t both be sustainable in the long term but still be competing for trophies in the present. Surely endless resources we have and the successful academy is not mutually exclusive. Can we have the best of both worlds?

by Kashmaster

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Kashmaster: What happened to Arsenal’s ambition?
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7 to “Kashmaster: What happened to Arsenal’s ambition?”

  1. bradster says:

    I’ve seen plenty times Man United come back or turn things around with the biggest load of crap on paper. I think don’t write us off just yet. Title may be just out of reach if Man City keep up their charge but top four and cups are not impossible. It’s not like Chelsea, Liverpool or Totenham are showing outstanding form.
    The star players in our team are starting to form and come back from injury. During crunch time next year we will have new recruits and Whilshere back. So let’s enjoy the results we’re eaking out and see where it can take us.

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  2. dave highbury says:

    We ARE sustainable.
    We ARE competing in all competitions.

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    • Kashmaster says:

      Firstly, I never disputed the two facts you have stated. I am merely questioning the financial power at our disposal and why the board are adamant not to tap into it. There is no need to be rude to me, I am only posing questions.

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  3. undisclosed says:

    Ambition has been over taken by realism. we may be cash rich but we are not a vastly profit making club. therefore.we.will not.pay the.salaries. the club have.already realised the crowds are dropping so they cannot squeeze anymore from the fans. this years season ticket rise cannot be repeated. so we will have to look at other ways to make profit. commercial deals and lucrative foreifn markets are two answers selling players desired by other clubs is another. man city are not living off credit cards that is a ridiculous statement. they are simply living off cash rich billionaires. until usmanov is allowed on to the board we will not afford that luxury. all it takes is for usmanov to accumulate 15 more shares if there are fans that are also shareholders then that is a move that will surely happen. then and only then will we see if usmanov will put his money where is his mouth is.

    top 4 is realistic and one of the 3 cups that we are in is ambitious. to think that we should be aiming higher or deserve more is unrealistic and also disrespectful to the finances available to other teams like man city chelsea man united barcelona and real madrid

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  4. Undisclosed says:

    I totally agree with you Kashmaster. At the end of last season, Gazidis announced that there would be around £40M for new players. That´s around what the board spent for Arteta, Gervinho, Mertesacker, Park and Santos BUT they made more than £70M through selling Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy and Eboue. They also offloaded the salaries of Bendtner and Denilson. I think the signings are pretty good but why didn´t they get Hazard, Aguero or any other game changer? Because the board are only looking to make a profit NOT to win titles. If you look at other teams Kroenke has owned, it´s pretty much the same; profit above results! I am torn between going to games to support the team and Wenger who I really admire … and not going to protest on the cheapskates behind the scenes.
    I am afraid that unless we win something this season there will be riots to get the board out … not Wenger!

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  5. nicw says:

    I heard the statements by Gazidis yesterday and I heard nothing about ambition to win anything, just vague statements about not standing still and going in the right direction. All the ambition of this board is self serving and financial it has nothing to do with football or finishing above Spurs. So I agree, I don’t think we will anything under this board precisely because it has no ambition other than to line its own pockets.

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  6. ash says:

    Kashmaster i totally agree with u but wenger should take some blame aswel cos every trasfer window he openly admit ther are money for player to buy tthn he says we are looking for quality but never buys any quality player instead he buy kids.

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