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John Collard: Going to War by Arsene Wenger- Why I still support Le Prof

Posted on February 23, 2012 by Nitesh

War with Wenger. And I’m sticking with our greatest leader.

Hello gooners. Today I am sending a blog to all the fans that come on the site. I’m willing to take what is given to me on the chin but I’m not going down without a fight and am standing by Arsene Wenger.

As you all know by now, I fight tooth and nail for Wenger on this site. I take the abuse from the Arsenal Wenger sack merchants time and time again. And this time it’s my last stand for the manager, who gave us the most. Not due to the fact I’m losing face, butt because I feel with the Wenger haters that they come across very aggressive in the comments towards him and myself. I take on board the opinion in the anger of the Gooner. But why is that anger because we have not won a bit of silverware in 7 years?

I’m not here to make war with the fans on here that call me a fool because I’m with Wenger all the way into his battle. Its just that I feel I can’t leave him on his own after what he has done for this great club. Does he really deserve all this abuse because of the players efforts? Does he really deserve to be back stabbed by the malicious Gooner? Am I not being fair by saying that the Wenger out merchants do come across in a much nastier way to state their point? Well today I’m willing to take what every Wenger-hater has to chuck at me. I’m sticking up for Arsene Wenger all the way.

Let’s have a look at the managers’ past for a minute. French manager of the year twice. J Leauge manager of the year. Officer of the British Empire. Once the Coach of the Year. FA Premier league 3 times. LMA Manager of the year. BBC Sports Personality Coach of the year. Freedom of Islington. FWA Tribute award. English Football Hall of Fame. Most Premier League Manager of the Month awards, only second to Fergie. And one of the biggest awards voted by people in the game- World Coach of the Decade award. Also not to add the endless FA Cup history he gave us over the years. Spurs and Villa was in front with the FA Cups, and now we are second only to United. Now to me is this a guy that can lose the plot and all of a sudden become a terrible manager?

Now let’s look at the 7 years we haven’t won anything. Endless semi finals in Champions League, Carling cups and Fa cups. Losing two finals in the Carling Cup and in the Champions League against Barcelona. Always in the top four or up there with a shout for the title and you guys call this a crisis. Yes we all want to win silverware but as I keep saying, football is getting harder and its not our divine right to win. I can’t understand when you look at clubs like Liverpool, Leeds, Port Vale, Notts Forest and now Rangers. Great clubs that are having a hard time. I believe the younger fan has been spoiled with the riches that Wenger gave us. Now that the water is a tad dry they want his head on a spike (it really is a joke).

Now take note of this Gooners. You most say Wenger is broken; yes, I agree but only by the board its self. You don’t lose all your skills like his did overnight. Why does Alex Ferguson, Gary Nevile, Martin o’Neil, Michele Platini, Henry, Keown, David Seaman, Paul Merson, Ray Parlour, Pep Guardiola say he is the right man for the job? Because they all know he is.

Respect is starting to drift at this club. I’m a hundred per cent sure that if you sack Wenger and bring another guy in, it wont make a blind bit of difference if the money has stopped. And for Samir Nasri to come out and stick by Wenger, doesn’t that tell you a story? He said himself, don’t blame Wenger blame the men upstairs. That says it all to me to be honest. Wenger does not make the wage structure and that is why players will not come to this club. Greed has taken over in football but that’s life. But i’m so sure that Wenger gave Arsenal so much, the fans now want more and more and more. Yeah Arsenal will carry on when Wenger has gone but don’t forget who gave this club the most (him). Like it or not it’s Wenger’s name in lights that will go down in history as the club’s Messiah.

Its Embarrassing and harmful what is being said about Wenger and the damage limitation will soon hit home (be careful what you wish for etc). I believe he is a honourable man. And if he walked now, his name would be mud so he is in a no win situation. I believe deceit has come from the board and they use Wenger as a puppet. David Dein never wanted the stadium and said this would happen. Enough carnage has gone on with Gooners on this site and all over. And to blame it on Wenger for me is a complete disgrace. Going back to Nasri, why on this earth would he say if we sell Cesc and Nasri, we would would have to question this club’s desire to move forward. Jesus, he said it himself; the guy is telling you all that it’s not him, its the board. They were sold and it made Wenger look nuts. Nasri has clearly stated it was the board and that he respects Wenger. Glen Hoddle also said Arsenal now have one of the greatest managers the planet has ever seen. Ian Wright only says Wenger must leave because Wenger sold him when he didn’t want to go and the same goes for Emmanuel Petit.

Gooners, please don’t mock me on my views (i am talking to the haters). Its an honest opininon. I’m not a bum bandit towards Wenger, I’m not a fool, I am just an honest fan that pays every year for my season ticket and admires a man who really did the most for us. And not one of you can take that away from him (like it or not). So no matter how many nasty jibes from the Wenger sack merchants, stats are facts. Ok you bring in a new manager, and if then its the same and we don’t buy players, are you only going to learn that it’s too late?

Lets not push him out, lets question the board. The funny one for me is we haven’t won a thing since the new stadium (why), isn’t that just a little bit funny? Yes u will say that rubbish but like it or not its true. Arsenal have not won any silverware since the stadium, for what reason you might know. But for me it’s a no brainer. The board are a money making bunch of losers. And they are using Wenger as a scape goat. I believe Wenger will walk but hey we shall see. No doubt the Wenger haters will just come on here and comment “WENGER OUT” and “YOU ARE A FOOL  JOHN COLLARD”, but we shall see when a new manager does come. And if its not a big name, then we know who to blame. The board will want a yes man, a younger manager that is so thrilled to be in charge at Arsenal and who’ll only make us finish in mid table. If a big name comes in then maybe I’m wrong. But again we shall see.

If we don’t get fourth place I believe Wenger may leave and if he does, so will Robin Van Persie. Laugh all you want but Wenger is our best chance to keep Van Persie. Cesc was always a Barcelona fan, and it was on the cards. Nasri wanted more money as I’m sure Robin does. I believe Robin will want more more money and the wage structure will change but spending will still be tight.

To all Arsenal fans on here, whether you agree or not, I wanted to give you this message and say how I feel without being nasty or coming across like some do because they believe Wenger is making the club a laughing stock. Guys I do respect your views as I hope you do mine. I just wish the divide wasn’t so bad as we all need to stick together. Maybe I am very wrong in my views but I am going to sit on the Wenger bench and give him the support I believe he deserves. He gave us a lot to cheer about and he is in hard times. I’m not leaving the leader in the desert without water. Call me what you want and I have no doubt you will. Names, fool, idiot, choose your weapon. But Wenger is our leader and if need be I shall be going into battle with him all on my own. In Wenger I thank and the Arsenal fans I ask you to stay with us.

by John Collard

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John Collard: Going to War by Arsene Wenger- Why I still support Le Prof
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44 to “John Collard: Going to War by Arsene Wenger- Why I still support Le Prof”

  1. FootyFan says:

    I think this a brilliant blog John, people seem to forget the what Wenger has done for this club, just because we haven’t won silverware for 7 years, automatically they change towards him and say he’s losing it?? To me it’s obvious that what is happening to Arsenal at the moment is comepletely out of his control. And the thing is, he’s probably starting to hate being there. If things carry on, I’m sure he’ll walk and we’ll lose one of the greatest managers we’ve ever had. Let’s hope that they stick by what they’ve said and give him that £50mil they’ve said Arsenal can spend this summer. We know that Wenger will use it wisely, and hopefully bring in some experience and class….Keep up the good work mate!

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  2. always gunner says:

    You have said it all it will be a very grave day when Arsne the Boss of arsenal leaves and I don’t think there will be anyone to fill his boots. A genius, football coach and manager beyond par. We have had a run of unbelievable injuries over the past seven years and no other club repeat no other club would have been able to get even close to the high performances we have achieved under this great coach. How fickle fans are it was not so long ago they were begging him to stay yet silly children and media hacks (so called sports writers ) have lambasted this top top coach. GYG .

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  3. Sarvesh says:

    Awesome dude…Just awesome…well said!!! Kudos

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  4. chakky says:

    I fully support you. People can have very short term memory and because of today’s online media, its so easy for people to express their frustration that it creates a chain reaction which is causing all these fickle minded gunners… I just wish the players we have start performing to the levels they are capable. In Arsene we Trust.

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  5. Tery Barry says:

    Well said. AW is a true legend.Nobody can match him in terms of their single contribution to the game of football. Doubters have no idea how great he is. It will be fascinating to read one day the story behind the last few years and the transfer policy.

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  6. mal says:

    Thanks john for the blog. I’ll stand by wenger too, we aresnal fans are like family.wenger uv got my surport

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  7. Dan says:

    I agree with you, I have always said that it is down to the board not willing to give Mr Wenger the funds. However when Wenger was asked what he would do if th eboard gave him 100 million to spend he replied”Give it them back” so I believe he doesn’t want to spend. It’s a difficult one, whilst you can argue we are deteriorating as a top force, you cannot slate a man who changed the game. I highly respect Wenger and don’t want him to leave but he has to buy better quality players, he chooses the players and he ha snot picked a good enough crop. We missed out on Cahill and Parker and they both cost less combined then Gervinho. He needs to replace quality with quality. The only positive to come out of this season is Oxlaide Chamberlain. But I agree with your points on keeping wenger as surely this man deserves to go on a high instead of a low.

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  8. Bob says:

    why on this earth would he say if we sell Cesc and Nasri, we would would have to question this club’s desire to move forward.

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  9. Mike the max says:

    You are a gentleman, and I thank you for your non aggressive stance. You have brought manners into the debate and perspective something that I have traditionally always admired about arsenal fans. I agree with your general argument, you only have to look at Chelsea who have the misfortune to be owned by someone that thinks similarly to people who want arsene out. The result is that no manager will ever be good enough. They should never have got rid of mourinho and since then they have had four other managers and this one is probably going the same way. They would have been better off seeing mourinho through the poor period that all teams face in the season.

    We risk going the same way and now that the evidence of the boards ineptitude is beginning to surface, I fully expect that by the end of the season we will see just how strongly arsene has perfomed and what he has had to put up with this year. We have been hearing the rumours of the cash crisis at arsenal for many years with Fergie, Graham and others talking about lack of availability for transfers. We have heard the criticism of the wage policy but it is easy to assume that Wenger should be blamed for all. I believe that Wenger has made mistakes during the summer and in the season, his biggest was taking on the board over the sale of Nasri and Fabregas. He wanted and tried to keep Nasri and having been put in a position by Fabregas which meant he could only be sold to Barca the only way the price could be maintained was by not bringing in a replacement to show that you could walk away from the deal if the price was not good enough. That who blinks first strategy probably is responsible for not getting Hazard. Was he wrong to do this? I don’t think so the offer for Fabregas was derisory, and keeping Nasri was essential.

    Circumstances for Wenger this year have not been good. The bones of the talented and young squad remaining are not good enough without reinforcement. However if we finish anywhere between fourth and seventh this year I will count that achievement as Wengers finest with his most lack lustre team. If he does this he has earned the right to have another go.

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  10. liban says:

    {Manuel Almunia, Sébastien Squillaci, Johan Djourou, Abou Diaby, Tomas Rosicky, Yossi Benayoun, Craig Eastmond, theo-walcott, Marouane Chamakh, nicklas bedntner, denilson, arron ramsey} sell this dead wood.

    (Ignasi Miquel, Damián Martínez, Lukasz Fabianski, Carl Jenkinson, Jernade Meade, Oguzhan Özyakup, Nicholas Yennaris, Thomas Eisfeld, carlos vela, benik afobe, joel campbell, henri landsbury, connor henderson, wellington silva, sanchez watts, pedro botelho} loan all of them to premier league teams i know bottom half of the teams will be scrumblling 4 there signature.

    {Ryo Miyaichi, Emmanuel Frimpong, Francis Coquelin} give this youngster some games slowly intergrating them into the first team.

    and sign 1.michel vorm, 2.matt hummels 3.jan vortoghen 4.van der wiel 5. 2 wingers with good crossing ability and a good work rate, 6. mario gotze, shinji kagawa 7. agood lethal striker.

    pat rice out and a good tactian berkamp as assistant, defensive coach keown and tony adams

    no need of changing formation only pressing other team when loosing the ball

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  11. Bradster says:

    Sorry to dampen all the Wenger sentiment. I am grateful to the goodness that Wenger has brought. I’m not a new age supporter, I’ve supported Arsenal since 1987 so I’ve experienced the highs and the lows. But the problem I have with Wenger and probably the background staff is the things they can change or curb.
    I’m sure you’ve heard it all before from the Wenger haters so I won’t bother reiterating.
    I’ve watched teams that are weaker than Arsenal but have managers that can tactically get the best out of their players that are too average to join us.
    I’m not a Wenger hater but I think he needs new ideas and hopefully a new coarch will help next season when Rice retires.

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  12. fan says:

    I cannot say it any better than this. Lets not go on a bandwagon and chase away our best hope. Some of the people who wish him away are actually from oppossing teams.

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  13. Fabian says:

    Wenger is just as culpable as the board. Let’s not elevate him to a saintly status and absolve him of his transgressions when the club is fast hurtling to utter mediocrity. For all Wenger has done for Arsenal, he isn’t and should never be bigger than the club. If he feels the board hasn’t supported him adequately he ought to have quit. As long as he stays, the buck stops with him. Nice defense of the manager though. If only our team’s defense was as good…

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  14. Stuart says:


    In reference to :- ‘why on this earth would he say if we sell Cesc and Nasri, we would would have to question this club’s desire to move forward’

    His exact words were ‘If we lose Cesc and Samir, no-one will believe we’re ambitious’

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  15. Chinmay says:

    I am SO saving this page, mr. John you need to do a bigger piece on Arsenal FC. Pains me what the proud term ‘gunners’ has come to these days. I LOVE this article. May you live long John. May Arsene guide us to further glories.

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  16. Chinmay says:

    P.S. I don’t see any AW haters here. Stay away from our beloved Arsenal you dimwits.

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  17. icko_mkd1 says:

    We support Arsenal, players and coaches come and go. I respect Wenger, though sometimes I dont understand his tactics, ex. the game vs Milan.

    Good article anyways.

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  18. ppontus says:

    Thanks mate! AKB!

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  19. John Collard says:

    Stick around u guys the Wenger haters will be on here in their flocks tonight lol.

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  20. snowy says:

    nice post john and good rallying cry in this hard time especially before sunday.
    its a pity there wasnt 60k more at the emirates like you.
    next 4 games are huge.

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  21. Jim says:

    Napoleon was a great general who brought unparalleled glory to France. It was the same Napoleon who at a later stage of his life, dragged France to defeats and humiliations. Nobody denies Napoleon’s greatness. But the damages he did to France and to himself cannot be denied either.

    The great Arsene Wenger is always an Arsenal legend. His past success is always cherished. But that was then and this is now. Continuing on after 7 years of failure can only bring more damages to the Arsenal Football Club.

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    • John Collard says:

      Jim damage is very harsh my friend. Please look into the 7 years of so called crisis we have had. And then go to other clubs. Wenger must stay my friend.

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      • Jim says:


        Let’s compare Arsenal with other clubs to determine success or failure? But what clubs should we compare against? Wolves, Everton or ManU? Do you rank Arsenal as a tier-1 club (Barca, Real, Bayern, ManU, Chelsea, Liverpool) or a tier-2 club (Everton, Spurs, etc)?

        How do independent experts rank Arsenal? Forbes rank Arsenal as the 3rd richest football club (and 5th of all sport clubs) in the world in terms valuation, after Real and ManU? If you don’t compare Arsenal against the likes of Real and ManU, I don’t think you are fair in your assessment.

        Now, you understand why many of us consider our “4th spot being trophies” position is a failure. And yes, it’s a crisis because we see no light at the end of the tunnel, yet.

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        • JJ says:

          I believe Arsenal is rapidly losing its tier-1 status. We can still turn the decay around but we are more and more looking like a team relieved to achieve goals which is considered to be a given for a tier-1 club (TOP 4 spot).

          I am ******* depressed.

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  22. Peter Kale says:

    Wenger is not bad,it is Arsenal’s board/management which is bad i.e it is usually very mean,selfish and economical with money during transfer windows making Arsenal to go many trophyless seasons making it become a money-making/profit making business club

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  23. sparkygg says:

    No one can question Wengers pedigree.

    However the way the team seems to have fallen apart mentally the last couple of games is a problem.

    The players need to stand up and be counted – they are the ones with the huge wages after all. BUT….

    motivation comes from the manager!

    if man utd performed in such a gutless under spirited way, Fergie would slash the tyres on the coach and make the players walk home!

    I just don’t see AW capable of motivating this squad to a recovery. They just don’t believe they can win.

    Martin O’neil motivated Sunderland to completely beleive they could beat Arsenal. Lets be honest not one of their players would get in the Arsenal team.

    It’s sad to see AW failing but he is in the shite this time and needs help to motivate the team to 4th.

    I reckon bringing in a winner on the coaching staff would help. Just look at the ‘Henry effect’ when he spent a few weeks with us. The quality of the footy wasn’t much better but the desire, determination and happiness level seemed to be greater.

    Just my opinion, but help is needed to get this squad going once more, remember virtually none of them have ever won a thing previously. To secure 4th spot from here will be like winning the FA CUP!

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  24. nicw says:

    John I admire your loyalty even if I think it’s missed placed and I agree we could all do without resorting to personal abuse.
    However I do want to make a couple of points. While the new stadium certainly has been a financial millstone around our neck it shouldn’t be any longer. It now generates far more additional income (compared to highbury) than it costs to service the debt. Therefore we should now be better off with it than we were before.
    Secondly while Wenger certainly has done a great job in the past I believe we have been getting steadily worse over last 3 or 4 years. The reasons for this are complicated and are in my opinion a combination of under investment and bad management. The question we have to ask is can Wenger turn it around. I honestly believe he cannot, not because he is incapable but because he is too stubborn and proud to do what is necessary. It would require admitting he got something wrong and I don’t think he will do that. It’s a matter of opinion of course as no one can predict the future but if you look at the current trend and what we see happening on and off the pitch then I believe we will continue to decline under Wenger. This is why I want change because I’m fed up seeing my own negative predictions come true.

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  25. ken lo says:

    Fantastic piece of true gooner writing.
    Can I ask that you get Adam Kemp and Danny Griffiths to read this and then they might see what a true supporter really feels and thinks.
    In Arsene we trust!!!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 3

    • John Collard says:

      Thanks Ken. Very kind. Just saying how i feel.

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      • ken lo says:

        John..your saying what the majority of Arsenal fans feel.
        The trouble is we are not as vocal as the likes of Adam Kemp and Danny Griffiths.
        Did you see any black bin bags?
        The saying “you dont know what you’ve got till it’s gone” comes to mind.
        Please carry on with your POSITIVE BLOGS AND THANKS AGAIN.

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  26. anxious gooner says:

    Investment = return …

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  27. Paul says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Weslee says:

      Sorry Paul, but you are wrong. John Collard was speaking, I believe, from his heart. What he wrote was absolutely correct. Wenger can turn this around. The success that Wenger wanted was based on the success of the youth players. One of the problems that has occurred is that the youth system has not delivered the goods in spades. Just every now and then. This has to change. This was what the Board voted for and I believe that they hoped would work. It still may if Kronke helps fight for it. If you were able to look at the Man City proposal for their new stadium and training areas, you will see how farsighted Wenger has been. Arsenal is on the upward curve as a club and the winning will just follow. Every great team, no matter which sport, once they disband the players who have done amazing things find themselves in the wilderness of normal players. The reason is because, while they were busy winning things, young superstars could not break into the team. The other teams picked up these superstars. This is one of the reasons that the youth system must succeed. So don’t blame Wenger. Look beyond what your eyes are seeing. There is a lot of light at the end of the Arsenal tunnel. As I have written before, Fabregas and Nasri, was the foundation that the team was being built around. If they has stayed and played uninjured, we would be fighting for first place, not fourth. It was not easy to find players with their calibre, to replace them. I don’t agree that Mata was a better replacement. He would have been just adequate, like Arteta.

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    • john Collard says:

      Paul u r the typical arsenal hatet I was talking about u call me a idiot and this is all u can bring into the debate so it looks like u r the idiot paul typical false fickel gooner I have been honest and fair towards the likes of u on my blog u have lug ears and only have a one track mind u r clear to us all on here what a genius you are you have made all your wenger haters proud yOu are clearly wordsworth a true gent how proud u make all the gooners with your major input I thank u paul for your great words and just showing even the wenger haters what u r all abous read the blog numbnuts and it says wat u r nasty if not agreed with complete joker and waste of space

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  28. Angelito says:

    Good article.

    To counter your argument, our team isn’t the worst team in the world. We have good players out there. It’s never been lack of skills for us. Last season, we were so close to winning the League and we bottled it. Even this season, we have a good team, but the main problem for the past 6 years has been one: MENTALITY! It’s never been lack of quality players.

    Ever since the 2006 CL, none of our players have the mentality that wins you lost matches. When I watch lower clubs, they play well. They have heart. They want to win. At Arsenal, that is missing. We don’t need the Mario Gotzes of the world to be win trophies. That’s a myth. Individuals never win your trophies. Teams win you trophies and we don’t have a team. Where does the problem lie?

    It doesn’t take a whole lot to organize a defense. Every team can defend accurately. Blackburn went to OT and scored three goals against ManU. Newcastle scored 3 and kept a clean sheet. Why can’t Arsenal keep a clean sheet against most teams? We have very good defenders in Koscielny, Mertersacker, Vermaelen, and Sagna. The problem isn’t because we don’t have Mats Hummels. We don’t need him. We have great defenders. It’s something else.

    Let me ask you something, is all of this not the manager’s fault? Is it not a manager’s responsibility to motivate your players; to instill the desire for victory; and to organize defenses and the midfield effectively? I’m going to go off the limb and say that Alex Ferguson would have won the PL at least twice with our Arsenal side in the last 6 years. In fact, our team–on paper–is stronger than ManU. We have arguably the greatest forward in the world today. Despite ManU’s injury-list, which is equally bad, ManU are performing well. At Arsenal, all we do is make excuses. Someday this is not right and other days, that is not right. We have become one giant excuse pond ourselves.

    The problem with Wenger is he persists with the SAME formation and SAME tactics against EVERY DIFFERENT opposition. The lack of desire; the lack of heart; no team coordination; no defensive organization; and loser mentality–whom would you blame?

    I know the answer. I repeat again: we have a good team. We don’t even need to buy anybody (I said it!); the problem is elsewhere. If Welback can get a chance to play in front of Rooney at ManU, I don’t understand why Wallcott shouldn’t play in front of van Persie. Wallcott is playing out of position. Talking about out of position, we have one player who can be as good as anybody in the world; this is Arshavin. The biggest problem: we are not letting him play in HIS position. What would you expect? Barcelona tried so many variation for Cesc this season and even put him on the wings to see where Cesc can be most effective. Arsene never did that. Arshavin is best playing behind the striker. We can destroy teams with a front two of RVP and Walcott, with Arshavin behind them. But no….

    I’ve seen people call Arshavin “deadwood,” and it’s baffling. If you play Vermaelen as an attacking midfield player, what would you expect from him? He would be useless for us. He’s not an attacking midfield player. How about playing Song as a striker? The problem isn’t Arshavin. It’s how he has been used.

    Never mind, we have a back four of Sagna, Mertersacker, Koscielny, and Vermaelen. It’s as good as anybody. We have one of the best DMs in the league today. We have a great box-to-box guy such as Arteta. We have a great wide player/forward in Gervinho. We have one of the greatest strikers in the world today. In Arshavin, we have a guy who is ready to fill in Cesc’s shoes. We do lack another wide-player but we have Chamberlain/Ryo coming up and even if that’s not his position, Walcott is there.

    Do you think this team is bad? Let’s not forget, Wilshere is yet to return. The problem isn’t our team. It’s how the team is being managed.

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  29. kent says:

    great article,i think the whole arsenal problem stems from the board who dont want to spend.first,kroenke is an american bnessman who has never liked soccer,he follows basketball alot and the man is just about profits,so all arsenals problems stem from up and trickld down onto the pitch and this is hurtful as a fan but I believe better days are ahead and lets hope the 100m is just nt rhetoric to make fans happy,that money shd bring in quality players that will take us to anada level.gooner power

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  30. hate akb says:

    You deluded akb Muppets stop living in the past.

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    • John Collard says:

      Disgrace to our club. OUT OUT OUT You can only use names. Two wenger haters come on here and one says idiot the other says puppets. My friend u r so clever with your post another wordsworth. Brother u dont know what crisis is. Another fickel fan.

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  31. Stuart says:


    I think you have begun to prove that the typical Wenger out brigade member is lacking certain standards of education hence the lashing out at anyone who disagrees with their opinions (otherwise known as bullies). All you or I and many other pro Wenger supporters do is argue our point of view whilst they insult and criticise. Many of them have been brainwashed by the bog paper they read and the rest are following suit like mindless lap dogs who don’t have their own mind.

    Maybe because deep down, they know we are right.

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  32. Neal says:

    great blog,great post…..i dont believe there is a single fan who has a brain who doesn’t believe in Wenger…..its losers like piers morgan that are trying to force their views onto anyone who will listen and there are always people who are too lazy to think for themselves and just take on someone elses views.

    I will always support Arsenal and Wenger,i have seen what we were before and after he came and most dont seem to remember that!!

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  33. Ejus says:

    John Collard your opinion seems to make a lot of sense but I think what Angelito said makes a lot more sense. For me the problem is not whether we are trophy less or not, the problem is simply the desire of the lads when they play. Even if Wenger got it tactically wrong in Milan, the boys showed no fighting spirit. That for me is a signal of how a manager cannot motivate his players though one could argue that the occasion should have been great motivation enough. Wenger has never been a great tactician nor motivator in my opinion but he has always had natural leaders and winners in his teams. This crop of players which he has brought in lack the intangibles and therein lies the problem. I sure hope he can turn it around but I have my doubts and it is sad to say and see

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