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John Collard – Are Arsenal now a Laughing Stock?

Posted on December 12, 2012 by Bob

Hi gooners

I feel your pain and where do we start. Yesterday in my 32 years of being a Arsenal fan was without a shadow of a doubt one of the most embarrassing moments I’ve ever witnessed. Man Utd 8-2 is up there as just another one of the famous games that is great for the neutral fan but for us another dark day in the shadows.

As many of you will know that read on a regular basis I have always stuck by Wenger and I still believe he is one of the greatest managers to grace the earth. And this is now why I am starting to get like most, the end of our `in Wenger we trust` situation. This great man surely to god has not lost his mind or has he?

But I believe its more the case the board have made him a skin flint. For many that watched the game I now know the board or Wenger have run out of excuses. Chamakh and Gervinho, call me harsh, are two of the biggest wastes of space players we have. (Did you see the way Chamakh approached the penalty)? Did Gervinho do anything at all in that game last night? (Oh yes the goal line miss). Them players didn’t even want to be there last night, they thought they were too good to grace Bradford City’s ground. The only two players for me that were worthy of the shirt was Wilshere and Rosicky but I’m sorry that’s it. Yes Cazorla did some bits and bobs but apart from the cross bar he wasn’t on his game many miss-placed passes.

Now anyone that comes on here thinking I’m too critical please speak to anyone on this site of old that knows me. I have defended this team and the manager for so long, but now I think its time a serious shake up is needed. I have always thought it was the board and I still do believe they are the main source of the problem. But one thing is for sure (Sorry gooners) We are being turned very fast into a circus act of a football team.

People now like to watch Arsenal because you never know what you are going to get. We are the only club I know that can win 5-0 then lose 2-0 at Home to a much weaker side. We are the only team I know can be 4 or 5 goals up and still bottle it and draw. Its great for fans that like Arsenal but don’t support them. The board sit there, watching the games with their smug faces in their box and we freeze in our little chairs screaming and shouting. Someone has taken this to another level and its getting silly.

Chamakh and Gervinho are not worth my time. It was too cold for them yesterday, all they were worried about is how great their ridiculous hair cuts looked like. Then we have players like Squillaci and Djourou, what the hell are they doing at Arsenal? Park was clearly bought for shirt sales and I argued with many of you supporters over this (Park is not good enough). Its like this young Crystal Palace star Zaha. I can tell you now what will happen. Arsenal will sign him turn him into a fantastic player and then sell him to Utd or City (The Ajax of England).

How much more does the Arsenal fan have to suffer. I can now relate to many gooners who I have challenged on the site for the aggressive behaviour at times. I’m not agreeing on the constant moaning of seven years without winning, it’s the blatant we shall just settle for fourth place and again take the pxss out of the fans and make a profit. I can now see that Arsenal will not win the league title again under this board and if the manager agrees this is now the way forward (THIS CLUB IS BUGGERED).

I’m not saying spend 50 million on a player but spend some money on well established players. Now for me, Huntelaar at 6 million is a bargain when we look at Giroud for 12million. But will he want to sign for a club that his team mate Van Persie has stated has no direction or desire? Gooners give me your view, do we need a complete revamp or is it just sections of the staff that needs to step down? (Your views I respect) But even myself now found I was getting so angry after last nights complete shambles.

We suffer while they drive away in their fancy cars. I couldn’t believe the body language of some of our players (Like little girls because it was too cold). Every Bradford player was up for this game and they fully deserved the result. The showed our players what the real world of football is all about. A bunch of lads that live in the real world and respect their fans and did it for them. Those poor Arsenal fans that went to watch could only see Gervinho running around like a headless chicken wanting to go home. For me Arshavin would have been a better option than him (And that’s saying something).

Even playing the very promising Thomas Eisfeld that is hungry for a starting place would have been a good idea. He showed at Reading what he can do on the pitch. Some players are so up their own Arse at times because of the silly money they get paid. Bradford were worth their small wages (WERE WE?) And last but not least, why oh why does Podolski not play upfront. A very good player that again was wasted on the wing (He was invisible) This is Podolski we are talking about (A class act) Theirry Henry we need you more than ever. Sad as it seems we need the king back as soon as possible. Like it or not gooners if Henry was on the team sheet I would have expected a lot more. Gooners thank you for reading. And the guys that have agreed with me on keeping our chins up for over a year now IM SORRY. But enough is enough. This cant go on.

John Collard – Are Arsenal now a Laughing Stock?
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  1. Ankit says:

    Remember when I said in a blog that 3rd place was “Luck by Chance” ? It is bound to happen if you don’t address the problems at hand.4 more games to January….its going to be a long December. Selling best players is not and issue but god damn not replacing them with equal quality is a shot in the hand.
    Further….Ramsey on the wings ? Gervinho upfront ? and not Podolski ? I see another Arshavin happening !!!

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  2. theodore says:

    i have been a arsenal fan for almost nine years now and this the first time i felt pains in my heart.this arsenal team don’t have any winning mentallity.its a shame we have players who are not willing to win,a draw will always be enough for em.when you watch the manchester derby,there you see the zeal to win at all cost.even at two goals down city did nt give up so as united.arsenal will go trophy less for years to come if we still play with this crops of player and still play the same way.thank you.

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  3. Irishgunner says:

    where to start!? the board has run this once glorious club into the ground, and there seems to be nothing the fans can do about it. as for last night, the blame for defeat has to go to Arsene Wenger. Playing gervinho and ramsey is something that just cant be defended. Chamakh isnt a great striker but he is twice the players Gerv is. when he came on last night he started tackling defenders winning back the ball and his link-up play was good (apart from his pass to the Ox). If chamakh had been started upfront, along with Rosicky and Arshavin, we would definately have won the match. Arshavin is a class act, he creates so many chances and isnt afraid to shoot himself. why wenger wont give him a chance instead of Ramsey is ridiculous. I’ve loved Wenger all my life, even over the past seven years when we havent won anything, we were still playing fantastic football and i never once wanted him to go. But this season things have been different, as usual when our defence stood strong the first few games i thought this season would be different for us with Steve Bould having an impact. But our game quickly fell apart when Diaby got injured. We have gambled a season on his fitness and look where its got us. the thing that really gets me is how poor our game has become, wheres the passing, the chances, the goals..all of it has dissappeared. we now regularly go 70-80 minutes without a shot on goal. we just lump the ball forward to giroud or pass it back and forth with no purpose. the only player who wont settle for this crap is jack wilshere, last night he stood up and you could see his determination. part of me wants wenger to just walk away, but i’ve got so much respect for him that i just wish he’d stay a couple more seasons and really get his teams fired up to get stuck in and win something. All we need is another proven striker and a midfield player- either a box to box midfielder like diaby or a CDM to allow arteta and jack to go forward. we have decent defenders and wingers when everyone is available if wenger wud just get some passion from the team! Either way none of us can turn our backs on the club that we love…COYG

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  4. Steve. says:

    Is the,” IN WENGER WE TRUST” brigade begining to fall apart? After speaking to dozens of Arsenal supporters this morning,the general opinion is,enough is enough,Wengers made us a laughing stock,specially amongst the London clubs,and i totally agree,apart from about three Arsenal players that played at Bradford,the rest was like our manager,”ARSENE PLONKER, ABSOLUTELY CRAPP”The sooner he goes the better,I think in the very near future,we will begin to see wide open spaces at the Stadium,I think the
    supporters are going to hit the Directors were it hurts most,there is all sorts of things going off,and i don’t blame them one bit. “UP THE GUNNERS OUT WITH PLONKER”

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  5. nickw says:

    I’m not laughing but unfortunately fans form other clubs are. To be so ineffective against a league 2 defense shows just how far we have fallen. It was hard to watch and I believe its down to a fundamental lack of quality. If they don’t do something about it in Jan we can forget about 4th place. Why are players like chamakch, Gervinho and Squillaci still at the club. Fair enough you make a bad buy but why oh why stick with them when they have been proven to be not good enough. It makes the manager look foolish, it demoralizes the fans and the other players and it destroys the players confidence and reputation.

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  6. GoonerN4 says:

    Sorry we had to to feel like this but deep down we all know that it was just around the corner.
    This cup tie was the kind of game that demanded a role your sleeves up attitude…I said a few weeks ago that no ocassion motivates our players any more.
    Big oppostion..Man Utd and RVP or Norwich and Swansea.
    Even without the quality of the past, This team must beat Bradford.They beat us becuase they were motivated to make history.
    We should have been motivated to put them in their place just like any big club.
    We can’nt even say it was our kids FFS.
    This kind of motivation can only come from the manager and the board.
    If you have financial people saying “we are not just about winning” this is the kind of headlines you end up with.
    Wenger has to go. He is incapable of facing the truth.
    “The players gave everything”?..Really?
    Well if that’s their everything he should never be allowed to sanction another buy.

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  7. one love says:

    Its wenger fault,man has lost the plot,he has no ambition for the club stp blaming board and other things

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