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John Collard: Are Arsenal eyeing the return of another legend?

Posted on February 22, 2012 by Nitesh

Hello Gooners, John Collard here, Wengers best loved child.

I have been away on holiday in Paris enjoying the sights and the beauty around me. Until the AC Milan game was on the tv and it made my stomach turn. I had to tell the wife I had gastric flu and not that my pains was from the Arsenal game its self. I think I may have been a single guy had I told the truth.

But moving on I have been reading and seeing small write ups on the return of older players. Steve Bould was a name that was the most regular. What I want to know is who would you bring into this badly beaten side to be by the side of Wenger. It’s not a case of Wenger out, its a case for who should replace Pat Rice and maybe a third party. Robert Pires stated on French tv that they should bring in class for ability and pure strength for the back four. He feels that guts is lacking in this team. And to be fair he may well have a strong point.

For me there is no question in my mind, and there are two names that I would bring to the Arsenal bench. Dennis Bergkamp for one must be re-signed for Arsenal as a mentor for the players. Its not a dream, it’s on the cards and it must be done. Also Martin Keown is another. The dream would be Tony Adams but he is away doing his own thing in management. Martin Keown was also a leader and he is only doing tv at the minute.

Wenger or the board must go for these two guys. Keown and Bergkamp would bring so much more to this Arsenal side. They also will bring talented players from all over. Keown is a no-nonsense guy and he gets it done. One week with that back four and I’m sure there would be a huge improvement of some kind. As for Dennis, he would bring the belief into the players of what they really can achieve at this great club. Bergkamp did the same for Robin Van Persie and I’m sure he would for the new bones at the club.

Gooners who would you bring into the club should Wenger stay and why? Give me your reasons and why they could make an impact. I’ve had a lot of time to think about this and for me Dennis and Martin in my strong opinion are the right men for the job. They have the complete package for the whole pitch from the back to the front. Yes we all know signings and paying the wages is the main course of the menu, but for me we also now have to look at something fresh to help Wenger. Martin Keown for me would be a great leader for the back four. He will scare the living shit out of these players and show them how to attack the man and the ball but in a proper way. Oh and I’m not talking about the vampire moment at Old Trafford with Ruud van Nistelrooy. Dennis, well, I don’t need to say anything about our greatest ever complete footballer at the club (and he was).

Also a question about the training methods always comes to my mind. The players at the club are always getting hamstring pains. We are either the most unlucky team with this or something is wrong on the training side. It has been raised many times by papers, mags, tv ect. Anyway Gooners I always respect your input and would love to see what you can put forward or on the table as it was. For me the menu is starters-Wenger, main meal-Martin Keown and dessert-Dennis Bergkamp. Is this an Arsenal menu that would attract or should this restaurant be closed down? Please give me your view or who would you target.

by John Collard

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John Collard: Are Arsenal eyeing the return of another legend?
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32 to “John Collard: Are Arsenal eyeing the return of another legend?”

  1. James says:

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    • John Collard says:

      Did u read the blog mate lol

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      • James says:

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        • John Collard says:

          Typical hater u dont like wenger i do. Thats not wat the blog is about. Typical hater getting nasty. Mate dont comment if your going to take it that way. This is for fun

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          • James says:

            Listen John as much as i want Wenger out i have respect for him all i am saying is that his arrogance is one of the problems just hear his interview after the Sunderland LOSS.we all knew in winter 2011 we needed a Strong CB when Vermalen was out injured Pundits fans even former players and managers said our defense needs an extra person and he didnt listen and we lost the CC.
            Now you may tell me the board is problem yes i agree the board have been involved in this to but Wenger stubbornness has also gotta something to do with our pathetic performance
            I like to see different views on every article because that’s what blogs are about and i just express my view on arsene not being the manager to lead us to big things

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          • John Collard says:

            I like the way u have come across and i respect that. But you didnt at first. But the blog is all about who would u bring in with him. Its just a fun blog. Mate you have a opinion and i respect. Maybe u should read my blog on Wenger 2 moro lol you will fxxxing hate that. But its kool your fine your opinion is valid. But its not a out wenger blog just a question on who to bring in.

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    • Stuart says:

      James, Think about it. Why is he paying for mediocre players when he used to buy top players?? Who is telling him what his budgets are and what he can and can’t do??

      Can you say for sure that if Wenger leaves or is sacked then the next manager will have money to spend? I can’t!

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      • James says:

        but why should he give mediocre player big wages its gonna be much harder to offload them ie diaby and almunia
        the board doesnt decide on the wage to give players they just the limit the can be paid
        and the board dont pick tactics either
        i am not saying the board are innocent they to must be blamed for our shambolic performance but i just want you guys to know that Wenger has also caused this mess

        I am a die hard fan just like you and the reason we have blogs like this is so that we can express out opinion’s on every bad and good times our club experiences

        Wenger was great will go down as one of our best managers next the Mr Chapman but he is losing the plot(with assistance from Kroenke and Gazidis)

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      • nicw says:

        You’re right about the money we don’t know what would happen because I honestly think the board deliberately try to mislead us about how much money there is to spend. However he could have bought Samba for what he paid for Mertesacker and could have had Ba on a free but went for Park. Putting Djourou on £50K per week also makes no sense, so you see he’s not even spending what he’s got wisely.

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  2. wayne says:

    it’s not wenger that needs to go it’s kronke like most of these american owners they dont understand football .look how it went at liverpool aston villa and now arsenal

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  3. wayne says:

    i know the last message was a bit of subject sorry for that i think bould or keown would do a great job plus bould knows all the young players there is also liam brady as well

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  4. John Collard says:

    Stuart hello noble sir. I wish u well

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  5. nicw says:

    I agree with Keown or Adams to sort the defense out he obviously knows what he’s talking about. What about a bit of Wrighty passion and nouse to liven up the attack, he’s a great communicator and great for the dressing room.

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  6. chris from Cambridge says:

    Unless it is simply to wave the flag … there is little point in bringing in anyone because Wenger will never allow anyone else to make essential changes with which he personally disagrees. Like what we do when the oppo have the ball !! Tony Adams has said as much … ” It would never work”

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  7. snowy says:

    if you ask me, dave seaman and keown on defense side.
    cant disagree with you on the non flying dutch man

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  8. aine says:

    can we all please stick together for the big match on sunday. Help the team from the moment they come out on the pitch.Sing your hearts out make a lot of noise,drown out( Spurs fans) keep it up for the whole 93min’s. If we dont it will be amunition for them.Please no booing any player? Give all of them a very warm welcome(they need encouragement from us)Dennis bergkamp,Martin Keown or Tony Adams( Seaman)would be awesome? Wenger is to stubborn to listen to us??? The players need a big hug from all of us, they must feel the pain that we do.

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  9. wengernumb says:

    i hear wenger may “go upstairs”….that may be a good move…..i want wenger out pronto, but he can continue to improve the infrastructure and other non-football matters at the club.The question of who would be no2 …is simple: anyone that toes the wenger line…just like the nodding pat rice!

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    • John collard says:

      Wengernumb it’s getting boring mate. Blog ain’t about Wenger out. We get the picture we all hear u over and over again. U don’t want Wenger. Can u give a opinion on my blog without a nasty word for Wenger. It’s getting old mate.

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      • Paul says:

        Wenger has got us in a right mess. If you can’t see that now you are no fan of the club. We will miss out on cl next term and you can count yourself among the morons cheering for that to happen.

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  10. Arunavameister says:

    Bringing back Dennis would be a great idea…but i doubt he can be brought back as a player…he would be great as an assistant coach..same goes for Tony Adams,Keown…

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  11. Jason says:

    john, although I agree with what you say, you really need to stop putting “that line” at the beginning of all your posts…it’s terribly corny mate.

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    • John Collard says:

      Jason mate its for fun and if that bothers u then you have to sit down and talk to yourself. If they really gets on your nervs i find that funny. Its there 2 pxxx the haters off. Maybe u r one yourself who knows. enjoy my post

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      • Jason says:

        wow john, thanks for calling me a “hater” when I have always been in accord with your views because I am also what others seem to call an “AKB”. I simply said that it was corny…you made it sound like it really agitated me.

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  12. Arsenal1Again says:

    I lose interest in any post once it starts saying how we should get rid of somebody and how the suggested replacements will perform.

    Nobody knows how any personnel will perform at Arsenal. Posts about speculation have no substance.

    I want to see facts and this post is a very long winded way of saying nothing.

    Steve Bould to replace Rice? Isn’t Bould just another one of Wenger’s ‘yes men’ at Arsenal already?

    Has Bergkamp or Keown REALLY gained enough experience to take the reins of a club where there are Millions at stake every season, where it is harder every season to get players to join or stay. What use will their lack of experience be when we are mid table?

    Very few people have the football brain of Wenger – the only thing that needs to change is the atitude of Kroenke. The board are just there as office workers now, they are afforded far too much focus by writers today. Kroenke can revolutionsise the club with the same backroom staff, he just needs to make the effort.

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  13. Mategyero says:

    good one John, Keown would be good to instill leadership in those players while Bergkamp will help our lazy forward to up their game, add in a Robert Pires – remember those ‘switches’ he used to do with Henry? i think that’s what we need

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  14. sparkygg says:

    A box of rockets is all that is needed. One for each of the players’ arses!

    No passion, no determination, no grit and no belief!

    They don’t care, they still get paid whatever the result.

    We need Paul McKenna!

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  15. Stuart says:


    I posted something on this subject on another blog a while ago. My comment went on to explain how I would like to see Arsenal bringing back ex players to join the coaching team. One for Goal keepers, one for defense, one for midfield and one for strikers. This may sound excessive but I would allocate each responsibility for overseeing the policies re player development in each area of the pitch for the whole of Arsenal FC, not just the first team. They would provide weekly progress reports to Wenger and players would be prioritised for selection by level of experience and recent form etc etc, blah blah blah……

    The main benefit I see of this is that we will have 4 ready made candidates for the hot seat when Wenger vacates the dugout meaning a natural replacement will be available who is experienced with the policies and philosophies of the club.

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