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John Collard: A couple of Arsenal players who could be Player of the Season [Except RVP!]

Posted on January 27, 2012 by Nitesh

Dear Gooners.

For me its been a very funny year for Arsenal football club. Lady luck also has not really been on our side and maybe some of our fans are starting to feel Wenger must now step down from the high steps he has put himself on. We have seen the loss of Nasri the money merchant and the great and ever improving Fabregas.

But Wenger has brought in Mikel Arteta and which is what this blog is most of all about. What has been your personal view on the season its self negative and positives?

For me I would like to talk about the dark horse of the pack Mikel Arteta. Van Persie will no doubt get the best player award from all sides. But for me Arteta was missed so much against Swansea and United. He is a completly different player to Cesc but just as affective in his own way. For me it was a great signing- one of the most completed pass merchants of the modern game.

Yes there has been a few negatives like 8-2 and losing to the Spunds etc. Oh and the Sack Wenger merchants but i try and see the positive thing in the hard times. Also there’s the ever improving Laurent Koscielny. Lets be honest— his name has been mud in the past but i always thought this lad had something and he is showing up his critics in abundance. Also our young keeper shows promise so it looks like that position which lets be honest was a real worry, is now coming to a end.

So Gooners there are positives this year and lets not forget we lost Sagna and Jack and Thomas all at the same sort of critical time. Yes we all know we should spend and there is some dead wood at Arsenal. But as a fan i will not say their names. I hope the dead wood will improve but we shall see.

So enough of the negative stuff just for one day my friends and lets see if you can make any comments on the positive sides. You may think there is none but your opinion is always valid. But for me it has to be Mikel Arteta and Laurent Koscielny. Two players, two dark horses for Arsenal player of the season. And lets not forget Arteta was not a Arsenal player against Utd. Since he signed Arsenal without a doubt did improve. And what shows me how good he is he plays a whole new game for Arsenal than he did for Everton. So to switch his game was a great achievement. And Koscielny was playing lower league French football and was chucked into the deep end. So for me i shall put then up with Van Persie for shear effort and playing for the fans and the club. These guys have heart.

by John Collard

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John Collard: A couple of Arsenal players who could be Player of the Season [Except RVP!]
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  1. Andy the liverpool fan says:

    Good blog John. wise words there, for me being a liverpool supporter i do like to read about other fans opinions about there own teams. and this for me is a great summary of arsenals season. for me obviously van persie wins hands down but agreed with you on arteta i think he is a great buy for arsenal and has adapted his game since his move from Everton, highly rated in my eyes. i also see the lack of experience from aaron Ramsey when mikel arteta was not playing against united thats why you so dearly miss jack willshere. last but not least lets all hope liverpool WIN the carling cup!

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  2. FootyFan says:

    Here, here. Nice to see some positive words for once! Definately agree that we’ve got some brilliant players that some fans seem to forget about…up the gunners!

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  3. snowy says:

    good post john. well done
    good to see a post like it nowadays.
    there are still positives. we could of been blown out of the water for 4th but we are still fighting for it. we have the small matter of a champions league against milan and we have a chance to get back on track against villa in the fa cup

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  4. Stuart says:

    The fact that Arsenal have realistically over-achieved (considering budgets available) is rarely thought about when asking for Wengers head when in fact if it wasn’t for him feats such as 49 unbeaten and a whole premier league season unbeaten would not have happened. I couldn’t see Rioch or Graham doing it, could you?

    I think the saying is something like making a rod for your own back.

    Good post John, a true gooner!!

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    • john collard says:

      My god theres some sneeky low downs lol. Thumbs down tp players doing well lol lol

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      • Stuart says:


        Everyone is calling for money to be spent like it guarantees titles but how do they explain the previous titles under Wengers guidance, infact every time Wenger has splashed money on a player they have turned out less successful with our club, I’m thinking Reyes as an example.

        If you work out a table based on points per pound spent, Arsenal would come top by a mile. We’ve had it so good that now it is hard to take for many but I know we’ll come good again as we have all the facilities and structure in place, it’s just a case of constantly churning out the players and teams until one day it clicks.

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  5. Orji says:

    Good article john but wenger should consider buying quality player’s before the transfer window closes .Thanks to all arsenal fans pls let’s just have faith.

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  6. Andy the liverpool fan says:

    Ramsey has clearly missed Arteta. That shows over the last two games against swansea and united.

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  7. RealitiyBites says:

    Isn’t this article a bit like West Ham fans crowing about what a good season they had last year because Scott Parker won footballer of the year. Well they were relegated and he now plays for Spurs. Granted Koscielny has been great and Arteta has done well but it’s all about what the team does that determines how a season is going not a few individuals. If it makes you happy then I guess that’s ok but personally it doesn’t mean much if the team isn’t doing well.

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  8. Arunavameister says:

    Great article.For me,Kosh has to be the best after Robin this season..Also,Rosicky’s contribution has been unsung this season…I am a long time admirer of Arteta and he is doing pretty well at the moment,but I would love to c him more involved in the final third..

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    • john collard says:

      Aruna. To be honest im looking at the comments on this sight and see we get so much more negative than positive. Look at the thumbs down on your comment. What did you say wrong. Nothing at all Arteta has played well. Also Laurent has played great and some silly fan gives you a thumbs down. It just shows me today how bad some of the guys that get on here are. They cant even say anything good about there own team. Im so ashamed of some gooners. I went years ago at Highbury and we had much harder times. They really dont know how lucky they are. Arsenal never got into the champions leauge last 4 or 8 on a regular basis. Its unreal how spoilt are brats of fans have become.

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      • john collard says:

        That means u thumbs down lol. Come out of the shadows give us all your opinion false gooner.

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  9. Mary says:

    The only ones in the dark are John collard, wenger, the baord and half the squad. Continue burying yourselves in your own horse shyte so we can all continue laughing at you.

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    • John collard says:

      Mary u are clear for all to see u really are just a spoilt child. U just need your milk and be winded because it’s clear to us all u r full of poo. To make that sort of nasty comment u deserve my post. Do u know arsenal at all. How long have u been a so called fan. This blog was just about something good and u couldn’t even find that. Fickel

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  10. Cescsational says:

    I havent read something postive about our darling club since that lost to utd on sunday,this has made up for it.I also think Per and Tomas has been massive,we really missed Mikel against Swansea and utd,we can and we would still nick that 4th spot even if it would go down to the last day of the season

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  11. arsenallover says:

    John collard wengers love child.

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  12. RealitiyBites says:

    Just another article designed to pull the wool over our eyes

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  13. John collard says:

    Arsenal lover fake gooner I need a cuddle I’m not going to support arsenal ne more unless they don’t win anything lol lol the complete fickle fan sight of most. Reality bites well bite me more fakes

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  14. kuta-bali gooners says:

    john collard…..im ur main back up for u ! many time i read ur comment. u r the true gooner i recognise…ur positivitty make me always more positive.
    im not pro wenger,im open with transformstion,but the legend of negative thinking sir Adam kemp shouldnt allow to post,any opinion,hes opinion make our great winning mental down. give banned that guy please.
    we r great arsenal in 2-3 years for sure.
    through this page i wanna say thanks amillion fan.who spend their money just to watch gunnet at emirate, u r the real hero.here in bali i got so many gooners too. i wanna say !
    the gunners till i f****** die !!!

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  15. kuta-bali gooners says:

    sorry some of the spelling wrong,but I wanna say to put their earning to back up arsenal.
    up the gunners and the gooners too

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