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John: Blame Wenger but it’s the Arsenal Board that have to go!

Posted on December 22, 2012 by admin

Blame Wenger all you want But Gazidis and Kroenke must go. by John Collard

Hi guys I hope all is well.

Before I start I want to wish everyone of you a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Now moving on I just want to write a small blog and maybe get some feed back on your opinion of the Arsenal board we have at our wonderful club. Wenger has taken some serious criticism for many fans and papers over the last few days and at times very harsh indeed. But what I found very interesting was Usmanov jumping to the defence of our great leader. Usmanov has taken a huge swipe at the current board of the Yank and greedy Gazidis.

Usmanov has stated that the current board don’t give Wenger the support. And even if Wenger has come and and said they do (I don’t believe him). Something is smelly very fishy at Arsenal and its not the cooks fingers. I don’t like what is going on and it now is starting to destroy the clubs chances of winning the title again (Yes again). I don’t think this comment is far from being true either. The fans our suffering and its not on. I have had a season ticket at the Arsenal for years and I feel i’m just lining their stinking pockets. What really angers me is how these guys in charge must really think our fans are thick (Let me tell you why). They spoke out and said at the clubs meeting last week (The fans wouldn’t have the club run any other way) ? WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOX. And also what gets me is its not about the whining gooners all the time (This club is not Man Utd) We are not glory hunters. But it’s the way they settle every year for fourth place and make a profit on that (That’s the boards silver ware) And they think we can work that out.

And if you look at our buys and sales at the open of the transfer market with don’t spend nothing at all or we have money over. I really think this current board does not give a rats about the fans because what can we say (Nothing) We can moan all we like but death ears don’t listen. We can shout; do protest marches; but it will never rattle them. It seems we are the new Ajax and like them the glory days have gone.

Gooners give me your opinion please and tell me what would you want to see now. Or what can be done. I believe truly this has gone on for far to long now. Iv been a huge fan of Wenger and I still believe if he is able to get his head around the money side of things is the best in the world. I also believe which is the main problem he is a genius when it comes to business. And that is where I blame the board. He has done amazing things for this club if you look at the bigger picture. But it’s a catch 22 gooners they (The board) Are racking it in and running a club to its means (Or so the say) And yes they do run it to its means but way over the top. Arsenal can move with the times a tad more than what they are doing at the minute. I cant believe the way Gazidis sits there at the meeting so calm and says sorry for the Bradford defeat. Guys im sorry but Gazidis is taking the micky out of our intelligence. It’s a basic blog gooners and maybe you don’t have a view on this. But if it goes on the way it is I believe this will be a Ajax all over again. This blog is not about Wenger but I really believe he is the right man for the job. But Wenger needs Usmanov or David Dein to give him a huge kick up the backside.

Gooners thanks for reading. I hope you all have a great holiday season.

John Collard

John: Blame Wenger but it’s the Arsenal Board that have to go!
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4 to “John: Blame Wenger but it’s the Arsenal Board that have to go!”

  1. olabj1 says:

    Bring back David dean and co. We
    and arsen need a knew team on the
    board.’we need Usmanov David to run the business with Arsen Wenger,so dat we can b back on our fit.lets take d risk of the business and stop fighting for profit as our silver wares and fight for trophies and silver wares.Up gunners

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  2. me says:

    i dont read the full article cz its toooo long, but i do agree that wenger is not someone to be blamed. we have one of the best manager in football history. why do we think bout sacking him. anyway, its to risk to put usmanov in our boardroom as wenger backing our current board to prevent him in. but i believe if someone calls football is soccer, this dude doesnt know anything bout football. dismiss all the greedy americans from our football!

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  3. John collard says:

    Because its to long ill ? Ok then lol

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  4. mohamedaziz says:

    nice say simple solution,judt return the season tickets ,dont renew them and be potato on the coach,watch the games at home,that will bring back and jolt their pockets,5 games and see what that willdo

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